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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jaya One #markets15 #huntcollfair

P1010015 copy
Just a month ago, Jaya One has their 15th Bazaar/market take place in The School.  Like most of the previous markets , the vendors include artisanal food stall, fashion, one-offs, pre-loved etc. I found out so much about out local online shops in this bazaar. It blew my mind from a very different perspective.

Watch the Youtube video for the market walk though

I know you're lazy to watch the whole video, don't worry, I will give you a summary here.

You can find all sorts of fashion,
P1010007 copy

P1010004 copy

P1010001 copy
Either new

P1010010 copy

or pre-loved
P1010017 copy

and of course, cutesy artisanal food
P1010012 copy

These are some of them item I got during the markets.
DSC_0119 copy
bracelet from

DSC_0105 copy
Passport holder from

DSC_0104 copy2
Necklace from

DSC_0094 copy

DSC_0081 copy
and encouragement quote from

P1010029 copy
Metalic Tattoo

 photo 3_zps3qtign5r.gif
top from, skirt from

I really like this dress. It has a very unique design, pairs very well with skirts or jeans. However, it's too revealing for me to show my underboobs. If you want to see my underboobs original photo w/o censored, watch the video and find that 1 frame that has not censored.

tshirt copy
top from, bracelet from
The quality of the shirt is quite thick, and you can custom design the shirt's print. I don't know what is the material but the print is convex, not some simple paint that easily comes off after a few wash.

top from *excluding cardigan and belt
Another super revealing cloth. Need to cover side boob with cardigan *shys away*

top from

P4180067 copy
Vintage Yukata from

Why is there a Yukata here? I never wear a Yukata and don't know how to year one. Any help from here? guys? I mean girls?

P4180104 copy
If you wonder why I keep holding my phone while in the shoot, that is because I am a single independent women that no one help me to do photoshoot T_T I was using Olympus software called Ol.share, pairing with Olympus EM 1. Selfie profession style ;)

If you don't want to missed out the markets next time, be sure you keep an eye on and Like/Follow their Facebook

Thursday, March 26, 2015

This weekend: quarterly bazaar, Markets by Jaya One

15th already? I have went to none of them! This year's first quarterly bazaar, Markets by Jaya One is happening on this weekend 28th and 29th March 2015, 11 am to 7 pm. If you are like the anti-hyspter, you probably have went to one of the 14 bazaar before. But this time, Jaya One is collaborating with The One Academy to bring you the Hunter & Collector Fair.

Savoury waffles are available at Markets copy
Like previous quarters, they have more than 100 vendors ranging form fashion, vintage finds, accessories, housewares, artisanal food, unique one-offs and etc.

Quirky statement badges at Markets by Jaya One copy
To liven up the atmosphere, Markets by Jaya One has recently introduced a brand new entertainment element; which also serves as a platform for aspiring talented individuals to showcase what they are passionate about.

Local homemade artisan yogurt copy
Also, there will be an Instagram Hunt where participants have opportunity to win fantastic one-of-a-kind items from the Hunters & Collectors Fair collection. All you have to do is to take photographs of their top three favorite booths and upload the pictures to your Instagram accounts.



So, what do you think? I will be going there this Saturday, 11 am sharp, as the first 250 visitors on the day (each day) will get a special goodie bags consisting of various shopping vouchers from participating vendors. See you there!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Benefit Cosmetic's Roller Lash #mydreamcurl

P2140161 copy2
So it's finally revealed. The mascara that I receive was from Benefit Cosmetic.

P2140147 copy
So throw away your curler and

P2140146 copy
pick-up your Benefit Roller Lash

and start rolling like I do:

P2140127 copy

Bonus picture of my once in a blur moon selfie.
P2140130 copy

Delifrance 50% off on all Feuilete until 13 March

Awhile ago, I was in Delifrance for their Christmas Menu.
DSC_0019 copy
It was awesome.

Was there during Valentine's again and turn out to be a huge disappointment despite cash vouchers that cover most of the cost.

Now, they send me this:
unnamed copy
50% off on all Feuilete until 13 March. What do you think? I am kindda phobia adi, if you some how tried it, let me know if it's worth the 2nd chance.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

#dearme A YsquareC Edition

I have see this campaign going off for a while now in YouTube. I feel like sharing my story because I think I kindda have a different story than most people out there.

Other female YouTube are giving positive vibe, life lesson and encouragement to themselves and other, but for me that is not the case. If I am gonna give advise to a younger me, I wouldn't be able to. I feel like there is nothing I can do to change what happen to me and I already to my best in what I can do make the best of the situation. And no, I am not here to brag about how good my life was and how prefect everything goes. In fact, it's the opposite.

I can't deny that I grow up in a unique family. The person that I trust most is also the ones that hurt, cheat, poison, discourage, and tarnish me the most. This makes me have really low self esteem. I don't know know what is right or wrong, I don't know who I should trust. I isolate myself so that I wouldn't get hurt further. As a result, I have 0 social skills. I can't make friends, I don't know how to communicate, I don't speak much. If I would go back to to talk to my younger self, I really have no idea what would I say to change things. Everything is out of my circle of influence.

The situation continues as I goes into secondary school, but I finally able to take myself off the problem for a short period of time every day and enjoy what I like. I was a librarian, I spend most of my time in library after school. I like books even in a younger age, but I was not allow to enjoy this hobby. I was able to make some friends, but there are just slightly more than acquaintance. We never hang out much after secondary but I do enjoy hanging out with them a lot. Perhaps it's because they are my only friends or perhaps they are the one who is at my lowest point of my life, there is nothing more to hide. However, even if we do hang out on the once in a blue moon meetup, I do not talk much too. I like listening to them, their stories. The gossip, their life, everything seems so interesting, 2 hours are never enough.

Shortly after secondary, we parted. Some of us work, some of us continue high school and college. My life is a bit better, I emerge myself into academy and leave what I think the source of the problem. But I still can't change who I am. I fake it to make myself more confident, more intelligent and more mature. No one knows how vulnerable and helpless I am under the sugar coat.

I have no idea what advise to give my younger self. I think I can say "Stay strong, thing will eventually gets better:. But I know, for some people, things never get better, if not worse. I envy what other people has, such a good vibe for themselves and the people around them.

Maybe I haven't fully come out from the shadow. Maybe I just need more time. Maybe there is this one day that I will finally comes out from the shadow and realize everything is so unimportant and tiny compare to what is around. I do glad I overcame the the suicidal thoughts, I can only hope things will eventually get better (though it might not always be).