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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dogathon 2014

comicstrips copy
This is a blog post full of photos. I was in Dogathon last week with some photog. Thanks Robin for lending me his EM5 and 25mm.

I was there last year too, but wasn't so into photog, just enjoy myself. Not very much difference from last year, we have 
PA120006 copy
shy puppy, 

PA129997 copy
happy puppy,

PA129977 copy
extrovert puppy, 

PA129982 copy
introvert puppy,

PA129980 copy
eligent puppy, 

PA129922 copy
silly puppy etc.

It's not merely a gathering for dog owners, the organised has a lot activity schedule, 
PA120035 copy
like demo, 

PA129975 copy
stall, and competition.

20% of time was spent on a very special booth. It's call a "Second Chance Rescue". They specialized in the rescue and placement of abused, unwanted and abandoned companion animals.

PA129951 copy
What makes me more surprise is that they have Muslim volunteers. 

PA129941 copy
If it isn't because of this girl that bring out the cute puppy and let me hold them in my arms, I wouldn't ask more about the puppy origin and knows about Paws Mission and Second Chance.

PA129945 copy
Another sibling carried by another Muslim girl. Note that they wear tudung/hijab but they do not reject having interaction whith dogs, which is very rarely these days. Dog v.s Muslim a very sensitive issue, the debate whether dog are prohibited or not is a never ending discussion. To protect their identity, I do not put their face here, but I secretly hope that one day every animal will be treated w/o prejudice.

Cheers for our most loyal friend! Hope you were here with us. If you don't wanna miss the opportunity to join them next year, then please Like to follow their updates.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ice Age Adventure @ Genting

Since closing of Genting's theme park, and the announcement of 20th Century Fox that will land as early as 2016, I have not found much reason to come back to Genting. I do not gamble, I have visited the Snow World, I have visited Chin Swee Temple , what else I can do in Genting other than enjoying the cold weather and the magnificent view?
P9200686 copy
Although Twentieth Century Fox World is still a while more to wait, at the mean time, I found out Ice Age Adventure has just landed earlier this month (1st September 2014) in Genting International Convention Centre Meeting 7-12, opening from 10 am to 10 pm. SO let's dive in and see what they've got!

At only RM 20.00 per person, you can enjoy yourself in the Ice Age Adventure which comes with three main key-zones namely the Ice Age Theater, Ice Age playground and Ice Age Meet-and-Greet featuring a variety of fun activities.

P9200638 copy
In the  Ice Age Theater, there will be a short film showing every once and hour. There are some interactive games with the kids, which including winning some Ice Age movie tickets, cool huh?!

As for me, my favorite key-zone would be the Ice Age Playground.
P9200620 copy

P9200647 copy

P9200643 copy

As for the meet and greet session, you can meet with Scratch, Sid and Diego and dance with them.

P9200694 copy
My most anticipated character is Scratch!

P9200615 copy
you have  no idea how many time I tried to snatch his acorn over >v<

P9200673 copy

P9200621 copy
as you saw, non success :(

On the other hand, there is also a coloring area for the kids. You may join too, there is no age limit.
P9200669 copy

And don't forget, each ticket is eligible for a free MatKool Popz ice-cream. I really like the surprise pop rock when it melt >u<

Thanks again Genting for the amazing experience,
P9200769 copy

and to forget my partner in crime, Jackie Loi for being my photographer. Cheers!
P9200689 copy

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Heineken Inspires Worldly Adventures with "Cities of the World"

P8070145 copy

Are you the introvert otaku that always stay in door or you are an extrovert explorer who always look for new adventure? How much do you know the place you stay?

 Do you know your neighborhood by reading online articles and recommendations, or do you have a check-list to try all the newly open hidden treasure in the city and slowly solve each mystery you encounter?

P8070215 copy
Do you know where should you go for a place for tailor made suit while hang out with your fellow gentlemen

P8070209 copy
like in Bespoked?

P8070195 copy
Do you know where is your town latest hypster art gallery 

P8070191 copy
or a cafe dance club where you can ignore the world but only you, your partner and your dance move exist,

P8070202 copy
like the Paradox Art Cafe?

P8070205 copy
Or do you have a bright, class place that you can hang out to enjoy the silence in the center of the hubbub,

P8070199 copy
just like in Re:Placement?

IMAG6003 copy

Heineken is launching their 2 month long campaign "Cities of the World" to inspire people to get out of our routines and start exploring our cities. We may be familiar with the hot spots of our cities, but may not venture out to explore more.
P8070159 copy
With introduction of the limited cities edition bottles, 6 specially-designed limited edition Heineken bottles will be available to consumers. 

New Heineken Bottles copy
Each bottle represents one of the 6 global cities Berlin, ShangHai, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Ansterdam, and London. A unique code found under the cap of each limited-edition bottle gives people a chance to win prizes, including an opportunity to unlock worldly adventures in New York.

For those with a passion for discovery, Heineken developed a mobile-friendly website which reveals unique locations across Malaysia. This geo-targeted compass gives people a look into interesting locations around their vicinity, enabling them to spark new experiences wherever they are. For more information on the ‘Open Your City’ social compass, and the Heineken’s Cities edition bottles, be sure to check out

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Festival Street Food @ Sushi King [Food Review]

Basic CMYK

Aren't you just love summer? Not.... Born, raise and live in a all summer country, summer is no longer something I look forward to. Not like in some 4 season region, summer is the warmest period in the year, everyone is so active enjoying all the summer activity, sun bathing, kayaking, surfing, etc. As for me, I only concern about what menu is in season. *drool* Since last rice burger review, Sushi King is having another round of review from July to August during this summer period, featuring various street food that appear in Japanese Summer festival.

DSC_0464 copy
Spicy Salmon Nigiri - RM5.00 per plate
Salmon lovers would definitely not want to miss this one. Sushi King’s spicy salmon nigiri adds hint of local taste of spicy chilli flakes on top of fresh raw salmon slices. The spicy salmon nigiri gives that extra kick of spiciness that will make you want more. This seasonal item is priced at RM5.00 per plate.
This is a must have and I highly recommend it. Usually we have sushi with wasabi, but now this oily-ish, sambal-ish, spicy-ish chili topping is  a really good match with salmon. This chili is very Asean, I believe the chili is very good even on it's own.

DSC_0450 copy

Beef/Chicken Tonpei Yaki - RM9.90 each
Tonpei Yaki is a very popular dish in Japan consisting of shredded cabbage, crunchy fritters wrapped and garnished with delicious okonomi sauce and mayonnaise to send your taste buds on an adventure. Sushi King offers two types of tonpei yaki according to preference. Fans of beef can opt for the beef tonpei yaki, made with delicious pan fried succulent beef with onions while poultry fans may prefer the chicken tonpei yaki which is made with juicy chicken that has been grilled to perfection. This is a definite must-try as it is a seasonal item and only costs you RM9.90 each!
This is a bit weird for me. Those Tonperi yaki I had, the filling is cooked wiht the eggs, not wrap around by the thin egg slice. As a result, fillings are failing everywhere when I pick 'em up.

DSC_0443 copy
Takoyaki Tenpura - RM6.90
Take your takoyaki experience to another level with tenpura takoyaki! Breaded with tenpura batter, the Takoyaki Tenpura gives that nice outer crunch before you bite into the delicious savoury goodness of the deep fried octopus ball. Topped with okonomi sauce and mayonnaise, the taste and texture will send you to gourmet delight. The Takoyaki Tenpura is a seasonal item priced at only RM6.90.
You may have takoyaki before  (there are everywhere duh...) but have you tried tempura style? crunchy on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside. yum yum ^_^

DSC_0414 copy
Spicy Edamame - RM4.00 per plate
An all-time favourite – edamame, takes a twist this season. Boiled to perfection, the edamame is tossed with spicy chilli flakes, giving it delicious, fragrant flavour that will send your taste buds kicking. The Spicy Edamame is priced at RM4.00 per plate.
Edamame beans is a very common snack in Japan. But how about spicy Edamame in chili flakes? The spiciness is medium level, might be slightly too hot for someone but it's only decent for me. Well, at least I wouldn't appreciate it to be too hot as it will cover the naturally sweetness of the beans. One of the must try as well.

DSC_0419 copy
Unagi Nigiri
Unagi lovers, behold the special Unagi Nigiri offer! Rice topped with delicious sliced eel, the Unagi Nigiri will be offered at only RM5 this season compared to the original price which is RM6!
I am not a big fan of Unagi, but this one is really cheap. Taste wise, meh...

DSC_0437 copy
Pumpkin Tenpura - RM5.00
The Pumpkin Tenpura made its first appearance in May and is here to stay for a longer period.  Battered pumpkin slices deep fried to perfection, the Pumpkin Tenpura is definitely the choice for you if you’re looking for a tasty crunch. The Pumpkin Tenpura is a seasonal item priced at RM5.00.
If you haven't try their last round of rice promo, you must have miss this awesome fries like tempura. Once you hooked, you will never halt.

DSC_0428 copy
Kushiage Moriawase - RM11.90
A common feature in the street food list, the Kushiage Moriawase features 5 types of Japanese skewers that are deep fried to perfection. Enjoy Japanese style deep fried skewered prawn, scallop, chicken nugget, mushroom and long beans all at one go! To top it off, the skewers are served with delicious okonomi sauce to tantalise your taste buds. Kushiage Moriawase is a seasonal item priced at RM11.90.
I generate have less preference towards this dish. The fried product is too hard and the sauce taste funny. Okonomiyaki sauce suppose to taste sweet but this one is slightly more to the salty side.

DSC_0446 copy
Kushiage Bento - RM16.90
For those on the go and need a complete meal, take the Kushiage Bento along!  Consisting of deep fried salmon steak and Japanese style deep fried skewered prawn, scallop, chicken nugget, mushroom and long beans, served with okonomi sauce, this bento box will definitely fill your tummy with deep fried goodness. The Kushiage Bento is a seasonal item, priced at RM16.90.

DSC_0457 copy
Chicken Yaki Udon - RM13.90 per plate
Udon fans will look forward to the Chicken Yaki Udon. This Japanese wheat noodles is fried together in delicious okonomi sauce and mixed vegetables, topped off with deep fried chicken nuggets to score a perfect meal. The Chicken Yaki Udon is priced at RM13.90 per plate.

IMAG5967 copy
Ramune - RM6.90 each
Seal the meal with the fizzy Ramune, a popular carbonated drink from Japan. This thirst-quencher is only available this period, priced at RM6.90 each.
Japanese kid favorite drink. A marble is block at the opening of the bottle to prevent the gases from emitting too fast and to prevent the drink to pour out too much at a time.

For this promo period, if you spend more than RM80 in a single recipe, you will get a Sushi King fan featuring Matsuri.
IMAG5996 copy

SO what are you waiting for? Faster go to your nearest Sushi King to try them all!



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