First Hand Update From My Instagram

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wanna have ppl promote your blog for free?

Then, become a narcissism bitch like me.

You guys probably don't know that I have a blog post about myself few days ago.
In this post, I post some of my recent pictures, some are edited some are not.
It was for self entertainmement purpose, so I didn't post it on anywhere, neither innit, twitter nor facebook.

But then hor, on this morning,Photobucket when I checked my nuffnang, I found a very strange source of link. When I checked, it was from here:

A girl post my link on her twitter account.
Well, I don't know whats her intention, but I certainly thank her for promoting my blog.Photobucket
If you wants to sit in my position i.e. get free promotes from some unknown ppl, hey learn from me, be a narcissism perosn like me.*wink wink* Photobucket


  1. Lol. Wtf. Like this also can oo. Lol. *speechless**faint*

  2. What's your that blog entry about? I wonder she did it for a good reason or a bad one. Lol

  3. that's so lucky on u la.. then me, seems harder to get people to promote me..aiyaa!!

  4. You guys see the red colour bolded "this" on above? I have link it to my post.