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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dogathon 2014

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This is a blog post full of photos. I was in Dogathon last week with some photog. Thanks Robin for lending me his EM5 and 25mm.

I was there last year too, but wasn't so into photog, just enjoy myself. Not very much difference from last year, we have 
PA120006 copy
shy puppy, 

PA129997 copy
happy puppy,

PA129977 copy
extrovert puppy, 

PA129982 copy
introvert puppy,

PA129980 copy
eligent puppy, 

PA129922 copy
silly puppy etc.

It's not merely a gathering for dog owners, the organised has a lot activity schedule, 
PA120035 copy
like demo, 

PA129975 copy
stall, and competition.

20% of time was spent on a very special booth. It's call a "Second Chance Rescue". They specialized in the rescue and placement of abused, unwanted and abandoned companion animals.

PA129951 copy
What makes me more surprise is that they have Muslim volunteers. 

PA129941 copy
If it isn't because of this girl that bring out the cute puppy and let me hold them in my arms, I wouldn't ask more about the puppy origin and knows about Paws Mission and Second Chance.

PA129945 copy
Another sibling carried by another Muslim girl. Note that they wear tudung/hijab but they do not reject having interaction whith dogs, which is very rarely these days. Dog v.s Muslim a very sensitive issue, the debate whether dog are prohibited or not is a never ending discussion. To protect their identity, I do not put their face here, but I secretly hope that one day every animal will be treated w/o prejudice.

Cheers for our most loyal friend! Hope you were here with us. If you don't wanna miss the opportunity to join them next year, then please Like to follow their updates.