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Monday, February 21, 2011

My relationship diary (II)

Hey, how ya doing?! Glade you come to read my blog. Either you are a loyal reader (which probably not) or blog-walking and landed here, I am here to wish you a warm welcome ^ ^(This intro sucks~)

As you probably may not know, I am single again (duh…. You were single like since last year = =). What you all know is that I broke up with my boyfy last year, which I didn’t quite remember when was it… but what I didn’t tell you guys was that we were together again after that. Well, I ask for a chance and he did the same, so we were all happy again. I set some ground rules, so that we don’t step on each other foot again. However, sadly, we broke up again.

I am the one who initiates the broke up, both times. You might think “this bitch is a whore…”, “she doesn’t appreciate her bf”, “she is so ugly, he should have left her for like 12 years ago”….Well, maybe…. I don’t want to explain everything here cause if I do, I will look more like a jerk.

However, I have to admit that we had great time together. I missed him some times. What I remember the most isn’t he brings me to some expensive restaurant or hang out in the mall not even the movie we watch. What I missed most is that how he holds me. I had a chance to stay with him back to on the New Year holiday in my house in Melaka. It was the most memorable experience in my life.

I admit that I still love him (bitch, if you love her, why you dump him in the 1st place, you got another guy or something?), but sometimes when you love someone so much, you have to let go so that he can be better without you. Well, that is not what actually what happen to my case, but I do have some advice for you.

Be truth to your love one.

No lies between you 2.

No even those like “it’s for your own good”

Yeah, I do enjoy a lot in my relationship and suffer a little from it. What I lost is far much that what I have gained. However, I still choose to hip off from this relationship. I have realized how enormous a green monster I can turn into when I lost control. I know I don’t really have to hide my feelings and pretend that I am a princess and be cool at the time. Even princesses have feeling, they fart sometimes (= =).What I mean is that everyone may lose their temper some times. That is just life. I choose not to because I decided to raise my standards.

Ok, that has gone too far. Well, I am really stressed out in my study recently, lots of things that I should do fallout from schedule. I didn’t even prepare my test well enough and have to do assignment still late night but still an ex-lecturer ask me out for an interview session to know more about my study skills. (WHAT?!)

OK, I went too far, AGAIN. What I mean is that I wish you guys all the best in your relation plus study of course… and work maybe~ well, I don’t really know who you all. Anyway, I wish my ex is doing good too. I feel a bit uneasy these few days coz no 1 is there to talk to me on the phone every night before I sleep and no mushy sms to wake me up some time on the weekend or a morning call when I need to up early. I don’t know he will be please if I mention his name here, but if you do, please let me know.
That’s all for tonight! Less than negative 3! ( < -3 )

Friday, February 18, 2011

No String Attached (movie review)

This is the kind of movie when I watch the trailer in the cinema, I will tell myself:
I must watch it!

Thanks to Dr. L who postpone our test, I have a chance to relief. Drove to the nearest cinema once I finished class today. The cinema was quite empty. Well, what do you expect on Friday afternoon :)

Frankly, I like the story a lot!
Well, I am a girl (cough, not yet woman, k?), girls like romance, didn't we? *^ ^*

The 1st dialog that woke me up was:
"Can I finger you?"
Oh my... thats why it's rated!

I really like this scene.Ema told him not to get her flowers, so Adamget Ema carrot. So, creative!
Very little of you know I am allergy to smells. Especially flowers, chilies, perfume etc. Thus, I never let any 1 buy flowers for me. But, this is very sweet, coz you can eat those carrot not flowers *^ ^*

(what do you expect, am a future engineer, I am in rational all the time :p)

This is the 1 that I can never forget. Ashton Kutcher got naked to film this?
OMG *>.<* He is so cute even he is naked!

This is another scene that I missed. I don't like the story line there... but I just missed how he holds her.

I think I am pretty like Emma. Although I am not a Doctor( an engineer-to-be, I hope), not short or miniature ( I am quite tall, cough and a wide shoulder due to swimming) and not having sex freely (I am still quite conservative in sex though~), all other part is almost similar....
I fell you Emma.

If you are still not convinced enough, watch the trailer, girls will like. Guys, bring along your girls with you *^ ^*

Overall: 8.5/10 (It's a traditional happy ending where everybody get their perfect partner ^ ^)
3D effect: -non applicable-
Story: 9.5/10 (I am a girl, so just let me bias on this once. Please?)
Character development: 8/10
Humor: 9/10 (There are vulgar words flying here & there @@ but helps the story development pretty well too.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of Chicken Teriyaki and Grilled Norvegian Salmon from Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe (Review)

For those of you who lives in Klang valley, Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe is something around you. You are so familiar with you that you wouldn't bother to put much attention on it.
As for me, an KL-ite "trapped" in Melaka and only come to KL occasionally, Garden is something very new to me! ^ ^

It has a very nice interior. The concept is similar to Full house.
Don't ask me who is better *>.<* I can't decide :p

Ordered a bowl of green tea. Opt for Jasmine usually, but green tea is not bad too.
Note that this English-like pot is not as simple as you can see:

Tada! The bottom of the pot is actually a cup!
PhotobucketOh you know that already?!... hahaha.... Photobucket(that is so embarrassingPhotobucket)

Chicken Teriyaki (RM18.90)
The chicken is well marinated, not too soft, still can feel the texture with slightly crisp skin.
Mash potato is not blend with other ingredient but blends great with the Teriyaki sauce.
I just don't know why there is this tomato on top of the chicken. I mean the whole combination of chicken, sauce, vege and mash potato is great though I still need to figure out why the tomato sauce is there....

Grilled Norvegian Salmon (RM29.90)
It's my fault that I didn't record the most precious side of the beauty. The Salmon is only half cook. The inner part of the salmon is still pinkish, while the outer layer is orange in color. Nothing much to comment on the side dish dish. It is much expensive than Chicken Teriyaki but larger in portion.

If you need more information, please visit their homepage at Garden-Cafe
or Facebook Page.

Overall: 8/10 (Not much to praise but it has also noting much to be complain)
Taste bud indulgence: 8/10 (Up to its standard, but still not the best dish I ever tried.)
Purse saver: 6/10 (It is only worth it if you are more to an atmosphere person instead of taste bud driven)
Atmosphere: 9/10 (Very relax atmosphere, not really romantic. The part-time pianist may be something you will look forward.)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr and Mrs Incredible (神奇俠侶)Movie Review

Watched it in a movie marathon with Jackie Loi.
Was attracted by the trailer.
One of it is here:

More can be found in Youtube.

Louis Koo Tin Lok (古天乐)as Mr Incredible (炯炯侠)

Sandra Ng Kwan Yue (吴君如) Mrs Incredible (香香侠)

My conclusion is that the trailer is pretty much un-related. What is in the funny trailer is not part of the movie. It's story about the boring life retired life of a super hero couple.

One thing I don't understand is that. Why their hair have always got grass? -__-

Overall: 6/10 (funny but boring at the same time)
3D/CG effect: 5/10 (Thanks to Jackie who remind me the effect, can't recall it has effect until some1 remind me, so it's not very impressive after all)
Story: 6/10 (very expect-able, but a bit depress when the story line is not syn with thriller)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pak Putra Restoran, Ayam Tandoori, Roti Naan (review)

Address: Jalan Laksamana 4, Melaka, Malaysia
(when you key in the above address in Google map, you can easily see "Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant" on the map)

Listed as the 2nd Best Restaurant in Melaka by Trip Advisor (formerly was No 1), it is an odd phenomena for a land of history and home of Nyonyas, the Peranakan.

I don't stay in the town but I like to come into town once in a while to have a walk in the near by Jonker Street and have dinner/supper here. When I first notice how internet user highly rate this place, I finally understand how my time gone while waiting for my favorite meal.
The legendary Tandoori
There is 2 part too be choose, i.e. Upper part (wings) and lower part (tights).
The meat is extremely tender, you barely use your teeth to chew. The texture is distinctly different from those kind of un-fresh frost meat. The spices is just nice to the degree than most people can accept even you don't like spices.

Naan (Triple cheese naan)
The are a variety of Naan in the list, Cheese Naan, Double Cheese Naan, Triple Cheese Naan, Egg cheese Naan, Garlic Cheese Naan, Kashmir Naan etc.
My favourite is Egg Cheese Naan.
Do try out their Cheese Naan series. The Triple Cheese Naan is literally floaded with Cheese. Every bite is risking your image to squirt Cheese out from your mouth! XD

Potato Zerra
There is a list of Side dish. I tried to order other side dish before but I can't quite accept those spices's flavour. If you are not a spice fans like me, you can try ordering this too since potato is the only food that gives you the sense of saturation withou paying much. However, if you are an India/Pakistanist/came from the Home town of spices, I beg you wouldn't want to leave without single dish un-try!

Overall: 9/10 (deducted a bit because of its waiting time)
Taste bud indulgence: 9.5/10 (Since, it is just a mamak, no QA or QC is sitting there to double confirm the quality of the production. I feel quite depress too when they occasionally didn't reach their usual standard)
Purse saver: 9.5/10 (Well, don't expect Cheese to be cheap in a Tropicana country. It is slightly more expensive than your usual Mamak experience but the result worth it.)