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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Please, with everyone's help we can stop animal abuse.

Many of you didn't know that I am a dog lover. I keep a few pets through my journey of growing (ahem...) old.... When they (my pets) meet their fate, they will leave me and I have to find a new one. However, I stop keeping any (pets) since I went into University or since I "abandon" my most favorite pet, Faye.
Isn't he cute?

In every mom's eye, their child (pet) is cute and cuddly!!!

My dad even make him wear an iron "necklace". Looks macho...

He even have a son, which is not very close to me since I didn't stay with this lil guy when he grown up. I didn't spare as much time compare the time I share with Faye, since he was born when I am in the middle of the semester (was in Melaka)

However, I can't spend any more time with Faye any more. Last year, my lil naughty Faye bite my dad. My dad was very mad, so he send him to DBKL. I don't know what happen after that, don't even know whether he is still alive or not and I can't do anything since I was studying in Melaka at that moment.

When I came back, everything is too late.

I should have teacher Faye to obey everyone in this family, not only under my comand. I should have spend more time with him, come back to KL whenever I could.
I think the source of his mischieve is because there is a few time, he saw me dissapread after riding my dad's car and never come back. In fact, my dad send me to bus station to go to Melaka. I think he missunderstood and think my dad is the devil behind the dissapearance of me. I feel really sad, but I can't do anything to help.

Then, this morning, I saw something that really hurts me as deep as my dad take Fayue away from me:

You can also view it from Facebook. Note that you should log in to view it.

Arrording to the guy who posted it up, the incident took place in Bali, Indonesia. The incident should have happened for quite a while and ppl are signing petition to stop that burtal act. Their target is to achieve 10,000 singature but they are only half way done.

I don't know whether my faye was threated like this, but if it does, it sure breaks my heart.
You know you can make a difference.
Sign the petition by clicking here
and more information will be provided here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i-city, city of digital light

Brought to you by your square face author, y^2 and the camera instructor, Jloi.

Erm.. don't really know how to write about this place. Maybe there is just 1 word suitable for it
Action speaks louder than words and picture describe more than merely words.

Frostie's Wonderland


A Chinese theme indoor deco


Feel like Christmas is just around the corner

This is very complicated, chinese theme's Autumn garden?

A blend of snowy CNY

Japan Sakura. They said than Sakura is most beautify at night.
Hmmm... my camera can't express it well.

P/S: Althought it is free entry, but the operating hour is 7.00pm -11.00pm for weekday except Friday, other than that, it's 7.00pm-12.00am.
Comment: No doubt its really wonderful, but the electricity used on it is quite a waste too.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The no harm worst case scenario vehicle version

This is really phew + WTF video clip.

I know you might not read or listen Cantonese, but have patient and finish viewing the video clip, you will see what I mean.

Why must University student/graduate know everything

This morning, my dad took out the water bill and asks me something. I take a look that B.M phrase and said I don’t know. Then he scolded me, “Why a grown up university student like you can’t answer that simple question?”
I was thinking like “duh…. You also grown up what, why don’t you know about that too?”
What I really trying to say that, when we keep growing up, when gain experience, then we tend to stereotype certain things according to our past experience. That is what we further away from the youngsters. It is very common that parent think that their child should be very excel if their child is in the college or university. When their child is out of the university, their child should know “everything”! However, how could that possible?! Even if I did learn a lot in my university life, but most of it is about subject related to my course. How could a doctor repair a machine or an artist do a economic analysis? Does my stand make sense?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How a hotspot change a bunch of uncle and aunty’s life into a facebook addict

Erm… how to assembly this… I work part time in a Hong Kong style Chinese restaurant in Avenue K (Those that went to Avenue K before should know that there is only 1 chinese restaurant there). Most of my colleague is not very educated, not to mention speaks or read English. SO, you can conclude them to be non computer literal too. However, one day, a electronic undergraduate (not me, don’t perasan) that work part time there bring along his laptop to finish up his assignment there during break time). He was so frustrated with work, so he online using a nearby restaurant’s hotspot and played some games in facebook application. That sure did attract the asst. manager attention. From that day, that assit. manager buy a new laptop and play facebook apps everyday. That attacts other colleague attention and all of them start buying laptop and play facebook game during break time. Even the alien that don’t speaks English nor Chinese follows too. So, that’s how a hotspot increases the laptop sales and reduce computer “unliteracy”. How a miracle is that 0.o|||

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now you can do it in the water too!

what the.....
Just too boring.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The descent part 2 (movie review)

Few weeks back when I was still in my final exam, I saw a Taiwan blogger (Wan Wan) post about this movie, so I ask my dear have he watch it. Well, of course, my little piglet is not a horror movie fan too, so the answer would be a big no. When Nuffnang posted the movie screening, he went to comment and got the tickets. Actually I am not interested on it, but since we got free tickets, so I am a bit tempted to move my first step, since the week before, I watch a horror movie too ( Nightmare on Elm Street).

Here would be it’s synopsis from the official website
In the movie, the bloggers are like:
( taken from , who has watch the movie too)

When I have the feeling that the scary part is going to happen, I get my sight out of the screen. I was so terrified, and got shocked by the sound effect lots of time. I grab my boyfy’s hand quite tight, so when he got shocked but I am not, so I also got shocked by him (what the….)
At the end of the movie, he still can comment that he expect more scary scene (-.- what the), so lame.

Anyway, it is a very good movie, whether you are a horror movie fans or not, this is the movie that you shouldn’t miss. Especially for those chicken out there: “hey, it time to train your gusts!”

If you are still hesitate whether is it a good movie, you can always watch the trailer first ^^

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ninja Joe (Non halal)

When I first meeting this name, it reminds me of G.I Joe, and G.I Joe’s hits Boom Boom Pow which leads to Black eye peas. (Hey that is edible too ! >.< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">NOTE: NO other meat burger available other than pork.
The Menu
Well, I reduce my meat consumption massively these days, it didn’t attracts me at first. However, great ppl thinks the same, we have same colour taste, how could this not melts the red diva’s heart.

I ordered a big boss ( though its really small, a guy could have take down 2-3 big boss or maybe ½ dozen of normal ninjas) with add on cheese and eggs and lemonade. It cost RM9.90 for the big boss (note: RM 1.00 for each add on) and Rm2.50 for the drink. Same price goes for green tea. Believe me, camera can lie!
This is a very small portion, quite expensive with my usual food expenses but a luxury meal once in a while to indulge yourself are never a guilt.

Ninja Joe's address:
Lot LG 18 Tropicana City
No 3 Jalan SS20/27 47400
Petaling Jaya
(It is same floor as Carefour)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lumix DMC-TZ review

Ok, I know I know. The whole world knows that I got a new Camera for FREE. Don't be jealous just because I got such a nice boyfyPhotobucket, you can take mine (boyfy) and I want the camera only... wahahahaha just jokingPhotobucket. Don't angry lah dear...Photobucket you draw me become so stupid I also not yet count with youPhotobucket.

Back to the camera business.


Dear (Jackie) took some snowflakes, demo-ing it to me. Extreme nice micro mode:

So, later my friend borrow my camera, I refused, coz I wanna try it out myself too!!!


As you see, its really amazing. Its almost as good as a picture taken using DSLR.

Then,I tried it on some other occasion also. I did a landscape of sunset from my hostel's balcony (believe me, my hostel have balcony, 4 bedroom, 2 washroon and a very long living room for studying purpose).

Sunset in melaka
Should have change the proportion to wide screen one, but I forgotten and didn't check it afterward. Nvm, it can still makes Jloi jealous, I guess.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nightmare On Elm Street, movie review

Credits to Advertlets blogger for sharing their tickets to Nuffnangers. ^^
Frankly, even for those Horror movie fans, this will scare you till your pants wet. Watch it 2 days ago with bunch of blogger in MidValley for the premium movie screening. I saw all kinds of funny face face. Saw a blogger with name starts with J hides his eyes in his palm, and A keep on texting or twittering (I don’t know) to distract him from the scene, and L that sits beside me jumped up everytime whenever a sundden noice, even if it was not scary. Hahahah… enough of laughing at other ppl, for me, when I know there is the timing, I still drive my view out of the screen. Huhuhuh…. Guess I am a lil chicken too…

Well, back to the topic, since I never watch that movie or read about that story before, so the story line goes a bit unpredictable for me. Here are my synopsis:
“ The gardener of Badham preschool- Fred Krueger is a friend of every student in the school. Every children likes to play with him. However, he is not as friendly as he seems to be, he did something bad to the kids (probably rape them, from my point of view) and took photos of them. Krueger’s favorite child, Nancy told her parent about the secret that she promise to keep, resulting the scandal among the kid’s folk. The folks tried to kill him by burning him, so that the kids don’t have to go on courts to point out Krueger, which may craft their unpleasant memory of childhood. 10 years later, all child as their parents wanted, forgotten those preschool memory. Fate brought 5 of them into the same high school. 3 of them die in their dreams which emits lots of question in the remaining teens past. When they try to dig out what has happen in the past that drive them into the same nightmare, there were risking their life to survive…”

Hahahah… if you wanna know what happen, must go to watch it. I really think it is worth to watch. Guys, (wink wink) bring the girl and girls bring out your guys. I don’t think I need to teach you the next step. Hehehe… as for me both of me and my lil piglet scared like chicken, so no extreme chemistry reaction. If you can wait, a video night at home will make thing more complete (wink wink).