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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My 21st birthday celebration touch down , Part 3: My precious moment.

When you see the title, you probable have guess it correctly.
My boyfyyyy....

We celebrate my belated birthday by spending the whole day out.
We went out for a Movie, watched "Where Got Ghost" then having TGI Friday as Lunch.

My Salmon pasta

Dear's Lamb steak

But it was so raw

that he can't finish it.

My Salmon was raw too, but its just easier to accept. Just imagine it as Shashimi ^^

He then accompany me to go to all around 1-U to shopping

Bought a pair of NOSE heel as a Birthday present for myself.
The heel is so nice. I might not be your taste, but it suits me well.

Then, we have dinner with his his Unimate as Fullhouse Damansara. You can view the details here.

And his present for me?

Pink Pierre Cardin purse. Until today, I still don't know how much it cost.Photobucket Love him so much!!!

Other than giving myself a pair a heel, I aslo bought my next year diary/schedule book. One of me and another for him. But he said he is not going to use it....Photobucket

Then, a pink crystal bracelet from my 2nd Aunt. It is suppose to act as a catalyst to relationship.

It was the same day I got myself all those Ang Pau:

A blue-gray handbag from my classmate.

Can someone help me to change the "MM" into "YY". I am willing to pay RM 10 or below.

It match well with my lab coat

However, there are something that I can't understand/ figure out. Why does they out a KFC plastic bag in it when they wrap and present me?Photobucket

The end of my 21th Birthday celebration touch down

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