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Monday, December 28, 2009

Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Part 3: More like a Poodle gathering.

As my title say it all, I don't need to have explanation gua? The event is floated with tons of poodles.
A family of Poodle. (I mean Poodle and her family)

Hamsup Poodle sniffing another Poodle's back.

Fluffy fur

Just like Teddy Bear

Reindeer Poodle

reindeer poodle
One of the candidates of the creatively dress dog.

I am not gonna be so stupid to float my blog with all these poodle picture. If you wanted to see more, go to my photobucket here to see it.

To be continue...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Part 2: Erotic Husky

Other than the stupid Husky that looks like Jian Gou (贱狗), we (Jloi and I) also encounter some very attractive Husky.
siberian husky
Its fur coat has distinct black and white colour. Body feature is just nice.
And most important, he got a pair of eye that can generate electricity.

siberian husky
Its eye can talk. I think he wants to say: Hey baby, you want a lil sugar from me?(seducing the female dog beside him)

siberian husky
and the Husky beside her: Mommy (her master, a girl that stand beside er), you know I don't wanna do it, right?

Well, I am not making story here. The male Husky (1st and 2nd pic) was really trying to F**K the female Husky (3rd pic) and the female Husky didn't even reject!

Didn't all this picture makes you horny?
Yes, then you really got problem liao.... go to have a check with your physician.

To be continue...

Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Part I: Huge breed dogs.

Note: This post has nothing to do with speaking tomatoes, 2 balls, and ppl with name starts with C.

Few weeks back, Red Tomato had a event called Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Jloi told me about that event and willing to fetch me there, so, I ended up to become a photographer assistance(kononnya. more like me the 'dai siu jie' with her assistance). I just lost my dog last month and I feel like I wanna have a day out with the pets to have me less self blaming over my mistake towards Faye(my dog). Having some discussion on the night before the actual day. We decided to went there quite early.

There are no entrance for the whole event, and the whole park is full of pets, so we just go to the park using the shortest road from car park. When I reach the park, my first group of pets are the huge breed dog.
huge breeds dog

I have special favor toward Golden Retriever. I like their gentle attitude, their intelligent and quick learning characteristics. Thus, my eyes and camera is focusing on her/him (not sure about its sex). It is much huge than the usual golden retriever I have even seen.

golden retriever
Huge breed Golden Retriever posing for the camera.

But then hor, other than retriever, there are other huge breed dogs around, and I was attracted by this lil (I mean huge) fella.

siberian husky
(note: picture taken by Jloi)

It is born with grace.

But then hor,
when it is my turn to take his picture, it become like this:
siberian husky that looks like 贱狗
It looks like 贱狗(Jian gou)

A picture of Jian Gou it self in the comic.
Don't you think they look just a like?
though Jian Gou is not a Husky.

To be continue...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just came back from Christmas vacation.
New semester is starting next week and I am still feeling lazy.
When the new semester starts, I might( past experience prove to be positive) not be able to update my blog very often. I still have some pending blog to be done. Didn't even know I will be able to post about my Christmas vacation or not. Sorry to my reader (which I think there are none), you have to wait for another 5 months for me to finish the coming semester, to have me back blogging. In the mid time, I will blogging something too if I have the time and energy (which I don't think I have).
Till then, bye!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FML: Camera version

All this WTF thing started few weeks back where Jloi told me that Jess wanna sell off her Camera (Nikon D40) , including body and lens. I was tempted.

Nikon D40

Then, I asked my uncle's (Kelvin Chan) oppinion, since he is very experienced in camera, Nikon camera to be precise. However, he said it is not worth it, and ask me to get a Nikon D3000, since he is getting a D3000 for my bro and I can borrow from my bro to play with it. ( I though my bro bought a D3000 for RM2000, with his money for himself)
I was too stingy to get a new camera and so the affair stopped just like that.

After that, Jloi wanna sell off his camera also (Nikon D60) to change a higher level camera (Nikon D90), and he allure me to buy his camera.

Jloi's Nikon D60
(note: photo stole from Jloi)

We had a little discussion and I advise him not to buy D90 coz he will not able to afford it. He didn't gave up and keep talking about camera with me.
At last, I said: I want to see no more, hear no more, think no more about DSLR.
Then only he stop that discussion.

Great story will never short of great ending.
Yesterday was the day my uncle came to my house to have dinner plus giving my bro the camera he means.
Simon Chan's D3000
Nikon D3000 + Nikon camera bag

Then, I found out that my bro didn't bought the camera, my uncle give him for FREE!!!Photobucket
You know what I mean?


PhotobucketWTF, MCB, KNS....@!@&!^#!&^&@^#
(I can continue to 1945328 vulgar words, but to I choose to stop, else my post will be floated with unnecessary words)

Simon Chan's D3000
Nikon D3000 back view

Simon Chan's D3000
Nikon D3000 front view

I was not good with my bro, our relationship is very bad since young. When I know that he does own (I mean he didn't buy it with his own money), I tried to borrow the camera.
And you know what he said?!
He said NO!!!


PhotobucketTNS, MCB, KNS...@&^#^#!@)#*!*^&&
(again, I choose to stop)

This is how I express my feeling when Jloi asked me:
At first, I feel angry, then sad, then wanna cry, but no tears come out, then I feel myself totally pathetic.

So, I grab some treats that brought by my uncle to release my emotion.
Sugar and Spice treat box
On top: Cheese Pineapple Pastry, 芝是凤梨酥
Sides: Nougat Gift, 法式牛軋

Sugar and Spice Nougat
I am munching one now. Feels better.
Wanna know more about what I ate? Go to to find out more (it's a bit lag)

Hey I didn't make all the stories to promote this, ok?Photobucket
I am really at the bottom of my life, ok?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Major jokes to kenakan your friends. Fantastic gifts for Christmas present.

Breadou emo keychain
When you see this cute little bun on your table, would you even think twice to gobble it down?


you are traped!

Photobucket(please spit out the portion you just ate)

Breadou emo keychain
It may look exactly like a bread (the plastic wrapper didn't look fishy either)

It smells like one

Breadou can't be eat
and taste....


it is not edible

Breadou emo keychain
Look at the small words on the platics, it says:
"looks and smells like the real thing, but it never expires!"


Breadou emo keychain
The warning says that:
You can smell and squeeze me (after you purchase me) but please do not eat me.
Keep me away from young children & pets who cannot read this warning label

how cute and sweet ^^

Well, and you know what, it is totally affordable!!!

breadou price
It only cost RM 9.80
(for more info, please visit breadou website at

Breadou smells good
Well, thats all for today, I am going to sniff my bread and dream how would my housemate react when I put this on her table on our first day class.

What are you waiting for? Didn't you just survey for Christmas gift for your friend? Have one now!
Lastly, post the video from breadou ^^

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wanna have ppl promote your blog for free?

Then, become a narcissism bitch like me.

You guys probably don't know that I have a blog post about myself few days ago.
In this post, I post some of my recent pictures, some are edited some are not.
It was for self entertainmement purpose, so I didn't post it on anywhere, neither innit, twitter nor facebook.

But then hor, on this morning,Photobucket when I checked my nuffnang, I found a very strange source of link. When I checked, it was from here:

A girl post my link on her twitter account.
Well, I don't know whats her intention, but I certainly thank her for promoting my blog.Photobucket
If you wants to sit in my position i.e. get free promotes from some unknown ppl, hey learn from me, be a narcissism perosn like me.*wink wink* Photobucket

Storm Warrior II (风云II) movie review

After the pre- introduction post of this blog post, I guess I don't need much explanation on what happened.

Aaron Kwok staring Cloud

Ekin Cheng staring Wind

In Storm Warrior II (风云二), movie director is different than Storm warrior, hence other than the story board of continuation and the 2 main actor, nothing similar in Storm Warrior and Storm Warrior II.
Synopsis : The movie starts with No Good (绝无神)and his son heart (绝心)capture all the people that against him, especially those with great marshal arts, so that he (No Good) can rule the world. The ppl that he capture revolt. Most them got killed, only Wind(风), Clod(云), No Name (无名)and a few other got to survive. No name is badly hurt, so he ask Wind and Cloud to find Evil God (邪神) to learn his evil technique. Only Wind wins Evil God's heart. Cloud was not happy, but soon he was call by NO Name again to learn his technique because he know he have not much time left, plus Wind and Cloud have to fight together so that they can win No God. NO God lose, but Wind turns to evil. Cloud was told by Wind to kill him when he turn evil and can't control himself. Cloud teasures their brotherhood, so he sacrifice himself to save Wind, but he fall into valley.... the end.

Comment: The movie starts with fight. No introduction, not much story line, just fighting scene. Some scenes are unneeded. No doubt, CGI effects are good, but for some scene, it is too much. The existance of the 2 girl are as vases only, no efffect on the story. I think I prepere on the movie is free snacks and drinks!!!!
GSC popcorn and coke

The ticket design is not bad too.


However, the thing I prefer off the movie is the EBB Premiere Night. I saw many familar faces from tv screen.

Before the red carpet are floated with ppl, we manage to take the backdrop picture:
Storm warrior II backdrop

And thanks to Jacklyn,

Jacquelyn Ho
She manage to ask the sword from the worker and pose with it.
The sword cost RM12,000 each.
No wonder got 2 MIB protecting those swords.

To prevent these uncles from the sword.

Back to the EBB Premiere Night,

EON bank group CEO
I am actually hunting this guy, on the left, CEO of EON bank group.
I just want to tell him: Where is my Samsung jet? T____T
You cheated me.....

Anyway, I enjoy the red carpet vey much lah, I even saw Gary Yap and Danny One
*for me, all other are keh leh feh only :P*

Danny One
Danny One with his Eon credit card and his pose with one of thw sword.

Gary Yap.

Some DJ that I don't know who


Jack (林德荣)
Jack (林德荣), MY FM DJ and actor

Chen Keat Yoke
Chen Kiat Yoke

Unknown models
*really sorry, I don't know who are you 2*

Belle Theng
Belle Theng, Ms Astro International 2009

Phoebe and Royce
Maybe you didn't realise, but Phoebe is really way shorter than Royce lor.