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Hi, My name is Yin Ying, you may call me YY or Ysquare (think of when Y multiply by Y i.e. Y*Y is Ysquare) I recognize myself as a food and travel blogger/writer but I do involved in other type of write up / review such as beauty, events, movies etc.

As you probably know, I blog at As a online influencer, I am also quite active in a few social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, InstagramMalaysia Most Wanted Food, & Pinterest. With help of these platforms, I am able to establish over 2.5k inflence / network on the internet.

My highest view blog post  in YsquareC is Coldest place in Malaysia, SnowWorld Resort World Genting. It was featured in Resort World Genting for 2 month before replace by newer content. On the other hand, my Chin Sweet Temple Genting Highland series blog post is still featured in Chin Swee Cave Temple's Website until now.

It would be a shame if I travel so much but I know nothing about my home town, so most of my travel post is around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Although I been sponsor to travel and write my experience quite a few times, I do enjoy travelling out of my comfort zone, either alone or with company solely because of my nature to explore new things. I have quite a few blog post during my undergraduate in Melaka, my internship in Kulim/Penang, my vacation travel to Langkawi and etc. I am also planning a few blog post about Thailand and Hong Kong that is still in post-travel processing stage. DO let me know if you are interested to have my content to be publish exclusively on your publication.

Some of my invited food review include:
This blog post is currently featured in Dinning in The Dark's website since April 2013.

However, most of the food review post in my blog are non invited review which I explored and pay for myself. The highest view in my food and beverages category is Suki-Ya (すき屋), Eat All You Can Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu.

Even though I am a foodie myself, the soul of blog is on the photos. My album is available here:

If you are interested in any kind of collaboration, please contact me via:

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