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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 26: The most quantity Birthday Cake.

It was hubby's birthday last month. Called up some classmate to celebrate her birthday.
Hahah.. of course, she is 18 no more, don't be fool by the cakes...

Do you know what cakes are they?








It's donuts! ^_^

P/S: Hubby just came out from the hospital yesterday. She was having high fever the day before deary came to Melaka. I'm more relief when she is staying with her family to take care of her.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Multi-layered Tokyo Fruit Tarts is now in Karafuru Tokyo Street, Pavilion K.L!

They said money is man's best friend, Chocolate is a girl's best friend. Me? Dessert of course!

I tried various of desserts ranging from ice-creams, cakes, sorbets, crepe, chocolate, fruits, puff etc. So when I know there is a new fruit tart shop open in town, 2 days a go which is 21th Dec 2011,  I was getting so excited. Too bad, I am out of town, else I might gained 3 kgs due to the food indulgence I have there~ LOL

This new fruit tart shop is called Karafuru, which is the pronunciation of "colorful" in Japanese.

A lil fact on the new shop:
Address : Tokyo Street, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.
Contact no : 03-2143 5737 (Outlet) or 012 312 3971 ( Shea Leen )
Email :

PhotobucketThe flavor includes:
o Strawberry Chocolate
o Mango
o Grape
o Oreo
o Green Tea Red Bean
o Raspberry Peach
o Chocolate Banana
o Black-forest
o Blueberry Meringue
o Mixed Fruits

That is such an enjoyment by just looking at the attractive tarts

Mind you that these handmade tarts are perfected by chefts from Japan, using only fresh ingredient, ranging from the custard/choco filling, cream, fruit puree etc.

You will be surprise by the tart once you try it yourself.

Bad for me but good for you than when you like Karafuru Facebook page at , you will get a 30% discount voucher on the whole or sliced tart.
(note that this is not the real voucher, you have to LIKE KARARUFU 1st to get the real voucher!)

So "LIKE" Karafuru fast (like NOW!) so that you wouldn't missed the promotion ends on 31st Jan 2012.

Although they promised to treat me some tarts but 

Y I No in K.L????


Monday, December 19, 2011

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards teaser post

I know, right? I shouldn't be blogging now but to concerntrate on my FYP. But u know, the peer pressure is so intense that I have to at least vomit out a teaser 1st.
I was in NAPBAS last weekend.
Attended the award ceremony, meet up with 1of my favorite blogger,

Served with some awesome decent Hotel food.

Next, a wild, pack, alcoholic after party at Zouk.

To top things up, a chill out session in View bar, G-tower on the next night. My 1st attempt of Kronenbourg and View bar as well ^_^

Ready to read more?

Yeah, but I am not ready to write.
I shall take sometime to edit the photo before I blog about NAPBAS.  However, I can promise it shall be in 2 weeks time.
Meanwhile, to bribe you all to come back in this coming weekend, I have some surprise food related blog post coming up, stay tune! ^_^ 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Penang diary 11: Berlin's Bier Houz

Berlin's Bier Houz in Straits Quay.
Do you remember I introduce Straits Quay before?

Just a recap:
Straits Quay
Straits Quay is a beautiful vibrant place at day.

Straits Quay
At night, it turn to be a mysterious hang out place by the sea, where you can see people chilling, drink, strolling with the company of salty winds.
I would wanna sit out side the bar for a nice, windy sea breeze, but it was full. So, we have no choice but to sit in the bar. It was not too bad, but I still prefer the sea-side scenery.

Probably due to 2 major event in Penang on the earlier of the evening, Straits Quay was packed, so is Berlin Bier Houz.

We share the liquor. Since I am not very good alcohol resistance, so I ordered half pint of cider.
I am very sorry that I forgot the name, but I have to say that the apple cider taste sour sweet with a bitter after taste. Not really how I like my cider would be, but the taste is still very complimented.

As for the guys, they ordered half pint of Franziskaner Weissbier (also known as white beer or wheat beer)
It does not have so much of malt taste like your usual Carlsberg. Surprisingly, it has very smooth after taste which I love.

I was driving a lone from Kulim that night and I wouldn't want to risk my life by drinking too much, so I had some snack with the cider. I ordered meat balls. Very well marinated and chewy (tendons). Probably because I was hungry too ^__^

So, this post indicated my last post of My Penang diary at the moment. So far, I have no solid plan to go back Penang in the near future for career development, but for vacations, I think I can go back Penang once in a while since I really like this place a lot.

Next will be another historical city travel diary. Are you excited? Me too XD

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 25: What is This On My Arm?


Hey, whats this?
Nah... I am not trying to kill myself.
I am a strong girl, but strong girl is usually the one who got hurt the most. If I don't wanna get hurt, I have to pretend to be a timid, cute, slutty girl.
You know what my decision is, don't ya ;)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Penang Diary 9: New World Park Hawker Center, Penang

Coutesy to Isaac Tan to bring me to tour around his home town, Penang Island during my internship period in Kulim. Glade that Ivan, Isaac's brother and Henry aka Clevermunkey join us that day in New World Park

Looking at this makes me realise I am a really slow blogger >.< I have come back from intership, took a 1 month holiday and passed the midtern break of a new sem, yet I haven't finish blogging about Penang. Well, what can I say, Penang is such a lovely place ^__^ that I can't finish talking about it #lameexcuses

Isaac and Henry picking up some "loh bak", 卤肉 from a random store.
Loh Bak is a traditional Nyonya food which is made by lean marinated pork meat, wrapped in bean curd skin then deep fry. It's very common both in Penang and also Melaka.

Don't cheat! I know you are drolling for the "loh bak"

Before I try Penang Char Kuay Teow, I really don't like the exaggerated that every Char Kuay Teow in K.L is . Once I try, I really fall in love for it. I like spicy food a lot, so I like the spicy char Kuey Teow(front) over the non spicy(back) one.

Pasembur. Thanks to my visit to Penang, I finally know how to differentiate "cucur udang" and pasembur.
LOL #noobfoodblogger ~

Ice Kacang. We also ordered cendol, but why I didn't took the pic? @~@

What we tried was just a small portion of what New World park can offer you.

From my dining experience in Penang, what ever sh!t as long as local food that you dine in Penang, no matter where is it, the quality will never be lower than average. But if you still don't trust my experience, I would still encourage you to New world park, which is just stone throw distance from Tune Hotel.

Lastly, a random picture I took there.
I wounder why thees deco are there =.=

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Xi Bei Pai, The Melakan (Malaccan) Vegetarian Steamboat food review

If you are not my classmate, you probably don't know that I am a vegetarian back in Melaka. Althought I do lots of food review which more of 'em are non vegan food or some are even non halal.

Most of you that come to Melaka are for the food. Top of the list would be Satay celup. One of the famous satay celup located in Jalan Ong Kim.
Most of the time, we don't travel alone, but how if someone in our travel group is vegetarian? That would be some awkward~

However, finding a vegeterian shop in Melaka is not hard, even if are not a full time pure vegetarian, Malaccan(Melakan) have habits to dine in Vegetarian restaurant once in a while.

So, now I am introducing a new restaurant, probably not the best the Melaka but provide convenient vegetarian meal to tourist.

There are quite an amount of Taiwanese snacks selling here, but thats not my point~
See the 2 big plates on the right?(as in the opposite of left, not asking you questions~)
There are 2 sets of steamboat that you can pick of, which is vegetarian steamboat and seafood steamboat, both RM13.90.
On top of that, you can choose any of the 6 soup bases, excluding vegetarian which only 2 of the soup base is vegan~


This is not my 1st time in the restaurant, but this is the 1st time I see
a "handsome" waiter that sit down to take our orders! Pretty cool... I never see a restaurant like THAT before!

I order original bubble milk tea while my housiemie ordered yam bubble milk tea.

Apple juice with something (Roselle? Hubby can't even tell me what she order after she ordered =.=)

My portion of raw plate of vegetarian steamboat.

Since, it's vegetarian, no shabu-shabu =(

Vegetarian fish ball

Vegetarian seafood toufu (海鲜豆腐),

Vegetarian squid ball and fuhzhu(腐竹),

Vegetarian cha siu (叉烧) with vermicelli(米粉)
Vegetarian ...blah... whatever it's vegetarian, what will you expect anyway =.=

At the end of the day, I learn something important:

Appearance is important, if you don't those food aren't going to look as delicious as it is now! XD

Overall: 5/10 (I don't know why I blog about this, I don't recommend this place. Just another options for the vegetarian....)

Taste bud indulgence: 5/10 (Not really good vegetarian food, I can easily find better in Melaka.)

Purse saver: 6/10 (If in K.L, this price will be cheap, but a vegetarian steamboat in Melak? Neh....)

Atmosphere: 6/10 (Modern orient style. Very cold inside... I can't imagine myself if I wren't ordering steamboat~ )

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hennessy Artistry 2011, MIECC

Cheers to the largest Hennessy Artistry on 2011 in Malaysia! Woohoo~
This event is pretty celebrate-able, except it was 2 weeks ago ^__^||||
I am admire by my own blogging speed.

Although it was a massive crowd at the MIECC that night, we bloggers

are more please to be invited as
VIP and placed in P zone.

But I wonder, who else is place in P zone other than blogger? The congested section makes to hard to believe there are actually so much bloggers (non muslim 1) around K.L area? Wow.... I never see 90% of their face before~

Anyhow, despite the congested situation, we blogger drink


and party #likeaboss.

I am not into all these kind of drinking, dancing and partying stuff, so I just go infront to watch the performance while accompany my dear on his shooting(some photos are credited to deary).

After the hall has been heated up by DJ Reeve (the winner of Astro Spin Master Challenge 1),
Pak Jun Ming(朴政珉 or 박정민) was the 1st artist that perform for the night.
Although there were damn alot girls that scream for this prince,
I have no idea who he is ^___^||||

Next would be the ONLY artist I know, which is Landy Wen(溫嵐).Photobucket
Landy didn't only sing

and dance.

She also duet with Park.

Next is Chris Willis
Damn... I never know this guy but seems like every 1 is so high when he perform.

Don't understand what I mean?

See this:

After Chris WIllis perform, there are 2 more DJs performed, which is Yolanda be cool also DJ Goldfish and DJ blink.

We are not very into the DJ. Besides, our camera really can't zoom to the end of the stage where the DJ area is, so we just come back to P zone and start to camwore! XD

with deary

with Sherry

with Maisarah

with Henry aka Clvermunkey

With more bloggers

and more bloggerssssss~

Last but not least, cheers again to Hennessy Artistry, we will meet again next year ^_^