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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FML: Camera version

All this WTF thing started few weeks back where Jloi told me that Jess wanna sell off her Camera (Nikon D40) , including body and lens. I was tempted.

Nikon D40

Then, I asked my uncle's (Kelvin Chan) oppinion, since he is very experienced in camera, Nikon camera to be precise. However, he said it is not worth it, and ask me to get a Nikon D3000, since he is getting a D3000 for my bro and I can borrow from my bro to play with it. ( I though my bro bought a D3000 for RM2000, with his money for himself)
I was too stingy to get a new camera and so the affair stopped just like that.

After that, Jloi wanna sell off his camera also (Nikon D60) to change a higher level camera (Nikon D90), and he allure me to buy his camera.

Jloi's Nikon D60
(note: photo stole from Jloi)

We had a little discussion and I advise him not to buy D90 coz he will not able to afford it. He didn't gave up and keep talking about camera with me.
At last, I said: I want to see no more, hear no more, think no more about DSLR.
Then only he stop that discussion.

Great story will never short of great ending.
Yesterday was the day my uncle came to my house to have dinner plus giving my bro the camera he means.
Simon Chan's D3000
Nikon D3000 + Nikon camera bag

Then, I found out that my bro didn't bought the camera, my uncle give him for FREE!!!Photobucket
You know what I mean?


PhotobucketWTF, MCB, KNS....@!@&!^#!&^&@^#
(I can continue to 1945328 vulgar words, but to I choose to stop, else my post will be floated with unnecessary words)

Simon Chan's D3000
Nikon D3000 back view

Simon Chan's D3000
Nikon D3000 front view

I was not good with my bro, our relationship is very bad since young. When I know that he does own (I mean he didn't buy it with his own money), I tried to borrow the camera.
And you know what he said?!
He said NO!!!


PhotobucketTNS, MCB, KNS...@&^#^#!@)#*!*^&&
(again, I choose to stop)

This is how I express my feeling when Jloi asked me:
At first, I feel angry, then sad, then wanna cry, but no tears come out, then I feel myself totally pathetic.

So, I grab some treats that brought by my uncle to release my emotion.
Sugar and Spice treat box
On top: Cheese Pineapple Pastry, 芝是凤梨酥
Sides: Nougat Gift, 法式牛軋

Sugar and Spice Nougat
I am munching one now. Feels better.
Wanna know more about what I ate? Go to to find out more (it's a bit lag)

Hey I didn't make all the stories to promote this, ok?Photobucket
I am really at the bottom of my life, ok?

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