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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My blogging holiday ends!

At last!!!! Muahahahaha..... I am bekk!!!!!
Wanna know why I took a long holiday. Nothing special just that this lazy lauzi seasonal blogger wanna prepare for assignment and exam month. Really been a bad blogger. I got lots of fun things happening around me but just didn't manage to blog about it. The reason can be explain as below:
(i) Engineers should takes more priority in their projects, not journals writing, assignment has higher priority than blogging.
(ii) Study is tired and time consuming, so when finish study energy is consume to the max so can't blog liao.
(iii) Doing end of chapter exercise is important yet time consuming. Other than studying and exercise, got no more time to blog laio.
(iv) Not enough sleep will get haedache, so can't blog after finish my end of chapter exercise at night.
thats why can't blog.... tons of lame excuse....

Well, back to the topic, In my holiday, I have do lots of things. First, visited STRIDE for a day trip at Kajang with my course mate.

Can you spot me?

Then, at my Christmas holiday, I went to a exotic places that torture my stomach.
Berjaya Hills aka Bukit TInggi: Colma tropical Clock Tower, night view

But they really have nice Christmas deco. Never regret on it even I have to suffer from gastric.
Berjaya Hills aka Bukit TInggi: Colma tropical wishing well, night view

Then, the weekend before CNY, I was called and force to go to an patriotic camp.
Not willing to go there at first bt it turns out to be fun and educative.

I spend my CNY holiday in KL for less than a few. So little but so memorable.
y--square,jackie loi

The following week of CNY, going back to Melaka for a nom nom trip
From the famous but not so nice food

to the not so famous but decent food

till the not famous but very nice food.

And finally, my motorola 68k microprocessor assignment on running light.
The project is very simple but it mean so much to me.

Hope to blog all these stuff later. Wish me luck ^^

P/S: Photo of different quality is cause by the unconsistency of camera uasege.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Inotek 2010

If you have never hear of Inotek before, fear not. Coz this is a competition held by my faculty once in a year. Its like the greatest event for all of us. Every final year student is exited on it. It is like a simulation for their final presentation on coming week.

Student presenting to judge/lecturer/outsiders.

One of my senior's project

It is an entry monitoring system.
However, it is not functioning as what the designer wants. It still have some problem on the data storage and data presenting system.

Another project from my direct senior, Speech recognition technology in learning a language.

Some alarm system to control the tanks level.

I think this is quite cool, sms to control the light.

All are good, as good as an art.

Until I confuse that I am in an innovation competition or an art gallery?

Foot note: UTeM sucks, it blocks facebook app and now my photobucket, luckily i have not delete the imageshack-frog. UTeM is abusing blogger's right.... wuwuwu FML...