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Thursday, January 2, 2014

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo in Viva Home Mall

AN AN AN tottemo daisuki DORAEMON~.~
Hehehe I am not sure kids these days know about Doraemon like we do in our younger days. I literally grown up reading Doraemon. Not only the comic, there are a lot of stuff toys, games, cartoon, and now even exhibition tour! With so many new cartoon and anime character competing on our local channel and internet, it's almost impossible to survive more than 10 year. Kudos to the creator Fujiko Fujio and his team.  

When the boyfie see the banner about the expo, he was so excited. He keep booking my schedule to go to the expo. At first I wasn't very Interested. I love Doraemon, but I don't have that much of passion to actually pay to see a plastic figure. The boyfie was very disappointed with the previous cardboard Doraemon expo in Genting, but he still want to go to this one: 100 Doaraemon secret gadget Expo in Viva home mall.

The ticket price is:
Adult: RM 25
Children: RM 15 

If your kid is less than 90cm, free admission. Even if the kiddy face boyfie squad down, he are also more than 90cm already =.= piff... can' cheat for admission ~.~

Ok, but we still bought the tickets to go it, so you too, bucket up, let's sit into Doraemon's time machine and off we go!

Do you know that Doaraemon was a born yellow color robot cat?

but then, a mouse ate his ears. Instead of fixing his ear, the robot doctor remove his ears completely.

Of course Doraemon was very sad, instead of drinking a cheer-up potion, he accidentally drank the sorrow potion that made him cried three days. Crying so long, he faded from yellow to blue and coarse his voice.
wow... I thought I know Doraemon well enough, but I didn't know his history as detail as this.

With all the nostalgic gadget, I can't help but let out the children of me, stop by and take picture with my favourite gadgets. Too bad, these gadget have no description, whether it's name or its function.

OH! and don't forget all the famous scene in the cartoon 
and comic.

In the expo, I even attend Nobita and Shizuka's wedding. So many of us were giving our wishes.

Hope you two will be happily ever after.

Beyond the expo area, there are souvenir shops and canteen. 
Original Dorayaki is RM 5, comes with red bean, peanut or chocolate flavor.
Memory bread is RM 6 for 2 pcs

For cold Dorayaki, it's RM & per piece, comes with red bead, durian or chocolate.

We bought 2 original dorayaki, 

with peanut and
red bean flavor. It's wasn't the nicest smack but it's was so nostalgic.

I do recomend you to visit this expo, whether you are young adult like me, or parents with kid, I think you will as much as I did. ^_^


  1. Why Shizuka look so sad geh for wedding haha

  2. How come you didn't turn into black and white in the comic? LOL