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Friday, July 31, 2009


Before I start, let me ask you one simple question: What do you think (expect) a Microwave Lab is?
(a) Microwave oven
(b) Microwave transmitter
(c) Mobile phone factory
(d) Radio station
(e) Toilet bowl
(f) Pretty girl store room.
Tips: only 2 answers are correct!

PSPICE = Personal Computer Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
Click here to download; and here to read more.

SPICE is a general-purpose analog electronic circuit simulator. It is a powerful program that is used in IC and board-level design to check the integrity of circuit designs and to predict circuit behavior.
(ok, where is the answer of the question above?Photobucketselfpunch)

Oklah, the correct answer is (b) Micrcowave transmitter. If there is people answer Microwave oven, you really can bang your head on the floor:Photobucket

These are the rules and regulation on the lab:

However, I can't observe any sign of transmitter in the lab. Then I found something more interesting. I have a gorgeous lecture for this module. Her name is Miss Wong.

PS: The word Miss is use here

She is very patient, she solve all problem that we face.
Ignore the syok sendiri technician on right.

Then, there was a pretty girl (left), namely Yuyu join my group. She is from other course. She missed her module so she come to our module.

Lol... Yuyu, don't shy shy lah... Let jie jie help you do the simulation

So, I might as well as add the answer for Mircowave lab as a preety girl store room where you can meet all those preety girls that you wun meet outside.

Vegeterian morning kickstart.

There has been a long time I didn't went for any exercises.
When my housemate ask me out for jogging next morning, I was quite passive at the start, but I agreed at last.

The Sun is bright

but the air is refreshing

There are much interesting things happen on the way, such as a house full of pigeon.

But the house that attracts me the most is a house with Golden Retriever.

Wei, don't shy shy lah....

Then we have breakfast together. Who said Vegetarian can't have Dim Sum?
As long as the "Zu Cheong Fun" don't have any meat, we still can enjoy the taste and texture of this Chinese tradition delicacy.

Thai snacks

Before Influenza H1N1 blows Asia, my mom went to Thai. She knows I love snacks, so she left some for me. My house went unders snacks curfew and some snacks are keep in a secret locked places before I back home after my 2nd sem final exam. Thanks to my mom, I got to taste those snacks that she bough one month before I went back .

Coconut Toffee

Woooooh.....It cost RM35? Who believe? Eat gold better....

It is so chewable. Texture 100 X better than rabbit brand mild candy.

Now you see it;

Now you don't!

The pimple agent

i.e. peanuts

Then the mean chocolates.
I don't mean that its mean but it is so mean that it means my stomach.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazy guy MV on youtube.

Hey everyone, these guys are collecting views. If they reach 300 view at the end of this week, they will make another stupid video like this. Currently, they are collectiong MTV to produce an album. ^^

Can't see the video? Come here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flower Girl

Been attracted to flowers lately. Most are water lily.
But this is not... this is onion:

These are water lilies:

Been posting some very boring topics. No choice, life in Melaka is indeed boring, some more need to study some theworldagreedboringcourse i.e. enigineering.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Electronics Engineering workshop

Last update on 25/7/09

I did my Electronics Engineering Workshop during my short sem. It was quite interesting. Some enigeering student need to take this modoul during usual sem, making them tire like hell. However, my uni want us to take it in short sem. Imagine, 4 credsit hours to learn in 6 weeks. I was very free that time and did a lot of fun and stupid stuff. Wanna know more about my short sem other ? Click here: short sem

These are the modouls that I took in Electronics Engineering workshop. Click on the title to view:

Itroduction of Engineering workshop and OSHA

PCB, printed circuit board


Electronic equiptment theory



and more to come ( I have not finish updating my short sem modoul yet)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Y-square's engineering classroom

This blog will be update from time to time (last update: 25/7/09)

I am trying my best to upload all knowledge that I have learn in my uni into my blog. This is helping my self to revise and also might help you in your studies too. You can download and copy notes & mind maps from here:

Computer programming (C++)

Electronis Engineering workshop

Lau Ya(老亚) punya hostel

My previous hostel is notorious for its dirtiness.
(First day of hostel staying in short sem & First day of hostel staying in short sem (part II))

The hostel I am staying in now is better

It is just next to MMU melaka, has good food, nice view

siling bocor -.-|||

See the water drops?

Need to take something to takung the water.

Else, it will soak my bed

Then, my roomate will thinks that I pee on my bed...Photobucket
(she sleeps under me, douber decker)


所以,卸任干部们周日回会所找 plastics bottles。洗了过后就拿到 Bunga Raya来,我们就动工喽!!!

"GO DIE! GO DIE!!!!"







无量乃由一而生 ,无量义经(我有用错吗?>.<)



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I missed durian season!!!

I am back to melake now. No more durian....
I am in Durian Tunggal. Nama jer Durian, but infact, can't see any sight of durian.Photobucket
Do you love Photobucketor hatePhotobucket durian?