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Monday, March 8, 2010

Notice of Holiday

Refering to the issue aove, the author of the blog is now formally applying a Holiday starting from today until 20 April 2010.
The blog will not be update or only update once in a week within this period.
Hope you all are notice, hence no tournament or competition or what so ever related affair are going on in this period at this blog.
Yours truely,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

UTeM Spring Festival 2010 Review, Part 2: I came, I saw, I recorded.

For those who didn't come for the event, don't feel too sad, coz you really/memang/当然 kenot feel the excitement of the event. Again, don't worry, I'm going to show you videos that I capture, if you feel like getting more annoyand jeaolous.

Stay tune for more picca!

UTeM Spring Festival 2010 Review Part 1: Summary

Yesterday, 6 March of 2010 is my University i.e. UTeM's 4th Spring Festival.
The event was a success!
It was held in Dewan Besar UTeM


Actually, I wasn't very interested in going, but for the sake of blogging, I promise to give you the fastest and most accurate news, ISO (I'm So Owsome) guaranted!

From the pre-performance practice

to the pre-event booths

From the MCs

to the demonstrator.

From arts

till foods.

From pretty nice girl

to hot sexy babes (from SDO dance studio)

with performer demonstrating how to wear pants. Opss... just belt lah...

From our very leng zai Chairman

to the g!l@ B@b! leng zai Adrian!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Part 7: Dogs etc.

This Red Tomato Pets Fun Day really eats alot of my time. If I not mistaken the event has past for a more than 2 months and I am still on this topic. I have no time for the Christmas celebration adi, so no gonna post about that. Before CNY, I attented 2 camps and able to post about 1 camp, another still KIV, considering to post or not to post, and last but not least, CNY post on the waiting list. T.T
OK, back to the topic!
A mixed breed puppy that looks very alike to Labrador

The only Dalmasion I saw on that day.

Border collie, known as one of the most intelligent breeds.

pug Pug, so ugly but yet so adorabel!!!

A grumpy Doberman


Very quite Rottweiler. My impression toward Rottweiler are fierce, always bark when see stranger, but this is just so cute!!! Kawaii neh!

french bulldog
French bulldog

Santa Chiwahwah

chiwahwahhawaii chiwahwah
more Chiwawa


Chow Chow with some Maltese like dog.

Erm... OMG.... this is the worse RTPFD post ever... I am so sorry, I know I procrastinate a lot adi and still came out a no quality post.
Doing this kind of post makes me rather go die....

Pattern of great student .

Well, uni life is almost the same for all student, we go to lecture, sign attendance and leave. Some more responsible student will still stay in the lecture room.

Guess what they do in it. Yes, some listen to lecture and some of them:
Sleeping when other ppl doing presentation

Sleeping when other ppl doing presentation
With same pattern

Sleeping when other ppl doing presentation
When their classmate is doing presentation.

Ok, thats fine. Since they are not disturbing anymore.
However, this girl seems to be very cool.

Sleeping when Dean is teaching
She is sleeping on the first row, not to mention is it the Dean's lecture.
If you think that is awesome enough wait till you see this:

Disapeared from lecture room
PhotobucketShe dissapear while the class is still on.

Cool huh, you know what, the disappear girl shown above is me T.T
I have been spy......Photobucket
When you see this, I am most probably in test or after my control priciple test. Wish me luck ok? I know I likes to sleep but I am still a human being.... give me another chance????