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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rapunzel: At Tangled Tale (movie review and teaser)

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale
As you may or may not aware(Why I always start with this sentence recently?Photobucket) I watch Rapunzel: A tangled Tale last week courtesy to Nuffnang.

Well, if you have watch it, you will not read this review any more, but if you haven't. I am going to tell you the meanest movie teaser in the WORLD!!!Photobucket

Other than the main characters, the are 2 more character in the movie that I like the most!
(1) Pascal the chameleon. Because its Rapunzel's only friend, so he is calm in every un-expectable scene but overacted or more hot tempered than Rapunzel when she can't made her mind.
Rapunzel the tangled tale: Pascal the Chamelian
So, its my favorite character ofcourse!

(2) Maximus the Royal horse. He personality is like a dog. Not really loyal, but quite cute.

And my favorite scene: when he is making the expression that he is surprise on the bounty, he was actually complaining her nose being drawn wrongly!
Well, after my tease, wouldn't you wanna watch it?
Get your a$$ to the cinema tonight!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My long lovely date!!!

Can't remember the last time I have a date with a guy.
My tweet

In chronology order:

(1) Jloi's Indah castelsushi lunch with shrimp
(kekeke... coz I can't simply take picture of others house, so I just show you my house pic with the extra sushi I made that I send to him later to force him finish it ^ ^)

(2) Snowflakes SJ
Snow flakes
(The last time I was here, I meet Cayenne for the first time, the Ais Kacang here is addicting!)

(3) Sunway Pyramid
SE Xeperia X10
(exploring SE Xperia X10, wasn't too impressive though~~~)

(4) Sunway Giza
Christmas Deco at Sunway Giza
(a new place that I never came before)

(5) Craving Kitchen and Bistro in Sunway Giza
My travel partner
(Last but not least, my travel partner of the day, Blondy (angmo) "Caucasian" blogger JackieLoi. Having 12 inch monster burger as dinner with him)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nina Ricci Fragrance for sale!

Nina Ricci perfume

Nina Ricci perfume
-Brand new Nina Ricci perfume-
(didn't bother to open it yet)

Nina Ricci perfume
Nina Ricci perfume, 50ml for sale.
As you may not aware, I won myself a Nina Ricci from Nuffnang yesterday as a runner up in Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale blog contest.
(P/S: I am really not trying to show off, k? the drama cause by this movie is enough!)

I really didn't expect to win anything. I just want those tickets. Besides, I am allergy to perfumes. My nose can only adapt to very few kind of perfume. Prada is an exception.

The devil wear Prada
So, now you know whos the Devil? *wink wink*

Nina Ricci perfume
I am not comparing both brands.

Prada perfume
It's just that, I am using this bottle of Prada for almost 1 year, the result:

Prade perfume
I only use this much of amount.
If I keep the Nina Ricci, I may take up 30 years to finish both (-__-)
So, I might just share it with you guys plus get myself some pocket money.
Hint: it's a great gift for girls especially Birthday and Aniversary *wink wink*

I think RM150 is ok for me
(far cheaper than what other offers, so bottom line is RM150)
(1) The highest bid get the item.
(2) Limited to KL area only, postage is bear by buyer.
(3) If buyer from places other than KL insist, the condition of the item is not guarantee.

If you are interested, please comment here or contact me via

leave your e-mail or contact number also, else I can't find you back~~~

Hope to hear from you soon *^^*

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Erm... I don't know what I am doing actually
Photobucket(self punch)
But I am generous enought to spare some of my study time to post this
(as if I really studying~~~)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV

Yeah Yeah, I know I should be studying now *>.<*
But wait, this is so excited!!!

Do you know that TGV is going to release Tron: Legacy on 17 Dec 2010,
which means next month!!!
This is Tron: Legacy offical trailer from youtube:

I don't know why Malaysia have to take so long but we have made it at last. We can watch Tron: Legacy in digital 3D next month after waited for 1 year.


The problem is, TDV cinema claim that they the set of keys to the safe containing Tron: Legacy has been stolen from the projectionist's room at TGV Cinema!

Oh NOOOOO......!!!!Photobucket

The good new is that with cooperation of Nuffnang, TGV cinemas and partners are giving out A private Screening Hall for any movie+ a Panasonic 50 3DTV and many other attractive prizes to the ones who manage to solve the case.


Well, if you manage to solve the case, the prizes are as below:
Tron legacy poster

Well, as a humble student blogger, I have limited power and source, so I need your help to find the lost key so that all of us can watch Tron: Legacy on time on its release date.

So, what you have to do is:

(1) go to this link in facebook:

(2) click "like"

(3) go to their TRON: Case of the Stolen Keys photo album

(4) check out their hint of the missing key as frequent as possible to tract the missing key

(5) Find out where the key is, so all of usl can watch Tron: Legacy on time *yay*Photobucket

At the moment, they only post 2 hint which is as below:

Tron legacy poster

Tron legacy poster

More hint is yet to be reveal in the facebook link shown above.

Well, on the other hand, while you guys are cracking your head on the mistery, I would also tell you that you can spread the news of this case of the stolen keys from Nuffnang blog:

Other than we all get to watch Tron: legacy on time, 50 best written post will also win a pair of exclusive invites to catch Tron: Legacy on the big screen on 15 Dec, which is 2 days earlier than the official date of release!!!Photobucket

Come on guys, with all our help, we can make things happen!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blogger holiday notice.

Due to unreasonable amount of stress during exam period, I YY aka y--square, author of this blog wants to takes an unpaid leave start from tomorrow 17 Nov 2010 for 1 week , until 23 Nov 2010.
However, I will still attend a premier screening event on 23rd Nov 2010 on Cathay Cineplex.
I know I did a proposal on doing the Narnia post, but due to the complexness of the project and time is still ticket, I need to terminate the project hope I still can get the invitation.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

P/S:I will not need your approval to start holiday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The cat take away my sleeping hours (damn-.-)

I know you don't follow my twitter, so I just tell you what happen:

It was 3.30am in the morning and I has just slept for 1 hour plus.
I was so blur that I even make mistake. Fyi=for your information, but then I still add an "info" behind. Major blur~~~

I have no idea how this cat came into our house and stuck itself between the kitchen window.
It keep making noise that we all woke up and try to get it got there.
Because the kitchen is just next to my room. So, I am officially the second biggest victim after the cat = =

It's doesn't looks like it stuck there but it looks more like sitting comfortably in there.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

If I had Rapunzel's hair

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale
Aren't you as excited as me?

Courtesy to Nuffnang, 40 pairs of Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale premier movie screening tickets is giving away to us blogger 1 day before it release!
Hmm... if I have 70 feet of magical golden hair that I can control by my will, I have not much request, I just want it to style itself to the way I want, without me moving my arms

Ow... live as a girl is tough!
We have to have long hair else we will be label as boyish!

And to make it as dreamy as it looks... we got to use cheat!

Cheat equiptment! THE FAN!

Thats not all, we still need to curl,

Don't tell me I am cute.

Bun it Victorian style,

Bun it Little Nyonya style
(I know I know>.<, the outfit doesn't fit at all!)

And become a pathetic psycho in certain occasion.
(I don't mean you Gaga... you never style your hair...oppsy!)

Those chores are so tiring! I mean not only girls, guys too, right?

And No Answer?

So I guess thats a yes~~~

If I can have my hair, 70 feet long some more, and style by itself...
I really can happy till die adi.

And if it's Gold some more, I can just cut it and sell it as gold thread!
Golden threat
Since it's migical, it can always grows back to it's original length!!!

Rapunzel magical hair

Am I marvelous?

P/S: For your information, the blogger that outdo them self the most will stand a chance to win Nintendo Wii and Nina Ricci Fragrance.

OMG! Thats tripple the fun and excitement!


And tell me again, whats Nintendi Wii?
(Self punch)

I think I really let go this time.

It has been haunted me more than 3 months and got worse over the pass 2 weeks. I really satisfy with the reason and explanation. I really let go now.
I have to give myself some time to delete 4 years of memory. That must have taken at least 10-exa byte and above. Computer also need to take some time to delete that much amount of memory lah, not to mention human.
hey, but 4 years?
Then I will go back to form 6 then?
Nah... live is a journey that has no U-turn. I have to go on. God knows I can survive the coming 2 years or not...
I send him some broke up present. Not sure he found it out or not. Let the start become the end, how meaningful is that.
Sorry for all the emo post recently. Will post about Rapunzel on the nest post, I promises.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The place I remember the most.

I think the last time we were here was like 2 years ago?
We used to study here together when we were form 6. Those are the most happy and memorable moments in my life. I was rewarded into an IPTA shortly after that.
He get the chance to go into the University that I always wanted to. But he refused or more correctly, he was forced not to go.
Studying in the library is the tip of my life so far. But for him, it was the worst moment of his life (am I right? Correct me please). He wastes his time 2 years in the form six achieving nothing.
It doesn’t always remind me of him when I come into this library. But all memory just flashed back to those I treasure the most.
When a couple broke up, they always remember the worst of the other. But for me, I wanna blame him for being not loyal, being bad to me, treat me in the way that I don’t want to be, but those are not significant any more. If It’s a love that makes me so uncomfortable, why we started it in the first place? Why we can be together for almost 4 years? I try hard to preserve it, but I am just not good enough.
I know there are lures all around him. I don’t blame him. I don’t blame her either. She can give him more commitment than I do, no need to wait. She is so perfect compares to me. She can gives him love and affection more than I do. I do fell jealous. How can few months beats off 4 years? Well, God knows it.
Whenever I see the status update, twitter etc, the left part of the chest feels sour.
I admit that I don’t believe him. Neither he does. He don’t trust me either.
I wonder if I give him a chance, will he give me too?
I am listening to “Need you now” now and crying in front of my laptop among a school of people in the library. After living here today, I don’t ever want to come back.
I don’t always post my diary here. Hope he read this.