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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Part I: Huge breed dogs.

Note: This post has nothing to do with speaking tomatoes, 2 balls, and ppl with name starts with C.

Few weeks back, Red Tomato had a event called Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Jloi told me about that event and willing to fetch me there, so, I ended up to become a photographer assistance(kononnya. more like me the 'dai siu jie' with her assistance). I just lost my dog last month and I feel like I wanna have a day out with the pets to have me less self blaming over my mistake towards Faye(my dog). Having some discussion on the night before the actual day. We decided to went there quite early.

There are no entrance for the whole event, and the whole park is full of pets, so we just go to the park using the shortest road from car park. When I reach the park, my first group of pets are the huge breed dog.
huge breeds dog

I have special favor toward Golden Retriever. I like their gentle attitude, their intelligent and quick learning characteristics. Thus, my eyes and camera is focusing on her/him (not sure about its sex). It is much huge than the usual golden retriever I have even seen.

golden retriever
Huge breed Golden Retriever posing for the camera.

But then hor, other than retriever, there are other huge breed dogs around, and I was attracted by this lil (I mean huge) fella.

siberian husky
(note: picture taken by Jloi)

It is born with grace.

But then hor,
when it is my turn to take his picture, it become like this:
siberian husky that looks like 贱狗
It looks like 贱狗(Jian gou)

A picture of Jian Gou it self in the comic.
Don't you think they look just a like?
though Jian Gou is not a Husky.

To be continue...

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