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Thursday, December 26, 2013

My 2 cents on Disney Princess after watching Frozen

Just my 2 cents after watching Frozen.
[Note: 2 cent is equivalent to 7 cents in Malaysia Ringgit if you are talking about U.S dollar. Click HERE for reference. You wouldn't regret, not some boring currency exchange stuff ;)]

I found a short click on YouTube regarding Merida's coronation in Disneyland.

After watching the video, my first thought was : Can't wait to see Elsa and Anna's coronation. But I am not too sure they will add them in, not every Disney princess has coronation like Merida. (Example: Tinkerbell, Esmeralda, Lilo, Alice etc. Maybe because they are not Royalty and never marry into a Royal Family?) Reading the video's comment and I am so agree of one of the comment, it's like speaking my mind.
The older generation of princess is slowly overlook and I am not upset by it even a bit. The older generation of princess, like Cinderella,Aurora,Ariel,Belle,Jasmin need someone to complete them (a Prince, duh...) but on recent years, might be due to the feminism's uprising, the new princess are carrying different value. Instead of waiting for someone to save them, these Princess (Mulan,Rapunzel,and finally Merida) carries an independent value. It's clear that the society's value towards girls has changed so much over the years; or is it only Disney? It took two hands to clap, if the society is not accepting the value convey by Disney, these Disney Princess movies will not get as popular as it always be.  If i have a daughter, I will prefer them to take after these new Princess rather than the stereotypical older generation of Princess.

For say, in Frozen, to cure Anna (protagonist), she need an act of love. Every character in the movie assume it is the "True Love Kiss". I was really angry during this scene. I thought "blah... boring true love kiss plot, which can never happen in real life. Meh... I can expect what will happen next~" . However, it turns out, it's her sister, Elsa (deuteragonist) the Queen saved her by hugging her and crying. I am not saying this is anywhere near to reality compare to "True Love Kiss" , but the moral value is very different. Instead of waiting for someone (typically a guy) to save them, love of sister (or family) is just as significant; instead of waiting for God to drop you a guy, family 's love is as magical as opposite sex's love. However, Disney still arrange a guy over to help these princesses. Perhaps they are worry that w/o the Prince, Disney movie will lost support from romantics fans? As for Frozen, the Prince has become the villain, which reflect real life situation, whereby not all love is true and loyal.

Compare to 40-50 years ago, viewers can never imagine this kind of plot twist. I wonder if they will be one day a Lesbian Princess?  Just saying... something that usual now was impossible back then.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Heineken Thirst 2013

There's only less than two weeks before we bid goodbye to 2013. Last weekend, I concluded the last rave party of the year at the Heineken Thirst held at the Sepang International Circuit, an usual venue for most of the prominent raves in Malaysia. My first proper taste of a rave was at Heineken Thirst exactly a year ago featuring the likes of Above & Beyond and Avicii.

I had so much fun and had never looked back since, constantly keeping an eye on the next DJ line up due to perform in Malaysia. Thanks to Heineken, Thirst was back again to end 2013 with a bang.

This year, Thirst has brought some of the great house DJs of current times for us Malaysians ravers featuring Australian female duo Nervo, Afrojack, the upcoming teenage DJ sensation Madeon, R3hab, Dutch trance and big room progressive electro house DJ W&W and French DJ David Guetta.

What really triggered me to purchase the early bird tickets immediately was the announcement of W&W in the lineup. Having miss edtheir awesome set during ASOT600 due to traffic congestion was a huge disappointment for me so when I heard that they're coming back, there was no need to think twice anymore.

Fast forward to the day itself, we arrived just in time to see Nervo on the decks entertaining us with their big room house set. It was their first time performing in Malaysia and they gave us ravers their best. There were two stages and the set times were a little off the schedule so we had no choice but to give the teenage DJ sensation, Madeon, a skip unfortunately. Nervo's set was followed by the Thirst Green Moment where multi-level visuals, choreographed lasers and pyrotechnics set to a specially commissioned music track sent the crowd cheering hard.

Afrojack took over and started his set with an epic intro. Despite the epic intro, the set didn't do enough to make us stay that long. Perhaps it was Ben, who wanted to catch R3hab at the Star Arena, who made the us move and triggered the rest to follow suit. Most of us aren't a big fan of David Guetta anyway. R3hab gave the smaller but still very enthusiastic crowd a lot of reason to jump and rave with his energetic set. Then came a pleasant surprise to lift the crowd even further:

Nervo "set-jacked" R3hab to join the crowd and party from the decks.

The moment that we were waiting all night for and the main reason that brought us there that night: W&W.

Willem and Ward played their 2012 big hit Thunder to open their set which sent the crowd absolutely crazy. Their 1.5 hours long crowd lifting big room music includes some of the biggest tracks they've produced in recent years such as The Code, D# Fat, their bootleg of Armin's famous This is What It Feels Like, Lift Off and Jumper. Martin Garrix's Animal(which was played by almost every DJ that night), Zedd's Clarity was also played and I was caught by surprised by their remix of Avicii's latest top hit Wake me Up.

In short, the experience can be summarized in one word: AWESOME!

And it wouldn't be the same without the awesome company:

One of them, Kar Mern, came all the way back from Singapore just for Thirst. 

 It was my girlfriend's first rave as well. Her verdict: She loved it! 

2011 saw Tiesto performing in Thirst. It was Avicii 2012 and this year David Guetta. Who next, I wonder? Could it Hardwell? *hunting hard* ;)

What a great rave to end 2013! Looking forward to more in 2014!

Know your guest blogger:
Gary aka Ken is a long time friend of mine who I know from the blogspere. Although he has not blog too much recently, this jolly guy never missed any chance to party. Amateur photographer that can easily impresses you with his landscape.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Andes Facelift 2013 [Teaser]

Not my first attempt and definitely not my last one, unless I got into an accident, crash and fact I already blog about this place like 2 times. First was with our pork lovers friends, HERE and another time was a blogger gathering, HERE. I have a love hate relationship to this place, before I knew it, they ave closed. I thought they were closed for like REAL, but I was soon surprised with new news, they were just undergoing a uplift progress.

From a family home style warm cottage to a open door hanging out place.

Their menu is pretty much similar, prices might fluctuate, but at this time, they are still working out the last bit to finalize everything, so it's not approprite for me to disclose too much, until another proper session of food review.

Of course, they still have soup. Teaser: it'll be full when they are fullly operate, but hope they will not water down the chunky mushroom. OH my... it was soo good. >.<

Instead of fried, this pork serving place is going to another level of fries.

To make their food comfortable, they have to tuck them in.

Not to forget their signature meat balls. But it's server on a bun, maybe it's not a meat ball afterall, who knows?

Alongside with that, I discovered the juiciest grill chicken in my life.

But I was not too please by the rubbery "THING"

Andes sure have lot more to improve since it's take over by these bunch of energetic youngters. Do give them a chance and revisit them since they have reopen the shop by now.

But please lah, don't tell them "I want your meat balls", or your "juicy chicken" or "rubbery thing". These is just a teaser post before they invite me to a proper Food Review when they are truly ready for a critic. Promise me, do hop on and help them to improve ya!

Andes BYO
K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A short story about a bitch missing her dad

Wanna share a heart warming story that I see with my own eyes just now.
My dad has been away for few month outstation. When my mom talk to my dad on loud speaker this afternoon, Kopi (our bitch, which is kept outside the house) listen attentively and wag her tail once in a while. After my mom put down the phone, Kopi still waiting at the door. She then became impatient and bark. Funny thing is, she rarely bark. She is so sensitive to noise, even a car pass by, she would freak out and run away,  not barking at them. SO, her behavior of barking constantly makes me curious. At first, I thought she just missed me and want more time to play (I just finish playing with her before my dad called). SO I go near the door and want to give her a pat. She kindda ignore me and look into the house. My brother was playing in front of the comp and my mom is eating. Kopi isn't attached to my mom coz my mom don't like dogs. So both of them can't be the suspect of why Kopi behave differently. Then my hypothesis of her, thinking my dad came back emerge. I called my dad again and put him to loud speaker. Instead of just barking, she jumped around and wonder and bark even louder. I think she might be confuse. She can heard my dad's voice but she can't see him. After I off the call, she stares at my phone. I move my phone left, her eyes follow to my left, I move my phone right, she looks to the right. I tried with other object but her eye sight doesn't like following my phone.I have something to do, so I go away from the door. In just a while, she moved away from the door, no barking and don't stare into the house any more. Few minutes ago, I open the house door, going out to take something, she quickly rush out from behind the house to in front the house just to check. Usually, if I open the house door, she will not have this kind of reaction. Pfft.... I wouldn't want to say I am jealous, but I really am..... damn bitch, who offer you nice treat every now and then huh?

That's her, a photo I keep in my Instagram a while ago. She is still petite like this, although she is a German Shepard mix and is already an adult. I just like the black spot under her eyes, looks just like blush, except it's black in color.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Benefit Cosmetic, the September Baby Celebrating 1st Year Old with Me

What does benefit means to you? Advantage? Gain? Perk? Only recently, I found a new meaning to the world "BENEFIT". It's a cosmetic brand that happen to be a September baby as well!
P9287291 copy
If you don't already know, I am also a September baby, which gives me advantage to celebrate my birthday with Benefit together with my friends.

P9287295 copy
It was One Utama Benefit Cosmetic 1st anniversary on last September.

To celebrate, of course we have cakes,P9287308 copy
and chocolates, sweet stuffs </3
P9287367 copy
Usually, all these sweet indulgence will get all my attention, but not this time.

P9287327 copy
The beauty assistance demonstrate the new Gimme brow on Bendan. The fiber in the gel can stick to our facial hair pretty well and create longer, darker hair on places that we want. I don't think I need any clarification and you'll know Which side of Bendan's brow has use the gimme brow. It's so sharp and edgy, I kindda jealous of it though it's artificial.

P9287335 copy
As you know, I have no knowledge on make-up, not to mentioned eye brow trimming =(. Let's just put it this way, my brows are messy, untrimmed, inconsistency not the best feature on my face. Taking up the challenge, I let the Beauty assistance help me to clean my current brows makeup and let the pro do their job.

The result:
DSC_0113 copy2
Frankly, I never had more beautiful brow in my life, It's so neat but curvy at the same time. I love it so much.

P9287387 copy2
The only complain that I still have is that my brow hair is sill messing with the shape when look close.

SO, I took the opportunity to wax it off!
P9287351 copy
In Benefit Cosmetic, they don't only offer brows trimming or waxing, they do have many other service as well. This is current Benefit Cosmetic Service price list:

Brow waxing RM 42
Brow tweeze  RM 45

Facial Wax
Brow & lip (duo) RM 60
Chin & lip (duo) RM 50
Chin RM35
Lip RM 28
Full Face RM 65
Brow + lip + chin RM 78
Brow + lip + half arm RM 110

Body Wax
Brazilian RM 100
Bikini Line RM 55
Half Leg RM 65
Full Leg RM 110
Underarm RM 40
Half arm RM 55
Half back RM 45
Full back RM 65
Body trio (full arm, full leg, underarm RM 200

Make-up application (day) RM 80
Make-up application (night) RM 100
Make-up application (bridal) RM 150
Lash application (strip) RM 5
Lash application (individual) RM 10

You may choose to book a sloth or walk-in. There is very likely that the beauty assistance is serving someone if you didn't call-in first.They have 1 boutique (1 Utama at Highstreet) and 10 counter in Malaysia at the moment, which include Parkson KLCC, Parkson Pavillion, Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Robinsons The Garden, Metrojaya Mid Valley, Colours & Fragrances KLIA, Sephora Starhill, Sephora KLCC, Sephora Paradigm Mall.

Thanks Benefit Cosmetic for the amazing experience, celebrating your birthday with us, together with our friends.
P9287357 copy

P9297409 copy
Thanks again for the birthday gift. I am really sorry I was so inconsiderate I didn't prepare any gift for you.

I know you little kepohchi will wanna know what's inside my birthday gift, so here is it:
P9297430 copy
Creaseless cream shadow

P9297434 copy
Longwear Power Shadow, 2 different brown

P9297417 copy
Gimme Brow

P9297418 copy
Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

P9297435 copy
Sugarbomb (li[gloss)

Although I am the total nerd that know nothing very little about cosmetic/beauty or makeup, I can't wait to try all there product.However, the problem is, I don't know how to describe or judge whether how good are they. I may draw a pie chart of my favorite bar or bar graph of my favorite pie, or or complicated stuff like Fourier transform, frequency transform, bode plot etc....but a cosmetic product...? I could use a lil help, maybe....

(HIMYM reference)

So, the easier way to show you, is to share my experience visually. Seeing is believing. Even a nerd like me can do make-up with Benefit Cosmetic product with very little effort, no screw up!

After trying it out, I also found out that a major YouTube guru, Bubz has getting the similar gift box like I did.
YTcopy copy
Oh my... how should I be compare to a YouTube star and get similar treatment 0.0. Really happy that I was introduce to Benefit Cosmetic for their amazing product and service. Thanks for the gift and can't wait to try out more! ^_^

Do checkout Benefit Cosmetic on their Facebook: and Instagram:

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cheers for Oktoberfest Malaysia

If you are 18 years old and or above, you better be prepare, coz October is now! Doesn't ring a bell? It's Oktoberfest! It's all over the world, so are Malaysia. We celebrate with beer and only beer! Imagine a chill Paulaner in a special edition Oktoberfest mug! Yeah, that's the spirit of oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest Facts & Figures

1. This celebration initially started as wedding celebration in 1810 to commemorate the union between Crown Prince Ludwig (who later became King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen at Theresienwiese (translated as Therese's meadow / field) – it is for this reason that Oktoberfest is referred to by Germans as ‘die Wiesn’ or ‘the field’
2. Through the years, Oktoberfest celebrations have had a number of different elements and activities, including horse races, street parades (in traditional costumes), live music, dancing and of course the appreciation of authentic Munich-brewed beer.
3. Currently, Oktoberfest is a truly global celebration with almost 7 million visitors consuming over 7 million litres of beer and more than half a million chickens throughout the celebration (based on 2011 figures), which lasts between 16 – 18 days from the middle of September to the first Sunday of October.
4. For 2013, the Oktoberfest festival proper will run from 21 September 2013 to October 6 2013 – a total of 16 days of culture, cuisine and beers

What Makes An Oktoberfest Beer?

1. All Oktoberfest beers must be brewed within the city limits of Munich and must also conform to the Reinheitsgebot or Bavarian Purity Law which strictly governs the production of beer in Germany by limiting the ingredients that can be used
2. All Oktoberfest beers are approximately 13% proof (about 6% alcohol), meaning they are a little bit stronger than their “non-Oktoberfest” variants

An Introduction to Paulaner

1. Paulaner was first brewed by monks from the Paulaner monastery in 1634 making it almost 380 years old – however it is still the “youngest” of the Oktoberfest Beers
2. Unlike the rest of the Paulaner range, Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier is not a wheat beer but instead a lager.
3. Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, like all Oktoberfest beers are approximately 13% proof (about 6% alcohol), meaning they are a little bit stronger than their “non-Oktoberfest” variants
4. At the Oktoberfest celebration, each Oktoberfest beer operates a number of tents which provide different drinking experiences. Paulaner is famous for three widely popular tents, namely: -

Armbrustschützenzelt – ‘Armbrust’ means crossbow and this tent certainly lives up to its name with a crossbow shooting range available for more than 110 years
Käfer's Wies'n-Schänke – this is a smaller tent that gets VIP visitors from all over the world and serves signature gourmet food such as “Käfer-Duck” and a roast saddle of venison.
Winzerer Fähndl – This tent is also popular amongst VIPs due to its attention to detail, celebrated oompah band called “Nockherberger” and iconic tower with a giant mug of Paulaner sitting atop it

Check out Official Oktoberfest Malaysia Facebook Page ( for more info!

[Note: This is an advertorial]

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf [Food Review, not the Fairy Tale]

Previously when I review The Hungry Hog, I wonder why the burger was called The Three Little Pigs but there's no Big Bad Wolf. Then, someone told me, there is actually such place. I didn't put that piece of information in my heart until I was reintroduce this place again when I visit Bangsa Village last week.

If you have never heard of the fairy tale, Three Little Pig, you probably not an Earthling.... 

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf, big bad wolf, big bad wolf?
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf, lahahahahah~~~

Well, fairy tales are not real and those pig should always beware of the wolf, or in this case, HUMANS!!!!

The Wolf's Favorite, RM29
Needless to say, a mouthful of smocked bacon on each bite, topped with crispy salty bacon bits and a pouch egg on creamy mushroom spaghetti, is definately "The Human's Favorite" too. If there is any more critics, it would be the pouch egg. The spaghetti is thick enough by it's own, a liquid yolk is gonna thicken the sauce some more.  

Mighty Piggy Burger, RM28
Consist of the a pork patty plus egg burger, salad and fries (chips).

The size does win my heart but not the patty. The patty has added so many stuff inside that it doesn't taste like pork anymore. It's texture is very bouncy/chewy to the point to taste like a cheap processed chicken burger.

Overall: 6/10 [Well, what do I know, I just tried 2 dish. I should come back more to try on others as well before giving a more accurate result. Any sponsors? XD]
Taste bud indulgence: 5/10 [My spaghetti is good but the pork patty is not so great. Bacon is always good, so my rating is based on the pork patty]
Purse Saver: 6/10 [A bowl of Spaghetti for almost RM30? =.=||| ok no more next time no matter how Godly you are.]
Location: 6/10 [The entrance from the Mall/supermarket is very hidden, but it's easy to spot if you are from outside of the Mall]
Service: 9/10 [No comment, was pretty decent] 
Ambiance: 4/10 [It was nice and relax until someone with a newborn came in and our lunch session become a baby-crying-we-listen-in-pain-session. Still give some mark due to the home-style couch and cushion dinning place]