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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Annie Chan aka Y--square

y--square aka Annie Chan
Been really addicted to cam wore recently.
Thanks to some photoshop skills from Jloi, I manage to reduce flecks on my face.
Oooo... I starts to love myself...Photobucket
(Idiotic Moron....*Photobucket *= moron^2 = moron square)

y--square aka Annie Chan
If you want (please), you can set it as your desktop background.

I am not to make you laugh, but real leng lui is better than all your flawless virtual leng lui. Right?
So, what are you waiting for, select one to be you desktop background now.

y--square aka Annie Chan
In case you are annoyed by my water mark (not my face), I have 2 different watermark position here, with same pose, so that you can crop out and delete my watermark better putting it as your desktop background.
y--square aka Annie Chan

Anyway, worth to mention, I found one lovely dress on the children section, I love the dress so much that I would pay twice to have it, but~~~
y--square aka Annie Chan
I has no brest.
It hide my 38 C plus make me suffocate.
Anyone, willing to sponsor me some alike dress with breast?

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