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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6th Blog Day: My fav blog o^_^o

I would really wanna say my favourite is my crappy blog but the fact: it's not. I am still very poor in maintaining a blog T_T
Since tomorrow is the blog day cum Hari Raya cum Merdeka day(post Holiday XP), I would like to share some of my favorite blog for you to read in this holiday.
But T_T please come back to mine again, k?
The 1st blog that I want to introduce is the blog that I check most often. It's by Ringo Tan in Cheeserland at URL

Ringo travels a lot and has a strong sense of fashions. I like to see her photo during her travel. Although she might not describe it perfectly but her experience give me a lot of satisfaction because those are the places that I am not able to travel. She get a lot sponsors for clothes, accessories, makeup etc. She used to do some fashion tutorial but her recent post are more to showing off the cloth rather than sharing them =.=

Another blog that I like to check out is Bubz in Bubzbeauty (making life bubbiful) at URL
I start to know this girl after watching her tutorial in Youtube. She is more to a vlongger instead of blogger. She did a lot of video including, nail, makeup, clothes fashion, encouragement, lifestyle etc. She has detail explanation on everything she introduce either by image(video) or words(blog). Frankly, I am not comparing or condemning, just that I think Bubz is more mature and more careful when voicing her opinion to certain matter and do not offences any party.

WongFu Production
The 3rd would be Wong Fu Production at URL: . Like bubz, I know these guys from youtube. They (Ted Fu, Wesley Chan and Philip Wang) are producers. They posted a lot videos in youtube, some of'em are viral, like this one: Strangers, again.

However, my favorite piece would be Just A Nice Guy series.

(more can be found in Youtube)
Other than the masterpieces, they also post up their private life series, which is Wong Fu weekends. It shows how these young people spend their weekends.
WongFu Production blog
However, the version in youtube is not the complete one. You have to visit their blog to view the extended version of Wong Fu weekends.
Wan Wan
This is the only comic blog and Chinese blog that I want to introduce in this blog post. The author is a girl name Wan Wan (弯弯) blog at domain: She blogs a bout her self-called "stupid" daily life. Now, she is no more merely a blogger but also author for a few comic books and an new actor that plays a minor part in one of a latest Taiwanese movie.
Other than that, she draws a lot of emoticons too. Most of the emoticon I used in this blog is also her work too!PhotobucketPhotobucket

Most photography fans might know this blog too. It's Digital Rev at domain: I can't say I am a fans of photography but ever since I found out this place, I falls in love to photography. All those review and tutorial is like osmosis that continually poisons me!
DRTV blog
Currently, DRTV is running the Internet Most Talented Photographer Challenge. I learn a lot by just watching the series. I think everyone that would like to learn photographer give'em a look. The Asian host with strong Brithish will definately entertain you with all his "stunts" *wink wink*

Last but not least, Jackie Loi from Actually, I know this guy (yeah, he is a guy with girl name that deny he has a girl's name =.=) in real life and I know him for quit some time already. He is a Malaysian life-style blogger that attend lots of events and do review for various product such as food, movie, tech etc. I like his movie review. Some times when I am not sure whether I should watch a certain movie, I would read his review, then only decide whther to watch or not.
On the other hand, he is also an animator which just graduated. His work (final year project) will be show in a gallery in The Gardens on 7th and 8th Sept.

So, these are the blogs that I like most (not in sequence). How about yours?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Buka Puasa with Samsung at Enak Kuala Lumpur (Starhill Gallery}

Coutesy to Nuffnang Malaysia, Samsung Malaysia and Enak Kuala Lumpur for this warmth and fun buka puasa session last Monday.
Buaka Puasa Event with Samsung and Nuffnang at Starhill Gallery Feast floor Enak Kuala Lumpur

Starhill Gallery Feast floor Enak Kuala LumpurLike I mention earlier, the buka puasa event was held in Enak Kuala Lumpur, Feast Floor (LG2) Starthill gallery.

Starhill Gallery Feast floor Enak Kuala Lumpur
Really appreciate Enak Kuala Lumpur for preparing such a feast for us blogger. Too bad, it was not a formal food tasting session, hence we didn't have time to appreciate the frankness of the cheft. However, I could guarantee that the food isn't just not bad, it was awsomely tasty! Though the main dishes are very spicy but it is just nice for me, the way how I like my malay food to be ^ ^
Left to right: Curry Chicken (Ayam Masak Lemak?), Kangkung(Water Spinach), Sambal Prawns.
In the bowl: Bake Ccaramel Ccream.

Starhill Gallery Feast floor Enak Kuala Lumpur
Other than main dishes, snak/kuih was also served.
Left to right: Roti Jala (kuah was wraped in it!), Fried Banana (Pisang Goreng), Vege Wrap(Popiah Basah), Stuffed Bean Curd (Taufu Sumbat)

Starhill Gallery Feast floor Enak Kuala Lumpur

Other than those that I mention, there are still many food that I didn't have chance to try yet. Not because I was rushing or something, but my tummy volume really can't beat the chef's creativity on varieties of delicacy prepared by them, ranging from Malay food, kuih,Starhill Gallery Feast floor Enak Kuala Lumpur
western dessert

and also noodles (my mate say it's pasta but I remember clearly it was labeled "laksa" =.=|||)

After the meal, nuffies arranged some games for us.
Buaka Puasa Event with Samsung and Nuffnang at Starhill Gallery Feast floor Enak Kuala Lumpur
Bloggers playing the game: Taboo

As I was not very into any games so I just sit at one side, do some chit-chatting with Samsung staff where I get to hear some juicy news (though they are just hinting us indirectly) while playing with their latest smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S II.

Everyone is happy with food and games not to mention prizes from the generous Samsung too! ^ ^
Buaka Puasa Event with Samsung and Nuffnang at Starhill Gallery Feast floor Enak Kuala Lumpur
Before the event comes to an end, group photo is a MUST!

However, the night was not end yet until
Fresh birthday!
we celebrate birthday with the birthday girl, Nuffie Fresh.

Side note: This is no my first time I visit Starhill gallery but this elegant place continues to surprise me. I went to the upper floor before, but I have never go down to Feast floor (LG2). The floor is quite "complicatedly" stuffed with different restaurant serving cuisine from all around the world.

What amaze me most isn't the high standard environment but the toilet:
Starhill Gallery Feast floor ladies toilet sink
The walls of the cubicles are made of real bricks

Starhill Gallery Feast floor ladies toilet sink
Old style sink. Have to turn the metal wheel to get water supply.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 19: Supper Ysquare style

This is my typical supper: Maggie instant noodles and egg in front of my lappy.
Aren't your saliva dripping for that egg? LOL
I used Mocrowave oven to cook that egg.
How did I cook that egg till it look so sweet and succulent?
Tips: no Photoshop skill, ok?

The answer:
I wanna remain confidential until I get an IP for that! LMAO XP

Update/Note: Been working/blogging on a few long post/update, so will not update as frequent as I believe quality has more priority than quantity XP. Till I finish crafting the long post, I may keep updating some short useless non food/travel related post XP

Friday, August 19, 2011

HP TouchPad (my humble point of view, sort of review XP)

Front note: Due to job and study contraint, a tech blog can't actually can't blog about tech and engineering. I had an agreement with my previous company that to hold confidential for them and I shall not work part-time using the same knowledge I gain from my company else it would be a conflict of interest. As for my lecurert, they do not like student like us to blog or gain information from blog coz we are not the official source of information and do not have any ganrantee to our produced work. These are the reason I didn't blog about tech stuff for a long them and change my direction to to travel and food blog. Since I am in holiday now and I am not contrain by any agreement or contact of job, I don't give a damn but to blog more about tech again XP
 Coutesy to MobileFest and Jackieloi, I was ale to attend a gathering with MobileFest in Food Republic, 1U few days ago. You can find HP TouchPad pretty easily on the web, here are some of those:HP TouchPad Review from Engadget 
HP TouchPad Front and back view

However, in reality, it doesn't look as sexy as the official showns =( It is a fingerprint collector~

It is far thicker than IPad2. Although I am not an I-series fans but I do think the overall physical design is won by Ipad2.

Despite of the so-so physical appearance, there are still some add point of the Touch Pad.
This is the charging dock of HP Touch Pad.The dock have no plug that directly supply electrocity to the tablet. The tablet is charge using Induction (some magnetic force that I don't wish to start the engineering lecture here)

Another technology that I appreciate on HP Touch Pad is the Operating System i.e. WebOS that runs on this device.

One of the features I like is that whenever the Tablet is put on the charging dock, there is a mode (which I forgot the name) that appears sort of like screen saver for PC. In this moed your FB photo and timeline are display. You can also choose photoslides, clock etc.

 There are so many competition within the tech company recently. It's not the competition to get a better device or technolgy that benefits the user but to sue each other with law to get self benefit. That definitely upset me. The Good news is there are more OS on the market to compete fairly and healtly such as WebOS . The bad news is soon there will be no more WebOS [source from].

R.I.P WebOS =(

Update: Engadget just report that HP TouchPad 16GB is on sale for RM99 only. Would you still buy it? I think you and I knows the answer pretty well =( 

The Rise of Planet of The Ape Movie (review)

WTF~ Why so many "the" and "of" in the tittle one? =.= Makes me confuse the name all the time~
Like you see in the poster, the main character is an ape. His name is Ceaser. Ceaser was the only survivor from the lab incident where his mother was blame for being aggressive rather than protective towards her new born baby, hence all ape in the lab was execute.

Luckily, the Dr. who incharge of the project, Will Rodman staring by James Franco decided to keep Ceaser with him.

This is how Ceaser looks like when he first came how with Will. I it reminds me alot of Choco, my monkey shaped soft toy aka my sleeping partner ^ ^

Well, not as cute as Ceaser but sort of ~Photobucket

Back to the story. Will is evolve in the research to find a portion to cure Alzheimer diseases becuase his father is suffering Alzheimer. After the incident of aggressiveness shown in experiment ape, the under test medical research has to be cancel. Other than Ceaser, Will also took back some under testing medicine that should be dispose. He injected the medicine on his father and miracally, his father cured from Alzheimer.

During the period when Ceaser grow up, his bond with Will's father is very strong. When Will's father medicine has worn out and suffering Alzheimer again, bonds within him and Ceaser are strongly build. When Will's father encounter trouble due to Alzheimer and Ceaser tried to help, Ceaser hurt their neighbour non intensionly.

Hence, Ceaser were send to the animal center due to the charge of hurting human being.

He later found out there are more apes are badly treaten or maybe worse than him. He wanted to free all these apes but 1 ape is weak, together thry are strong.
Hence Ceaser go back to Will house and stole the medicine(which is a stronger and more aggressive version of Alzheimer healer) then release it to all the apes in the animal center. He then free more apes from the lab and zoo, leading them to cross the bridge to the other side i.e the wood.

What I was impressed/shock is that when Ceaser grow up, he become more smart until a point, he can event speak. This is the post where he said "Wait!"

Overall, I like the story a lot. I like how the script insert so many moral value in it but not hard selling it. I encourage you to bring along the kid to watch it.

1 of the scene: The ape from lab revenge on the business who use it has a white mice with no respect.

Overall: 9/10 (Maybe my mood was good or maybe I am bias coz I like monkies, toy monkies but I do think it is worth watching ^ ^)
3D/CG effect: 9/10 (The modelling, texturing, animation etc of the apes are fantastic, every apes are different. Not much effect but every 3D model are surreal)
Story: 10/10 (The is what I call educated and entertaining at the same time, thumbs up!)
Cast: 8/10 (I am not fancy bout the stars but the voice are pretty well impersonated.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Review

Coutesy to NUffnangMY and Churpchurp, I was invited to watch Cowboys and Aliens in TGV KLCC some time ago. 

Staring by Daniel Craig as the main character i.e. hero of the story.

Like what you see in the tittle, the story is about Cowboys vs Aliens.

I like nothing much about the story. Although I like science fiction, but it basically have NO SCIENCE in it =.=. Probably its not science fiction but the story is unreasonable too. I don't mean alien doesn't exist or cowboy can't fight against alien or things like that. What I am trying to say is the the scriptwriter have to do more on telling a smooth storyline. There are many unanswered chunkof the story just covered like that. Although ppl around me told me it's so-so but I am gonna be cruel and give it a bad 5/10 for story.

Sorry to say, but I would rather watch FreddieW's version:

Overall: 6.5/10 (The label "from the director of Iron Man Jon Favreau" is allowing ppl to give high expectation to the movie but it end up disappointed =( this sucks!)
3D/CG effect: 9/10 (the effect are pretty well done. I am not fussy about effects but it is really above average)
Story: 5/10 (the story telling skill should be enhance, thumbs down)
Cast: 8/10 (Found some star in casting the movie, but the problem with Daniel Craig is that he is stick to it's chracter too much (James Bond) that it has problem too shine in other characters)

Spaghetti Grill, Mid Valley branch (review)

Head down to Mid Valley last weekend for some event and shopping. For your information, I am totally broke now =( after I finish my internship with my previous company =( so I am saving every penny that I can everything I hang out. Luckily, I was introduce to Spaghetti Grill lunch and dinner set.
Spaghetti Grill Midvalley branch
Located same row with Brotzeit, Delicious and Police station, Spaghetti Grill has a catchy green sign board that you'll never miss.

Spaghetti Grill table setting
Spaghetti Grill Table Setting

Lunch set is RM9.95 from 11am to 9pm, including beverage and choice of main course
Dinner set is RM16.95 from 5pm to 11pm, including beverage, main course, soup of the day and dessert.

Main course choices includes:
Calzone, Curry Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Spicy Dory Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Margherita Pizza,
Aglio E Olio, Curry Pasta,Seafood Pasta, Pepper Corn Pasta, Chicken Bolognese, Spaghetti Marinara, Spaghetti & Meatballs, 
Dory Salad, Fried Chicken Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, 
Fish & Chips, Fried Chicken Strips, Chicken Panini, Spicy Dory Panini

Beverages includes:
Tea, Coffee, Sprite, Iced Lemon tea, F&N orange, Coca cola, Coca cola light, Sarsi, 100Plus.

Spaghetti Grill Curry Pizza
This is Curry Pizza. As you can see, it has no other topping except curry and cheese. Though it is similar to cheese naan but can't deny it's not bad

Spaghetti Grill Fried chicken strips
Fried Chicken Strip (more like a chicken nugget tempura style for me LOL) The portion is obviously larger than Curry Pizza above.The nuggets is crispy but the filling (chicken breast) is quite dry. Prefer it to have some more liquidly sauce rather than just mayonaise. The chips are really good though, above average.

Overall: 9/10 (Cheap and above average food in a higher standard place.)

Taste bud indulgence: 8/10 (Not really exquisite but quite decent.)

Purse saver: 10/10 (I never see such cheap lunch set in K.L area not to mention in Mid Valley itself! However, don't compare it with outskirts places or non set meal.)

Atmosphere: 9/10 (I went there during Ramandhan, it was quiet and I like it =) )