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Friday, August 31, 2012

Royal Satay Celup [Food Review] [Non Halal]

If you have follow my news for a while, you should know I just complete my studies in Melaka and currently working in Petaling Jaya area. Friends envy me for my travel + study experience on other state. They like to visit me for one day trip then I will bring them to some famous eating place. The most request must-eat-food in Melaka is not other than Satay celup. Regarless of Capitol or Ban Lee Siang, I have visit them a few times. Not to say I hate Satay Celup, but I have very little interest to jam all the way into the town, had trouble finding parking and wait for hours in queue to caught that so call exquisite food.

When my friends tag me along for a satay celup food review in Damansara, I hesitate a bit.... you know, spend the years in melaka having satay celup phobia. 

Royal Satay Celup

Address: 53, Jalan SS 21/1A, 
Damansara Utama, 
48400 Petaling Jaya, 
Operation time: Tue - Sun, 5:00 pm-12:00 am
Phone: 012-392 2000

So at least the new satay celup place in PJ don't need the fuss of jam, parking and queuing problem.

Stick RM0.80
Yellow plate RM 2.00
Blue plate RM 3.00

Leong Sui RM 1.50
Coke RM 2.00
Sprite RM 2.00
100 Plus RM 2.00
Cendol Gula Melaka RM 3.00

So, whenever you finish your sauce, you can ask them to refill

Kacau~ kacau~ kacau (stir stir stir)

While waiting for the sauce to ready, lets see the ingredient.
Fried mantou
Then mantou (bun) is still hot and steaming. Though it was fried, but it doesn't taste oily. Great to go with sauce.

Leong Sui
There are many types of Chinese liang tea or in Chinese called "leong sui". The picture above, offer by Royal Satay Celup is Dry Longan (mata kucing) tea. I rarely see other store offer dry Longan as tea since longan can be very expensive.

The fridge is obviously lesser than those famous restaurants in melaka, but their variety is just as much.

On the left, Pandan Chicken is my favorite food here.
Back: Quail eggs
Right: Chinese Sausage

Chicken liver
I like chicken liver. I like the strong chewy texture. However for hygienic reason, the shop braise these liver before hand so that it appear to be softer in texture.

Pork Skin
Pork Skin is know for its abundance natural protien. I used to hate it, but as age raises, I can learn to appreciate this nutritious delicacy.

There are looooooooot more satay choices, but I really can't show you all.
Just a few close up shoot to temp you.

The sauce is inspired by Melaka Satay Celup, but the taste is slightly different.When you ate Melaka satay celup, you will feel loathe on your last few sticks as Melaka Satay Celup sauce is more thick, heavy and spicy. My experience with Melaka satay celup is that, the 1st few stick was thick and nice, when you eat more, the more you will repel the taste and wanted to stop. However, this doesn't happens to Royal satay celup. The sauce is nice for the 1st stick till the last stick. *thumbs up* Moreover, the sauce is less spicy, so it's suitable for kids and people that can't handle spicy food.

Drooling no? I don't care, I am going to Royal Satay Celup again tonight with my friends.
Itadakimasu & Sayonara!

Overall: 9/10 [I my opinion Royal Satay Celup can replace Melaka Satay Celup for K.L & Selangor people. Travelling 2 hours for satay celup isn't a fun thing to do, whereas you can have similar thing near you!]
Taste bud indulgence: 9.5/10 [For me, satay celup isn't an exotic food, but the flavour is really good.]
Purse Saver: 8/10 [Satay is never cheap, but Royal Satay Celup's pricing is standard.]
Location: 7/10 [The shop is really hard to locate from the main street. The shop sign board is covered by a bus station. Good luck in finding it.]
Service: 9.5/10 [You need to wait a while for the sauce to serve but they make sure the sauce is boiling before serve so that you don't have to wait further for the sauce to boil on table.]

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Carousel International Coffeehouse [Food Review]

The last time I visit Palace of the Golden Horse is for it's tea part, I won 2 day 1 night stay and RM100 food voucher. The RM100 food voucher is for Ala Carte dine-in in Carousel International Coffeehouse. If you follow my twitter and Instagram, you will know I have checked in Palace of the Golden Horse this afternoon and had dinner in Carousel just now. This blog post is mainly for the dinner Ala Carte. I will mention the hotel and others related stuff on this journey in another post. Stay tuned ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alicafe Tiga Rase [Food Review]

How was your fasting so far? According my Muslim friends, fasting is suppose to remind them to control/suppress their and appreciate what they have.

If what I understand is correct, then this might be what you are looking for in this holly season of Ramadhan.

RM69.90 Ramadhan set for 4
Courtesy to Nuffnang and Ali Cafe, I was invited to a food review session with other blogger for a Buka Puasa session. 

But wait!
Who, what? Ali Cafe?
Never heard before? Chill!
Alicafé Tigarasa Restaurant is Power Root Berhad’s latest venture into the culinary business. Alicafé Tigarasa started serving its offerings of Malay cuisines since the end of December 2011. With its “English Malay classic modern” interior design, a cozy atmosphere is prepared for customers to enjoy truly Malaysian cuisines.

View Larger Map

No.8, Jalan USJ 10/1H,
Subang Business Centre,
47620 Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Business Hours: 8.00 am – 12.00 midnight

What’s make it even special is “Tigarasa” which stands for the uniquely prepared traditional Malay sauces – Sambal Lemak, Gulai Lemak and Sambal Udang Geragau (Hebi-Hiam).

Acoording to AliCafe Tiga Rasa, this is how they explain the 3 flavours.

Gulai lemak is a Malaysian favorite with creamy coconut sauce as its main flavor. The taste is greater enhance with the blend of kunyit hidup, sambal and lemongrass - a popular sauce with great demand.
Sambal lemak is a classic Malaysian favorite. A Malaysian meal is incomplete without a dish featuring this evergreen sambal. This aromatic spiced robust sauce is made by chilies, garlic, coconut milk and blended with other flavorful spices.
Sambal Hebi-Hiam is prepared by delicious dried shrimps, curry leaves, onions and garlic. The taste is simply marvelous with a strong aromatic smell. Add extra cili padi if you’re bold enough for an extra kick!

I guess, by now you have know a bit knowledge about this place, so why don't I tell you more about the food? Since that is my ultimate job :)
The RM 69.90 set includes rice, date drinks, 4 dishes and dessert (Hokkaido cake)
Siakap Tom Yam
Not the freshest Siakap but we are not on the seaside, so I can accept that. The Siakap (barramundi) is fry to cripsy golden brown, then covered with thick Tom Yam Sauce. To my surprise, the Tom Yam sauce wasn't sour, the sweetness is some how balanced with the sourness which makes it perfect.

Fried Chicken
I really have to apologize big time for this >o< After the chicken was served, everyone grabbed a piece and I got none.... so I can't really comment. If this is consider a tips, the blogger on the same table praise it, so I guess it must have some extra-ordinary content to win those fussy blogger's heart.

Normal vegies, nothing to shout about.

Sorry to say that I can make better omelet than this :(

Hokaido cake
This dessert is suppose to be in the set, but the owner has prepared something even better for us. Will review end of the post.

So, the above dishes are from the RM69.90 set. The set is enough to feed 4 person. The blogger comes in a large group, so the owner offers us other signature dishes too.

Kari Kepala Ikan
The freshness of the fish head isn't any better than Siakap. The soup is not thick enough to my liking.

Sayur Panggang Sos Sambal Hebi Hiam
Don't get offend by this, upon my limited knowledge, Hebi Hiam is a Chinese delicacy, whereby Hebi Hiam mean salted shrimp in Hokkian (a language used in Fu Jian district, China). As half a Hokkian, I love when my grandma prepare any dishes with hebi hiam. As she grows old, he rarely cook. This dish reminds me of her. If you have low tolerance to savory dishes, this might not be your choice.

Ikan Pari panggang sos gulai lemak
The Ikan Pari was among the freshes fish I taste that night. Many of them does not like the fish skin and the soft bones, but I ate it all. Sos gulai was creamy and thick.

Lamb chop panggang sos sambal lemak
The lamb is super tough. I gave up after standing up 1 minute trying to tear (yeah litherally tear) a piece out. The side vegies are still great thought *thumbs*

Instead of Hokaido cake, the owner introduce their recommended dessert, the banana wrap. I don't particularly love banana but I this my favorite food on the night. The choice of the banana is very important.I can't identify the species of the banana, but what I can tell is, the banana is firm, but not solid, sweet but not vicious. The skin was fry to crispy, but that does not affect the banana. I suspect they 
freeze their banana roll before frying it, just like how we fry ice-cream.

Overall: 7/10 [Not a bad choice for buka puasa if you can beat the jam]
Taste bud indulgence: 9/10 [No doubt the 3 signature sauces are incredible no matter what ingredient is used to cook with ]
Purse Saver: 5/10 [I seriously thinks that the RM69.90 is a bit small in size for 4 person]
Location: 5/10 [In Subang Taipan, which is famous for it's jam =.=]
Service: 8/10 [I saw a lot chinese waiter and waitress that night, and the owner admit those are part time.So the services I get tonight does not reflect their usual services.]

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Frontera 2012 Ramadhan Buffet

Courtesy to Frontera and Foodpanda, a few of my blogger friends and I went to a food preview session in Frontera before the fasting month started. I know this might be a bit late but hey, you still have 2 weeks before Raya. Even if you are not fasting, this is still a very good place to chill and enjoy dinner with your friends and family, coz it's just RM50 perperson with 12 types of starter (buffet) and more than 15 main course with 6 desserts (buffet).
Tempting isn't it? You have not even hear the best part! For every 6 person, 1 person dine for free!


Thats what I call a deal!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yes! The nerd finally workout!

That's me.
Yes, I am the nerd, not some stup!d bimbo with a black glass frame.

Have not been blogging for a while coz my laptop got into comma. She is not in full recovery yet, but I hope she will soon =) at the mean time, rushing all blog post!!!!

Back to the story. I went to hiking with my colleague last weekend. I didn't expect myself to finish it.

It wasn't the most challenging hiking place around, but yeah, you know, thats good enough for a fat nerd like me.

It was very cloudy that day. Just the correct weather to sleep and I used it to hike?! *facepalm*

A lot of people on the morning, but it's wasn't so bad.

Glad I came =)