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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Notice of continual holiday.

Really sorry that I can't update the blog for these few days. Am having honeymoon and it's killing me.Photobucket
Ok, that was misleading.Photobucket
As usual, no celebration post or anything.Photobucket But my schedule post will be up again when I start my new semester. You know, I am still in honeymoon *wink wink*Photobucket

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Notice of Holiday

FYI, the author will have a Holiday start from today till Monday 27/12/2010 for Christmas celebration. Hence, no 2 day per post update. The update will depends on the author's mood. If her schedule is less pack, she might do some schedule post, else there will be no post until 27/12.

If you feel bored and need to have some reading material, please process to "Hottest here section". The author also suggest you Pet label i.e. especially on Red Tomato Pets Fun Day because this is one of her Christmas Celebration last year.

As a token of appreciation of your continual supposrt, the author promise to blog about:
(1) Purple Cane
(2) Anders Byo
(3) Comic Feasta 2010
(4) Jogoya dinner
(5) Tao lunch
(6) Nokia Ovi apps

Till then, C ya!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tron: Legacy (review)

This is one of my most anticipating science fiction movie of the year other than Iron man 2.

At the begining of the movie, 2 famous games in the grid were introduce.
First is the disk game.

Second is the light ribbon game.
It has same concept as the snake game in the old Nokia phone.
The different is that not 1 player but 2 or more player can be playing in the same time.

In both of these games, any program/user that lost in the game is destroy in the game.

There were once, my mate predict the appearance of the main character, Sam Flynn's dad.
However, he guessed 2 time but still not correct.
The secreat person in the car that save him is the last "ISO".
There are a lot unpredicted climax that happen in the movie.
Overall: 9.5/10 (oh well, nothing is perfect, hope there are 2nd and 3rd episode)
3D effect: -/10 ( I only watch digital, not 3D, so can't comment)
Story: 9/10 (my mate complain the story a bit draggy, but I think its just fine.)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wedding fair by Touch and Tom Wedding Group (18,19 Dec 2010 at Mid Valley Exhibition Center)

Last week, I fetch my sis and her friends to the education fair in Mid Valley Exhibition Center.
Adults at my age are really not interested in these kind of things. You know, all we care are money, career, car, spouse etc. Education is not in our list.Thus, this education really isn't my cup of interest.
Walk around, see how institute lure their student to attract more student.

It looks nice from the outside but can't comment on their fillings.

When I almost kill by the boredom and decided to go down to do some shopping, I found out that there is a hall less pack at the left of the exhibition center.
In front there, there is this huge photo album and a stage behind.

Beyond the stage, a nicely decorated gate with flowers. Then only I realize it's a wedding fair organized by Touch and Tom Wedding Group.



It is some how romantic

and eerie at the same time.

There were only wedding dress that attract my attention.
I remember I read it in some where that Marie Curie (also known as Madam Curie) choose a black wedding dress instead of white because black is more resist to dirt and can be wore again later, so no waste.

I think no other women in the world is as rational as she is. Really salute her and her contribution towards physics and Chemistry.

Other than the booth, there are also some performance.
This was a wedding make up demonstration.

This is the only make up that I am impress with.
Done by William.

The eye lashes were self made to mimic the butterfly so that when the model blink, the butterfly like eye lashes flap its wings.
Maybe I sharpen it so much that it looks a bit unrealistic, but in reality, it looks awesome!

However, what impress me the most is this guy from Beat Music Performance.
His name is Justin.

Here is a video of his performance, both guitar and vocal.
(note 0.28-0.32)

爱很简单, original sang by 陶喆 (David Tao)

Not to mention great harmony, which didn't cover the main singer's voice but still develops the vocal.

I will find back the tittle of the song first, before I update it again here.

On the other hand, should really give credit to this saxophonist too.
See how hard he is trying to blow it -_- (pun intended)

And this is the lead singer, Wing.
So, if you are interested in the performance too, you are go to their blog at

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina : Gift for myself.

It comes again, it comes again!!!

Who comes again?
To be correct, what comes again!
Hey, it's Christmas!!!
Aren't you excited as me?
Although I am not a Christian nor really knows what the meaning behind the celebration, I do celebrate this season of greeting with my friends and family.
Last year:
A "thanks giving dinner" with friends.

Berjaya Hills aka Bukit TInggi: Colma tropical wishing well, night view
A romantic Christmas eve at a resort in the hills.

Berjaya Hills aka Bukit TInggi: Colma tropical Clock Tower, night view

Cheft choice Pizza from La Flamme Sidewalk Deli
A hearty Christmas lunch

with a plump 2 course meal dinner.


This year I have not plan anything at the moment, but I think it wouldn't be in the shade.

Before this I never plan anything for myself, until this knock me out!
Jipaban-The one stop online shopping mall.

*But before you proceed, make sure you sign in as a member 1st! It's totally free, so no worries, k?*

*Remember to read the terms and condition before checking the box and fill in the security check box!*

When I roam through, I admit i'm attracted to all those dress, shoes, accessories, hand bag etc.
But those are just what I want, not really what I need. Then I get into this shop:

It has some cute and fancy diary/planner.
"whack" I have not get a diary/planner for next year yet!

I started to use planner since year 2004. I am not sure where my year 2006 and 2007 planner gone, but my year 2008 and 2009 planner is at Melaka at the moment.

Not that it's not important to me that I left it in Melaka, it's just so bulky! Imagine you have to carry that 500g thick cover book every day in your bag! That makes a 182.5 kg per year in totally(miss leading-ing)!

Can you imaging it's 3 times of my weight! *faint*

So, start from last year, I start o choose this little cute diary/planner. It's so light in weight that you don't notice that you are carrying it!


It's so small but yet compact and well organize!!

However, good thing never happen twice. I try to finds back this kind of diary/planner in the market, but luck is not at my side. All the diary in the market (this year) is thick, bulky and most important, they are all so fug!y!

Now, with Jipaban, I found my suitable diary in my mind:
Day by day Vintage Dairy from Green Poppies.

This small and cute Diary only cost RM95.58 which is less than RM100 from a Singapore online store.
It has 4 colors which is Pink, Sky Blue, Red, Camel.
I think both the pink and red is very nice.
Its s cute that you might not wanna write on it!

And the organize yet pretty planner is so awesome!

I really didn't expect this new online shop can really offer me that much of convinience!
And to top things up, Courtesy to Nuffnang, and Jipaban 8 most creative blog post winners are going to get their present sent to person they meant just in time for Christmas, completely free of charge, plus cash/GSC voucher:

: Gift your choice as per blog post + RM500 cash
2nd: Gift your choice as per blog post + RM300 cash
rd: Gift your choice as per blog post + RM200 cash
Consolation prize x5: 1 pair of GSC vouchers

Since the contest already started on 29 Nov and will ends at 11.59pm on 18 Dec 2010, what are you waiting for Nuffnangers? Get yourself a
Jipaban account and read this post: to get your desired birthday gifts to your loved ones!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FML: I need a emo space for myself

On the day before yesterday, when I wanna take out some old books to read from my book shelves at night due to head ache( migraine), I found out that my book shelve is full of white ant.
I was very sad, I really cry that time. You may label me as drama queen or emotional, but you have to know those books are my favorites. When I was younger, my parents don't let me read any books I want. They force me to have full concentration on my text book. Later on,without their notice, I become a librarian (my teacher wants me to be prefect, but they insist I can't do that), because that can make me eligible to borrow more books. I love books so much that I sometimes borrow books and read it at night on my bed. I swift off light, pretend that I have slept (maybe that's why I have thick glasses now). later, when they discover I read book instead of sleeping, they gave me a good nice whack.
That doesn't makes me hate book. My passion towards books burns. I continue to become a librarian when I was in secondary school, that eventually leads me to jackie. I spend most of my pocket money on reference book and the remaining to books I like to read, fiction stands the major.
When I was accepted to study in Melaka, I can't bring all of them with me. Thus, I have to left them in the selves, the place that it belong.
And what now, they are all destroy by white ants.
I am not blaming anyone for my lost. I am just sad and frustrated. Not only I can't protect my pup (my son, I called) when I am not in KL, I can't preserve a lifeless thing, not to mention something formless.
I spend most of my time in Melaka.
But from their point of view(Melaka people), I am an outsider.
So, I don't belong to any where, I don't own anything.

I wrote all this not because I want a sense of pity-full comment in my blog, I just wanna express my felling towards my life. I used to write poems. I can't remember the last time I wrote poem.

If you insist to see what happen to me, scroll down:




I hope you are not vomiting or try to vomit just now.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tony Roma's Rib, Seafood, Steak (review)

Was introduce to this restaurant by Jackieloi (yeah, him again -__-)
Tony Roma's Menu
Basically, the menu is very thin, things in this thin menu is cramped in a way that it's confusing and hard to understand @.@

Tony Roma's beverage menu
I didn't flip through this menu, I just stick to my favorite i.e. ice lemon tea *^ ^*

Garlic bread spread from Tony Roma
The appetizer *i guess @.@, not sure it's paid or not*

The bread is rather hard, took a great effort to cut it into slides. However, the garlic butter spread is great. There are some spices too! It's so good although I can't identify what herbs they were using in the spread.

Now, the star of the nigh, the main course:

Grill code fish with kickin' sos and 2 side dish from Tony Roma
Grill Cod Fish with Kickin' sos and 2 side dish.

There are 2 fish to be choose: Salmon and Cod
4 way to cook
( I couldn't recall, grill is one of em)
5 sos
to be choose (I didn't count)
2 side dish
, just to name a few choices, mix vege (above), mash potaoes (above), bake potato, rice, french fries, coleslaw etc. (actually, that's what I remember ^^|||)

Firstly, the grill cod is so juicy! It was fresh ( not fresh like just caught from atlantic) and not over cook, so the fish oil is well preserve in the fish plus some left over on the plate *tempted to lick it off*. And the fish oil is a very good sos for the mix vegetable and mash potatoes too! ^ ^

Not to mention the kinkin' sos. It is very hot(heat/spicy) if consume just like that, but when you have the cod fish with kinkin' sos, it's totally indescribable! The sos enhance the cod fish flavor without covering its original flavour and soft texture.

For the mix vegetable, it's just so so, but the fish oil and extra sos from the cod fish enhance the flavor of those veges.
And for mash potatoes, I have taste better mash potatoes in my life, no extra credit, but it's not bad too.

Was really happy with my meal. Was really stuff.

For my partner, he ordered:
Chicken breast with 2 side dish from Tony Roma
Chicken breast with rosemary sos and 2 side dish

There were also few ways to prepare the chicken breast and few sos in the list, but I didn't bother to read, so really can't tell.

I tried a small piece of the chicken breast, it is very hard to chew. Might due to overcook. The meat lost its juice and appear to be very dry.

However, the rosemary sos and *something* is very good. A bit sweet and appetizing just nice in the way it is.

For the side dish, not much to comment on the fries. Jloi says that the rice is a bit oily but still acceptable.

Ice lemon tea
And for drinks, both of ordered Ice lemon tea. No addition comment. Hope it will be full glass the next time I visit it.

Overall: 9/10 (it'll be a 10/10 if its less expensive)
Taste bud indulgence: 15/10 (it'll bring you strigh to heaven, literally^ ^)
Purse saver: 6/10 (it's price is up to its standard but I think not much people willing to spend extra to get these exquisite food, maybe in some occasions or once in a while then it'll be fine.)