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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Part 2: Erotic Husky

Other than the stupid Husky that looks like Jian Gou (贱狗), we (Jloi and I) also encounter some very attractive Husky.
siberian husky
Its fur coat has distinct black and white colour. Body feature is just nice.
And most important, he got a pair of eye that can generate electricity.

siberian husky
Its eye can talk. I think he wants to say: Hey baby, you want a lil sugar from me?(seducing the female dog beside him)

siberian husky
and the Husky beside her: Mommy (her master, a girl that stand beside er), you know I don't wanna do it, right?

Well, I am not making story here. The male Husky (1st and 2nd pic) was really trying to F**K the female Husky (3rd pic) and the female Husky didn't even reject!

Didn't all this picture makes you horny?
Yes, then you really got problem liao.... go to have a check with your physician.

To be continue...

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