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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pre-Storm Warrior II (风云II) movie review

Courtesy to Nuffnang, Eon bank, GSC, and Jloi I was given a chance to watch The Storm warrior premier screening on yesterday night. There are many celebrities come over too. However, thanks to these blogger, I can't get much good picture, due to their size (you know what I mean) and hard flash.

From left: Mel, Xiang, CWKen, Jloi.

Nicholas,Ngan Mei Yan
DJ of the night on the Red carpet: Nicholas,翁书尉 MY FM DJ

And the celebrities:
Danny Wan
Danny One (/wan) (One Lik Meng), Singger
*OMG.... first time see him... so handsome....*

Belle Theng
Belle Theng, Ms Astro International 2009

Royce (陈志康) & Phoebe (菲比), MY FM DJ

Lam Tak Wing
Jack (林德荣), MY FM DJ and actor

If you want more, such as, Carmen Soo, Rudy, *Gary Yap* etc... stay tune!

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