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Monday, July 29, 2013

Concorde Hotel Buka Puasa 2013 [Food Review]

Month of Ramadhan is half way through, how's your buka puasa food hunting so far? I was travelling so often that I down with flu and fever =( Right at the moment I really hope I can get some spicy chicken marinated by herbs to clear my blocked nose.
Don't heard me wrong, I know Chinese wouldn't encourage spicy food during sick, but in contrary, chilies has high amount of Vitamin C that can boost your immune system, so as long as you don't over do it to your throat, so it should be fine. Speaking of which, I has the best spicy food in Concorde for years.It was their Buka Puasa spread for the press and I was God damn lucky to join them.
This year, Concorde's Buka Puasa theme is Warung Nasi Padang Ibunda.

Padang food, which is also popular in neighboring Malaysia and Singapore is famous for its rich taste of succulent coconut milk and spicy chili. The distinct difference between Padang and Malay cuisine lies on the methos of cooking of course, there are are similar dishes by name, yet one or two main ingredient used in a Padang dish can give a totally different taste, texture and aroma.Among the Padang dishes feature was

Terung Beladu

Daging Dendeng Baladu

Kelio Ayam Nangka

Rendang Daging

Urat Kaki Lembu

Udang Gulai paku

Although these 6 dishes are the highlight, there are many more padang dishes as well,

Ikan Goreng Lado Hijau

Gulai Kambing

Paru Dendang

Ayam Goreng Berempah

Gulai Lomak Cili Padi

Overall, Padang dishes offered by Concorde wan't really SUPER spicy. My experience dining in my laboratory's canteen told me that that Padang dishes are really hot. They put the chili padi's seed into every dishes they can think of. After eating those Padang dish, my stomach, tongue and throat can literally feel the burn.On contrary, Padang dishes offered by Concorde in this Buka Puasa spread is really amazing, It was not like grande in the stomach but still able to tickle your taste buds to the spiciness w/o destroying it.

Apart from the Padang theme dish, they also offer various stall such as:
Roasted Whole lamb

Ikan Pangang Berempah, Grill Fish with herbs.

Satay Daging

Satay Ayam, with condiments like

Red Onions, Nasi Himpit

and cucumbers.

Well, if you really got chicken out that want something more neutral, why not try the Chinese section of the buffet,
LIke agros
and mild flavored meats dish.

If that's not enough, various type of Yong Tau Foo is here to server.

As for me, my favourite dishes in Concorde Buka Puasa Spread would be their appetizers:
They have the freshest jumbo prawn and 
largest oysters in any Buka Puasa Buffet I have EVER saw.

Even the blue mussels are out of this world (not literally, duh...)

I personally like the chicken salad and roasted duck with asparagus. The tender chicken made a great match with the sour sweet cherry tomatoes, whereas the roasted duck is still thickly oiled with it's own fragrant fats.

Other than that, various popiah(salad roll) or salads are also available. Not just available but it's state of art.

If you are worried you can't find any things to break fast, then look no further in the appetizer section as well. Not only dates, but lots of pickles(jeruk) waiting for you.

Some say, human have a second stomach for dessert, so they can never be too full for desserts. For me, it's not the case =( I never tried any of the dessert as I was too full.
From fruits to ice-creams, 

cakes to more cakes and 

more countless types of cakes.
Not to forget the locals as well  like BuburJagung, Bubue Pulut Hitam and Bubur kacang Hijau (not in picture).

So, tempted yet?

With support from Embassy of Republic of Indonesia and NGI GoldRich Events, the Buka Puasa promotion will be priced as below:
Melting Pot Cafe: RM108++ per person (July 10 to August 7)

Concorde Ballroom: RM90++ nett with the purchase of voucher, RM 114.00++ nett normal price (July 16 to Aug 4)

15% discount for cardmembers of Alliance Bank. CIMB, Hong Leong, Maybank, Pub;lic Bank and RHB.

For individual/corporate grounp booking and other qnquires, please call Melting Pot cafe at 21442200 extn 2337 or email

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coriander Leaf Cafe @ Northpoint, Mid Valley [Food Review]

If not because of my friend bringing me over, I never discover such a jewel in Mid Valley. Well, not exactly in Mid valley, but in North point, which is like just a bridge away, connecting each other.

Coriander Leaf Cafe
A-M-2, Northpoint Offices, Midvalley City,
Jalan Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operation hours:
Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 8:30 pm
Sat: 7:30 am - 3:00 pm

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If you come to here, the must try drink is their Nescafe Shake. Too bad I don't have a pic of it, I can just describe. It's like fluffy, frothy Nescafe as pack as shaved ice but not as dense.
So, at the moment just Nescafe shake cups with other drinks XP

Watermelon & Apple Juice

Teh C Special (3 Layer Tea) RM 3.80
On the other hand, the drink I ordered, Teh C or 3 layer tea resemble is very good combination. It has very intense coffee aroma yet not too sweet nor milky.

Nasi Lemak RM 2.90
If you are still hooked to the warm banana leave wrapped Nasi Lemak, why not pay slightly more to get a larger portion of steaming hot one with more sides and Sambal? Guarantee you wouldn't regret it!

Honey Chicken RM 9.50
My most recommended dish in Coriander would be their Honey chicken. The honey layered wings with well marinated, crunchy fried batter and nice toned muscles is just a total mouth orgasm.

Salted Egg Fish RM 9.90
The taste is not bad, but the easy to flakes texture gives demerit some points for it.

Kam Heong Fried Rice RM 8.50
From my gastronomy knowledge, Kam Heong is not like this, but nevertheles,, whoever or whatever you are, you are still quite nice and flavorful.

Chicken Curry Kapitan RM 8.90
Another dish that makes me scratch my head. From my experience, Kapitan is curry with lady fingers, pineapples, chilies etc, this is like the sweet and sour sauce.... I liked it anyway, but not the vegies :S

Kam Heong Beef
Best Kam Heong Beef I ever had, but I wish it will be more Q on the texture.

Chicken Chop RM 11.90
Last but not least, the highlight! Chicken Chop! With (from front to back), black pepper, nyonya, mushroom cheese and sweet & sour. With so many choices on hand, I still prefer the nyonya sauce. It's like Hailam sauce, which is slightly tangy, watery and oily.

The owner was so worry that the fried chicken will look horrible w/o the suace on it, but if you ask me, who will not drool over such beauty? Ouch.... I just made myself hungry again T_T

Although I like most of the dishes offered here, there are 2 particular dish that I don't like. I don't mean you should dodge them, but the manger have promised to improved it. Hope that by the time u see this and tried it yourself, they have perfected these dishes.

Marmite Fish RM 8.90 (comes with rice)
This is like bottom of my list of the day. The marmite gravy is freaking salty. The fish are also not fresh and soggy (I mean like why aren't anything in here are fried to harden)

Butter Prawn with Gravy RM 9.50
I put high hope in this dish because I had very nice butter milk chicken in other place and this time, it's my favourite prawn rather than boring chicken. It is kindda disappointed as the prawn are soggy too. Those prawn are fresh enough for a dish, but the craftsmanship is not where near good.