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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Crave For Authentic Thai Food? Now You Can Have It Comfortably In Your Home!

Put down your stereotype, tell me what you think of when I mentioned Thai food?

Now, shut up!
Tom Yam drift through your mind, did it?

Nah, I don't blame your for your lack of creativeness.
I did the same.

There are so many nice Thai food around, why do we only know Tom Yam.

If you don't even know Tom Yam....then I can onyl #facepalm.

What am I crapping...
Ouch... All I wanna say is, we might be proud of our own cuisine, being our neighbor, Thailand, how much do you know about them or their food?

I started knowing more about Thai food when a friend of mine start doing delivering service. These are some of the food she offer.

Fried Pork Rice with Egg, RM 5
Front: brown rice with egg

Back: Fried mince pork
The minced pork were really spicy and flavorful. How come Chinese never come out with such similar dish though we ate so much pork. Day in day out, we put soy sauce in everything we ate. This minced pork was saute with onion, herbs and chilies. It might have no sauce, but don't underestimate it's rich flavour embraced by the mined pork. The spicy pork goes very well with the brown rice and sunny side up. This one dish meal might not have much vegies but brown rice can compensate a bit more fiber even without vegetables.    

Thai Fish Cake, RM 7 for 6 pieces
We Chinese has our own kind of oily artificial fish cake while Malay have their authentic Keropok. How about I tell you there is another version of rich, flavorful, solid & healthier fish cake out there?
Yes, Thai fish cake is enrich with chili, lemon grass & garlic.

It goes so well with the sweet and sour Thai sauce we are familiar with, except this one is home made!

Mango Chobi, RM 5
Chobi means sticky rice in Thailand. It has noting to do with chubby, except they are both elastic, spongy, lovely, cute, adorable, sweet.... and.... that's all
This Mango chobi comes in 2 color, which is the white color original (with coconut milk), and blue color (which was color from blue-pea/butterfly-pea/Clitoria ternatea, not from artificial colors)

Not to forget, it came in a very big portion. Hahaha.. I think you can't miss that huge & fresh mango at the back too, right?

Green Curry Noodle, RM 5
Surely, you had your regular red/orange color curry before, either from our Indian or Malay friend. How about Green Curry? Have you even heard the name green curry before?
Nah.... I am not a witch that substitute a red apple with the poisonous green one. In fact, green curry is very popular in Thailand, Asean or even in the States.

And those noodles! Not your regular mee siam thought. You have to try it to know it. I can guarantee, you will go "WOW"

Tab Kim Krob, RM 5

When I first bite into that pink and yellow ball, it gave me a surprise. The water chestnut wrapped in a gooey, springy texture stuff! How can nobody think of this amazing thing ever except Thai? Those balls are soaked in a liquid of cold coconut milk with Jack fruit and corns too. Totally addictive.

So, what do you think about these Thai dishes that I introduced? Tempted? Well, you can always tried it our yourself too. My friend Chutipond is doing delivery service of these dishes, within Sungai Buloh, Kepong and PJ on anytime of the day with the condition to pre-book 2 days in advance, withi RM 1 delivery charge on everry delivery (eg: if you order 2 dish and deliver to your place on the same time, you will only charged RM 1 delivery for those 2 dishes)
So, please email or Facebook this girl: Chutipond @ Please state that you wanted Thai food deliver too! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coffea Coffee [Food Review]

I never know anything about coffee even when the Korean Drama "Coffee Prince" was a hit few years back.

I always though Coffe was a western thingy. So I was like, Meh.... Korean Coffee #bitchplease. When I know Coffea Coffee was a franchise from Korea, that has over 50 shops, including some of high class places, such as Gangnam, I was shock. Just like when you hear Japanese curry for the first time, you will laught at these arrogant Japanese, but once you tried, you can never stop. And Coffea Coffee might be the same case.

What's more is the barista that flied from Korean to make us coffee that night was some renowned award winning barista.
Left to right: Timothy, the founder of Coffea Coffee; Lisa, barista and translator, Sean barista.
Both Timothy and Sean won a few award, such as WLAC (World Latte Art Champion), WBC (World Barista Championship), KLAC (Korean Latte Art Championship), KBC (Korean Barista World Championship), Korean Aeropress Championship etc.

They have a wide variety of drink, ranging from their signature coffees, tea, smoothies and many other kind of beverages.

I am a tea person, rather than coffee, so my favourite of the night would be the teas.
Lemon Grass Tea (front), Earl Grey Tea (back left) &  Green Tea Latte (back right)

While this peanut butter beverage is my most memorable drink of the night. The smooth, frothy, bubbly, silky texture was really deeply imprint into my memory. Though it's a bit sweet & the peanut butter flavor is slightly, I don't know how to critic already. IT's prefect for me. Even people who doesn't like peanut butter can easily accept it's mild taste and fall in love for it! 

People who knows me understand that I am a green tea addict. I must have a cup of green in the office before I do anything. No email, no meeting, no training until I drank my green tea. However this Green Tea Latte, literally isn't my cup of tea. It's powder is too coarse. I am not sure whether it's was not stir/mix well or it was design to be like that. The matcha powder are gather on top of the latte on the bubble layer while the lower layer has very inconsistent flavor on every sip.

As for the coffee, Ruben, the manager and founder of Malaysia first Coffea Coffee franchise/ flag-ship store honor us with his COE (Cup Of Excellent) brew.

According to Cofea Coffee's Malaysia Facebook Page:
" The Cup of Excellence (COE) is the most esteemed award given out for top coffees. These awards come from a strict competition that selects the very best coffee produced in that country for that particular year. These winning coffees are chosen by a select group of national and international cuppers and are cupped at least five different times during the competition process. Only coffees that continuously score high enough are allowed to move forward in the competition. The final winners are awarded the prestigious Cup of Excellence® and sold to the highest bidder during an internet auction. "

2012 Honduras COE 

Both Rwanda and Honduras can a acidic after taste. Rwanda is mild on the start of the sip. After you swallow, the acidic and bitter after taste will slowly emerged. As for Honduras, the strong acidic taste can be feel on the moment your toungue touch the liquid. As you swallow, the after taste become lesser and lesser.
On the other hand, Ruben also, introduce a few other coffee for us.


I might not know coffee as much as I know about gourmet, but like the description said, Maestro is a classic american style coffee that is strong with high roasted blend. It has a full body, sweet dark chocolate taste with a rich aroma.
As for Madonna, it is a rich aroma and slightly acid blend. It is an authentic European style coffee that some what has a fresh acidity like a wine and sweet fruit scent.

Colombian Supremo

Thought Coffee might be a game of taste back in the day, today coffee is more like a life style. The cup of coffee and the place you drink your coffee some how reflect your social status, education background and your inner cultivation. It might be a kind of stereotype, but nobody wish to jump out from this frame. So, the environment of the shop is also a attentive issue for Ruben.
You may notice that the counter is always clean 
and everything is so tidy.

The ambient is pretty relaxing.

Have you realise, most of the furniture in Coffea Coffee was made by wood. The chairs, table tops, even the walls are recycled from scratched wood. So, don't be surprise to see some of these woods still have paint attached to it.
In a nut shell, my experience with Coffea Coffee is pretty amazing. Imaging have a cuppa on a quite evening,

Watching the barista's fine art of on preparing coffees

While munching on a few pieces of cupcakes

and a variety of cookie.

Coffea Coffee Malaysia

No 8, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-2201 3338

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Cinderella Story

Have not writing any poems for years. 
Made a few mistakes.
But mostly where copy from someone else's work and compile it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Be afraid be very afraid ~~

Because Fear Factory is on air again in Astro Ria on December 2012.
(Click Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia for more info)

Talking about fear, my biggest feat is uncertainty.

I don't like surprises. I like everything to go on track. If I don't know something or don't understand something, I will go find it out. If you want me to retrieve a key from a box full of Scorpio, I will find out the antidote before doing it. However, if you covered the box and want me to get something inside the box, I will freak out! Even if the box is empty.

I am not totally proud of my weakness. I think I should some how overcome it. So I decided that I want to join the next Fear Factor.

As for this season. Yeah, I know it's all celebrity, the leng cai, leng lui with an island of fans with all the scream.

I don't really care who will be in the show. No matter how famous you are, how pretty you are, when you are in fear factor, everyone is the same. It's your chance to face your fear. As the tag line says:
“Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!” 

But there is always someone who doesn't involves in all this "dirty" job -- the host!

All he do is chill in his swag and stay out handsome.
Oh my... see his biceps? Aaaaa~~~ *faint*

So, if you are interested to join the game, you can visit here for more info.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free McD breakfast tomorrow!!!

Need I say more?! BY now you might already know, tomorrow is the day!.
Yes, tomorrow 19 November 2012 is the McDonal'd Breakfast Day. Each 512 McDonald's breakfast restaurant nationwide(including Genting& airports) will open it's door and offer a FREE EGG McMuffin to the first 1,000 customers.

Yes, you hear me right
With the farm fresh egg,

high quality golden cheese

with a slice of chicken roll

in a freshly toasted English muffin.

Who will say no to such a gorgeous combination?
A delicious and nutrition balanced Egg Mc Muffin?

How if I take it further and combine it with hash brown and the premium Arabica Roast coffee?
That's a total mouthgam!
I tried to imitate their posater aaaaaaand it didn't trun up well.

At least I can still get a free Egg McMuffin tomorrow morning from 7-10am, IF I am early enough to be the 1st thousand customer on that branch.

Aik, so if each branch is giving away 1K Egg Mcmuffin, wouldn't it be 215,000 Egg McMuffin to be giveaway in total?!
Woooww!!! Talk about a Monday blue,  no more!
Make sure you are there yourself (each person one unit per visit). You can either take-away or drive-thru (if that branch have take drive thru), but McDelivery isn't included.

To heat the game up, Sarah Casanova (Managing Director of McD's Malaysia and Regional Manager of McD Malaysia & Singapore) and her team in the head quarter is going to stop working in the office on tomorrow morning, placed in McD branch around the Klang valley to cater the need of the giveaway. Don't forget to say hi to her if you see her.
As for me, I am gonna set my alarm now and hit the sack. I am not gonna miss the freebie of the year. If I am lucky, I might be able to queue few more times to get more Egg Mc Muffin XD

P/S: If you still don't belive me (duhh....) and need clarifications, please visit:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lonbay, The Farm's Best Coffee [Food Review]

It's a beer! It's a tea! No, it's Lonbay's coffee!

Yeah, I am not the biggest coffee lover in town, but thanks to Coco, I gave it a try in Lonbay.
I have visit Paradigm Mall several time. It's just a stone throw distance from where I work. I have pass by Tesco several times, but none of these give me any impression on Lonbay.

Lonbay Coffee (M) Sdn Bhd.
Lot LG-13,LG Floor,
Paradigm Mall,
Jalan SS7/26A,Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Phone: 03-78875258

Hope these information can help you locate the cafe easier ^_^

Screen through the menu.... it might not be the cheapest, depends on it's size.

For clearer display, I have retype the menu with it's respective price down:
Drink Menu:
                    Sifon Brew                                          (250ml)                    
Lonbay BeanRM 15.00
Lonbay Iced DripRM 19.90
Kopi LuwakRM 89.90

                              Coffee                                Regular       Large         Chilled  
Brew of The Day RM  5.90 RM 6.90 RM 7.90
White Coffee RM  5.90 RM 6.90 RM 7.90
Expresso RM 7.90 --
Long Black RM 7.90 RM 8.90 RM 8.90
CuppucinoRM 7.90 RM 8.90 RM 8.90
Coffee Latte RM 7.90 RM 8.90 RM 8.90
Mochaccino RM 8.90 RM 9.90 RM 9.90
Hazelnut Latte RM 8.90 RM 9.90 RM 9.90
Caramel Latte RM 8.90 RM 9.90 RM 9.90
Vanilla Latte RM 8.90 RM 9.90 RM 9.90
Tea Regular LargeChilled
Black Tea RM 3.90 RM 4.90 RM 5.90
Kung-Fu Tea Tarik RM 4.90 RM 5.90 RM 6.90
Milk Tea HK Style RM 4.90 RM 5.90 RM 6.90
Lemon Tea RM 5.90 RM 6.90 RM 7.90
Green Tea RM 4.90 RM 5.90 RM 6.90
Green Tea Latte RM 6.90 RM 7.90 RM 7.90
Others RegularLargeChilled
Hot Chocolate RM 6.90 RM 7.90 RM 8.90
Hot Chocolate Vanilla RM 6.90 RM 7.90 RM 8.90
Lemonate RM 5.90 RM 6.90 RM 6.90
Honey Lemon RM 5.90 RM 6.90 RM 6.90

          Iced Blended                       Set Meal          
CuppuccinoRM 8.90
MichaccinoRM 8.90
LemonadeRM 8.90
Vahaha Smoothies
(Fuit Milkshake)
12 oz
ManggoRM 8.90
SoursopRM 8.90
Honey PeachRM 8.90
StrawberryRM 8.90
BlueberryRM 8.90

     Loaf Toast                   Price            
Lartigo ToastSausage, Cheese sauce, Mozzarella cheese, CapsicumRM 7.90
Fishmo ToastTuna, Mayonnaise sauce, Cheese sauce, Capsicium, OnionRM 7.90
Hawaiian ToastPineapple, Thousand Island sauce, Chicken Ham, Mozzarella Cheese, Capsicium, TomatoRM 7.90
Belgino ToastBBQ sauce, Diced Chicken Breast, Mozzarella Cheese, Capsicium, TomatoRM 7.90
Maxicano ToastMaxican sauce, Chicken Ham Mozzarella Cheese, Capsicium, TomatoRM 7.90

                 Cake                        RM 7.90     
Classic Cheese
New York Cheese
Chocolate Banana
American Chocolate
Muffin RM 4.90
Carrot Walnut
Chocolate Chip
Apple Cinnamon
Ham + Egg/Cheese RM 3.50
Egg + Cheese/Tomato RM 3.50
Club Sandwich RM 7.90

            Toast                     RM 7.90     
All Time Favourite
Kaya + Butter RM 2.50
Peanut + Butter RM 2.50
Thick Toast RM 3.50
French Toast RM 4.90
Spaghetti RM 13.90
Bolognese Chicken Mince
Bolognese Seafood
Green Sauce Spaghetti
---------- ----------

I tried quite a few drink and snacks in Lonbay

Cuppuccino Ice blended, RM 8.90
Not the best ice blended around. It's less sweet, offering a lighter solution for people that always calculate their calories around dining table.

Blueberry Ice blended, RM 8.90
Like the Cuppucino, this drink is also less sweet and doesn't taste artificial. So I assume they don't add in artificial flavour and color coz the color is very pale compare to other blueberry drinks on the market.

Soursop Ice blended, RM 8.90
My impression toward that green thorny soft fruit is non other than sour. I expect the drink to be acidic but in contrary, it was very smoothing, slightess sweetness and a bit sour. Even if you don't like sour stuff, you can find this refreshing.

Coffee enzym (not in the menu)
I am not an enzym person and I kindda don't understand why people keep consuming enzym EVERYDAY! Enzym can be produce by our human body to assist digestions (that's what I learn from my biology lesson during secondary). When the enzym complete their duty, it will store in our digestive system until there are more food to process. Even if you body can't readily produce some type of enzym, when you consume the ezym once, then it will last for a long time. Now, all these enzym product coming up, urging you to consume certain amount of enzym everyday? I was like "WTF?" DO we really need that?
All and all, this coffee enzym drink is still very attractive. Te lemonade flavour is just at the borderline between acidic and sour. It kindda taste sour but it doesn't hurt your tongue.

Kung-Fu Tea Tarik
Surprisingly, no bubbles. Our usually mamak teh tarik will have a thick layer of bubbles on top of the drinks. I was told that that layer is from the creamer which is also a kind of trans fat. Thus, when I am  don't see bubles here, I am not surprise since Lonbay promote healthy eating.
Other blogger comment that the after taste is some how special. I said: of course, these are some fine quality tea leaves. Cheaper, commercialized milk tea on the market could not produce these after taste because the tea leaf grade are different. You really shouldn't miss this when you are here! Highly recommended. 

The next big thing in Lonbay is their coffe Luwak
(Left) The coffee set was first setup with grated coffee beans on top of the flask with the underneath of the flask is boiling water.
(Right) When the water boils, vapors goes into the flask, it dissolved the coffee bean.

(Left) When the water vapors finished, the burner are removed. The bottom of the flask is cold down for some amount of time when the coffee will flows back into the bottom of the flask.
(Right) When the top of the flask is dry out, the coffee will be boil again for the second time. When it is cold down again, then the coffee is ready.

Other than double boils it, coffee Luwak is also prepare by diluting it in ice water, forming Lonbay Ice-dip

when then later store in a bottle and keep it fridge before sold.

The amount of cold coffee Luwak that can be harvest in a day is very limited. Considering the time for the ice to melt, the amount of water to channel into a the flask at one time and the not to forget transferring the harvested coffee into a cold place for storage.

Comparing these 2 coffee harvested from different method, I personally like the double boil process coffee Luwak more. The warm coffee have a silky texture. The aromatic coffee has a slight bitter after taste accompany with it. As for the cold Coffee Luwak, the strong bitter after taste wasn't my favourite thing in the world. If you like a strong coffee, you will like it a lot.

Next, I tried a lot of Lonbay snacks in their menu.

My favourite snack would be the Taj burger (Not in Menu). As for now, the set menu consist of Taj burger and a Brew of The day only cost RM10.
When I first saw the Taj burger, it reminds of a lot the Zinger burger and Chicken McDuluxe . It really surprise me although I think Zinger burger is very good already. I am not condemn other fast food francise burger but Taj burger is something out of my expectation. The burger bun is so soft that i would tear off with a little force yet still holds the burger together fairly well.The chicken was moist inside but crispy inside. The chicken didn't get it's crispness by the excessive flour but from it's freshness!

Classic Cheese, RM 7.90
The cheese cake is pretty decent and I would say it's just so so. Nothing to shout.

American chocolate cake, RM 7.90
The chocolate cake on the other hand has very little cream, creating a solid and rich texture. I don't feel  any guilt for eating a whole piece of cake.

Peanut + Butter Toast RM 2.50
That thick bread is certainly not your daily sandwich from the supermarket. The coarse texture isn't what I looking forward the most in my bread. However, it does feed your hungry stomach easily.

Green Sauce Spaghetti, RM 13.90
Like I suspected, the green sauce are made from pesto. The pasta is too dry for my licking and it's not salty enough. However, according to the owner, it's suppose to taste like this, because they promote healthy food.
Bolognese Chicken Mince, RM13.90
Again, nothing to shout.

Lartigo Toast, RM 7.90
(Sausage, Cheese sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Capsicum

Bergino Toast, RM 7.90
(BBQ sauce, Diced Chicken Breast, Mozzarella Cheese, Capsicium, Tomato)

Fishmo Toast, RM 7.90
(Tuna, Mayonnaise sauce, Cheese sauce, Capsicium, Onion)

Hawaiian Toast, RM 7.90
(Pineapple, Thousand Island sauce, Chicken Ham, Mozzarella Cheese, Capsicium, Tomato)

Overall, these toast (that looks like baguette sandwich) is very soft and moist. But after it has cold down, the baguette become very hard. The owner  admits it too, so make sure you finish it asap.

Club Sandwich, RM 7.90
The styling of the club sandwich does surprise me. The brown skin and the distinct layers of the filling, accompany by the chilly mayo is a very successful combination. Also another highly recommended dish.

Overall: 6/10 [Highly recommended for coffee lover and tea time chill out.]
Taste bud indulgence: 7/10 [Not my favorite type of coffee. I am not a heavy caffeine addict, so I don't like dark, heavy, bitter coffee. But it does worth a chance to try and you will fall in love with their Coffee Luwak if you are already a hard core coffee lover. The food/snack's flavour is pretty uneven. I like some of the food and dislike some of them]
Purse Saver: 8/10 [Not the cheapest cafe around PJ but it does appeal to offer very competitive price in PJ]
Location: 9/10 [It's very easy to locate Paradigm Mall but Lonbay is slightly harder. Just find Tesco and you can find Lonbay near the cash counter.]
Service: -/10 [Not applicable since this is a sponsored review]