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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 3: Aseania Resort (Overview)

Aseania resort
Courtesy to my company (which I can't expose it's name), we (colloeague and I) were sponsored on a team building trip to Langkawi. The activities are short and some what meaningless (according to the attendees) but the trip was very fun. When check in to Aseania Resort once we reach Langkawi.

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Aseania Resort
Aseania at night

Aseania resort
Lobby-from outside

Aseania resort
Lobby-from inside, in front of the swimming pool.

Usually, the 1st thing that I will do when I check in hotel/resort is to check out their toilet 1st.
Aseania resort toilet
I know it's really odd, but that is how I determine the level of their service.
As you see, it's only decent. No bath tub, but there is interval for shower.

Aseania resort toilet
Free soap. Since the room is meant for 4 person, the complimentary soap is also in 4 person's portion.

Aseania resort
Although the toilet is just so-so. The atmosphere in the room is quite ok. More than usual resort and almost reaching the hotel's level.

Aseania resort
The girls and I came-whore in the room. They got some F--king big a$$ mirrow in the room ^ ^
The room is very huge, instead of 4 person, I do think it can actually fit 8 of us. LOL
Note the curtains. Much better than some resort that I went before.

I had 2 meals in Aseania. The complimentary breakfast was so-so. Too many people stay in on that weekend. Since we were late to lunch, we have to queue for long time before we are serve. The table were not clean up immediately when we sit down because there were too many customer but too little waiter/waitress =( When we were finally seated, the buffet breakfast has almost finish =( =( *double sadness* I just grab some cereal and milk. Not a very good experience.

On the other hand, the dinner on my 1st night was quite awesome. Since it was sponsored by my company, the food is comparably nicer. It was a barbeque pool party dinner. I love the endless buffet meat refill. However, to pick up our consumption speed, the quality seems to drop. More and more meats are burned =(
Aseania resort
Appetizer plate: Macaroni in various topping and salad.

Aseania resort
Main: Prawn, Ikan Tenggiri, Lamp chop, potato wedges, grill chicken breast, soft-shell crab, hotdogs.
There were also satay, but it was too good that once it right my site, it'll fly with the speed of light into my stomach LOL.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 2: Dataran Lang

According to Wikipedia, Langkawi means reddish brown eagle in colloquial Malay. The Malay word eagle is Helang-shortened is "Lang" while Kawi means the colour reddish brown. Since we (my colleague and I ) are in the land of reddish-brown eagle, how can we not visit it?
Dataran Lang, Langkawi
Located at Dataran Lang, few minute walk distance from Jetty Point Complex as shown in the map below:

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On the way to the Eagle, you can't really see the eagle, but a series of.... how to describe this... unique eerie building.
Dataran Lang, Langkawi
Although the Eagle is KOT damn huge, you can't really see it from the other side of the square
Dataran Lang, Langkawi
When you approach it:
Dataran Lang, Langkawi
You will see a butt like asshole and wonder why this stupid famous eagle is a butt-head(pun)
Dataran Lang, Langkawi
When you walk around the square, then you will realize you are the real butthead(if you trust what I said just now) coz the head is facing the other side(sea/river) and you really see butt just now.

Seriously, the scene at the square at night is superior, just that my timid Lumix (TZ-10) is not awesome enough to capture it. Wait for your better photo if you head to Langkawi soon ^ ^

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 1: Souvenirs

If you followed my tweet, you probably know I went to Langakawi Island (Kedah, Malaysia) for a company team building trip. Theoretically the trip was sponsored, but our extend cause us to chip out some more on the trip.

Overall, I like Langkawi alot. The sea and beaches (not bitches) there are cleaner compare to Melaka(Malacca) and Port Dickson. It might not be the best beach in Malaysia but it might be the most affordable all in 1 travel package, which I will explain later in coming My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary post, which is not really a diary too-___-

Come back to the tittle, souvenirs. Like most of you know, Langkawi Island is a duty-free place in Malaysia. Some imported product appears to be much expensive than local product because of the tax. 1 of the must buy item in Langkawi is Chocolate. My mates are crazy about Ferrero Roche. In some major supermart, 2 dozen pack of Ferrero Roche might shoot up to Rm30++ to RM40, but in Langakwi, it's just RM21.90. Since I am not it's fans, I don't bother to take a second look.
Langkawi's souvenir - various chocolate
I call myself a true chocolate fan *cehhh wah~*. I prefer chocolate bar instead of those fancy chocolate related product (like Nips, M&N, Kisses, Ferrero etc). Not to say these(up) are the best chocolate on the market, it's just my preference =)

The 2nd most important must buy thing in Langkawi Island is liquor. If you are a muslim, of course you can't do so. Frankly, I don't drink too, but it's so cheap that you can't believe your own eyes. 1 can of Carlsberg is same price as 1 can of soft-drink (soda), RM1.80. Heineken of course, is slightly more expensive, but it is still around RM2.50.

Langkawi's souvenir - Johnny Walker Gold Label 18 years
Try to guess what baby is this?

Langkawi's souvenir - Johnny Walker Gold Label 18 years
It's the 18 years old Johnnie Walker Gold label blended scotch whisky ^ ^

Langkawi's souvenir - Johnny Walker Gold Label 18 years
KOT!!! See how gorgeous it is! *>.<*
In K.L, 1 bottle of Gold Label is at least RM300++ or might shoot up to RM400 (I am not totally sure because pub/clubs usually sell it more expensive). However, in Langkawi, I bought it for RM147 only!!! Isn't that insane?

Buying it is a bless but storing it is a major problem. I bought it as a birthday gift for my brother because I though I wanna fix our gap. But I will only go back to my home town, K.L in 1 month time. How am I gonna store it? I know nothing about liquor =(. Luckily Jackie bridge me to Samuel Chew and Sam gave me some advise on storing it. Hope I can still preserve JW's best quality until it reach my brother *>.<*

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 17: Did you take the Nuggets challenge? Quick! You only have 1 more hour!

I am so kiasu Photobucketthat I had McD Chicken Nuggets as dinner for 2 consecutive days XP

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 16: Are you ready for the Nuggets attack?

If you don't already know, McD Malaysia is having another buy 1 free 1 session again!!!
This is also a must have in my to do/buy list *>.<* What are you waiting for? Quite print it out now before it's too late again!

Friday, June 17, 2011

To Do/buy list(after I get my 1st intern salary):

[By the time you see this, I should be enjoying some beer near the beach or in a bbq pool party in Langkawi Island in conjunction of attending a non fully sponsored company team building trip cum colleague travel trip. BTW, DO check out my tweet to know about this place! ]

1. Yogurt, honey, and olive oil for facial and hair mask to cure the sun burn from Langkawi trip. [A]
2. Invest on some makeup collection (makeup brushes, liquid eyeliner, bronzer, BB cream, eye lashes curler, eye brow pencils etc) [B]
3. Recollected my heel at the shoes maker shop.[A]
4. Buy 1 Free 1 McD Chicken Nugget!!![A] ( on 21st and 22nd June in Malaysia only, go find it out!)
5. Invest on a heat hair curl/straightener device. [B]
6. Study more on current intern assignment~ [A] (Aza Aza fighting!!!)
7. More Lays~ [C]
8. Blog about Kulim/Penang/Langakawi or wherever as long as I blog *>.<* [A]
9. Buy spare motor oil.[B] (Sisi has been consume a lot of engine oil lately, any idea what should I do?)

Hmmm... Thats all at the moment I guess~ Hope I will updating again soon ^ ^

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 15: Can't I have both?

Like you see, I am not in a good mood now.
I have an issue with my current job and social media activities.
There seems to be a conflict between these 2.
I love my job and I love social medias too, may it be Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc.
I can't let go on either 1.
So, I wanna have some times to think about it and rearrange my step.
I will be back soon enough before you forget me =)
Hope I do come back


Sunday, June 5, 2011

I like Nippon Paint Because Together We Save The World!

If you are a loyal reader of mine (which I assume there will be none) you will notice that I rarely came-wore in my own room these day compare to some earlier post.
This is one of my cam-wore post(with tripod XD) earlier.

You'll notice 3 things:
1. Lots of Sun light
2. Larger space (White wall on the back)
3. Neat, clean and tidy

However, this is what happen to me:

Due to my lack of presence at home(K.L), my parents decided to change me to a smaller room so as to make more space for my lil brother and sis.

See how it transformed:
1. No sun light (the window is facing the garage/car park), if I open the window, I would smell back my own smoke from Sisi's (my car) exhaust pipe -___-
2. Smaller space, the new room is smaller than me previous room. Though it's more than enough, but the cam-wore space is decrease distinctly -____-
3. Neat? Don't event spell the word tidy. When I come back to K.L for a short break after I finish my semester, this is what happen:
all my things scattered around. Pillow, bolster and blanket on the ground coz I sleep on the floor (sleeping with window close and you know the consequences). Tools box on the floor, coz I can't think of any place to store the storage box in fact it is already storing something LOL. Lappy (laptop) and back pack on the floor coz if I online on the table, I would back the light and it's too dark to see a thing. Messy table with my books, camera, keys, hair dryer etc, simply because I don't know where to store them (Epic lazy bug + loser) not to mention some things that not belong to me is store in my room too.
To siblings: you think my room is store room ah? Piff~

And when I cam-wore, this is what happen:

Do I have to tell, it's obvious that the paint on the wall is not in the best condition after leaving it there for so long.
A nice girl in a pathetic room T.T
Although I doll up with a nice dress, the room just pulls the feel of the photo to 0! [>.<]

No matter how much make up I put and how presentable I may look, when the environment is not right I will just look like a psycho:

(Seriously, 1 of my friend that browse through my camera got shock by this photo LOL)

And all I can do it to blur the photo so that it's wouldn't appear to be THAT obvious T.T

Since I am in my internship and graduating soon, I will be back to K.L after a very short period.
Thus, I decided o give my room a lil make over.
It's so dull to re-paint my room with the same old dull white color.
Why don't I brighten up my new room with some joy?

I like red, red symbolic energy and seeks attention just like me XD
How would it be like to pint my room to red?
Aiks! Wouldn't that makes me pumps up all night and can't sleep?

How about the calm blue?
Woops! I dream a lot, will the blue walls give me illusion on drowning in a cool sea?

How a bout some pale beige, pink and lavender
It doesn't match at all, didn't it? =(

Although I am not a Chemical Engineer or have any relation to the chemistry industry, I am actually quite concern on the food addictive and artificial color =( in my food. I want my skin care product to be as natural as possible. I want my Petrol to be lead free.

So this whole make over idea was hold back to the concern on chemical ingredient of most paint. I want my room to be colorful but at the same time I am scared those chemical that make up the paint would give negative impart to me. Who knows how/what those paint are made? Put aside the chemical that build up the color, who can stand the strong paint smell? It will take ages for the paint odor to fade away!

I never imagine there is 1 paint in this world that can actually seal my concern!
If you don't already know, volatile Organic compounds or known as VOC is an organic chemical compound which have significant vapor pressure which can affect the environemnt. In lay man term, VOC is a harmful chemical that vaporize into gases at room temperature which contribute to air pollution and various health problem.

(Photo credit to my new born cousin ^ ^)
The major source of man-made VOCs are paints and CFC (exsist in refrigerant and aerosol). It is not toxic and it does not affect human's health but it may affect an infant and suspect to cause cancer in humans.

(Photo credit to MACC)
The largest impact of VOC is towards our environment because the emission of VOC cause damage to the ozone layer hence increase the rate of global warming and to the greenhouse effect while contaminate the soil and groundwater.

Nippon Green Choice series is the one and only paint that formulated with the wellness of the environment and user's health in mind. The water-base, no added lead and mercury compound is also near-zero VOC coatings giving user a odor-less painting experience!

With such an effort, we are actually saving the world! Thumbs up for Nippon paint!
Check out how we can save the world at Nippon Paint Blobbies Facebook Page HERE.

Now, Nippon Paint is offering 3 lucky Nuffnangers the chance to makeover our room. If you are dying for a change and want to give your room the makeover it deserves, check out this link:
Fancy A Room Makeover worth up to RM5,000? Make it Happen with Nippon Paint!

I am joining, how about you?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 14: Do you have any sense? I only want a Sponge Bob Squarepant!

Why jellyfish? All I wanted is a Sponge Bob Square pants * >.<*
All I want is Sponge bob Square pants &gt;.
Don't understand what I mean?
You got no sense of humor -___-
(note: Sponge Bob likes to catch jelly fish, his favorite past time ^ ^)

I know you guys are desperate to attract Sponge Bob Square Pant, but do you really need to breed them?

still don't understand?
You have no childhood~