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Friday, April 12, 2013

Coffee Terrace [Food Review]

I was in Genting a while ago for Snow World's launch. Courtesy to Resort World Genting's PR, I was treated a buffet lunch in Coffee Terrace.

Breakfast: 5.30am - 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00 noon - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.30pm

3.00pm - 5.00pm
10.30pm - 5.30am 

It's considerably cheap coz everything in Genting has extra charge =(

Due to my camera is still until de-fog process after the Snow World's launch, here are some pictures I took with my phone. Might not be my best collection. 
The are many section like Chinese, Japanese, Western, Nyonya etc.

Well sushi are definately from the Japanese section and the fry, roast and pasta is from Western.

Japanese Miso soup.

Savory pumpkin soup.

Everything is fine, not amazing or awesome. Just fine, nothing to shout about yet it's pretty standard and acceptable.

The lunch buffet have a wide variety of desserts. Their macrons are awesome! Well, not all, but some.
I wish I have a larger stomach for it #firstworldproblem

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kelantan Delights [Food Review]

Though I have born and raised in Malaysia for the passed 20 plus year since I was born, I was never good at history and geography of my beloved country. Don't heard me wrong, it's nothing personal, I am just a dumbass when it comes to non calculus or culinary stuff. For me, Kelantan is a mystery far away state that I have never been before. I do know their slang sounds different and was heavily influence by our neighbor, Thailand. Other than that, I have no idea how and what Kelantan and Kelantanese is. Countesy to Nuffnang that gives me the chance to review Kelantan delights, from now on, my new page of my culinary knowledge was added - Kelantan delicacies.

Before the food review starts, I had some time to roam around the restaurant.

Despite of their fine dining environment concept,

every piece of furnishing were deeply infused with Malay traditions.

A  merge between old and new,

tradition and modern.

Started the meal with a sip of pandan-serai(leman grass) drink. It was slightly sweet but was over power by the lemongrass. Not my type of flavor, I would rather drink plain water. If you are a lemongrass lover, you should try it.


Tomyam Kelapa Muda. Like you see, the cloudy soup of tomyam is jam pack with spicy and sour flavor.It is slightly more sourly than I like, but I can guarantee the acidity was not artificial, but from assam.

No need to mention, one serving of fresh prawn and coconut meat is not enough for me, I want more >.< They are so tender. Never I thought of a combination of coconut meat with prawn. It was a prefect combination.

Sirih Daun Kaduk. With popiah skin, daun sirih, ginger, cili padi, onion, roasted coconut, roasted peanuts, dried shrimp and special sauce. Frankly, I wasn't aware of all these flavors when I tasted it. I was slightly disturb that the popiah skin was slightly masuk agin and strong mint taste from daun sirih.

Main Course:

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik.

You might be expecting the ayam percik is the high light of the course. Indeed, the spies that infused in the drumstick was very alluring.

But my hear flies to the kuah(gravy) and nasi kerabu (blue rice). The slightly salted, thick and spicy gravy was completed by slight splash of santan (coconut milk).

As expecting the ulam (bean sprouts, cucumber, daum selom) was fresh. Very crunchy, in contrast with ulam that I got from mamak stall which was usually withered and soft. The salted egg might not play a big roll in the whole combination, but some times it's those small things that complete the great team.

Nasi Dagang Gulai Ikan. nasi dagang, gulai ikan tongkol, acar timun, egg
with acar timun(cucumber salad) & egg,

Nasi Dagang (Brown rice)

and Gulai ikan tongkol. Nothing special about the salad and brown rice. The tuna are tender fresh. See how thick it is? It might be the best texture fish around, but don't on it's nutrient value.

Nasi tumpang with fried chicken. 

I am sorry that the photo can't show how long and sharp this dish is. Like you see, nasi tumpang has different layer. In older times, our ancestors from kampung needs to bring food when they are down to field for chores. They invented this method of carrying their food, 3 meals and preserve them well. This version in Kelantan Delights was a altered version. According to the manager, there are 3 layer of meal in side this one long code. IN the morning, farmers will eat breakfast at home, then their wife prepare this for them. During morning tea, they will eat the first layer which is usually nasi himpit and prawn sambal. After finish, they wrap the remaining for lunch (usually nasi himpit and ayam sambal) and tea (ayam seruling? not sure).


I have not much to complain on the nasi tumpang, but that's not the case for the fried chicken. It was pretty dry and tasteless.

Laksam. With egg, ulam (bean sprouts, cucumber, daun selom), lemongrass, chicken floss, sambal belacan, gravy (fish + santan)

I was quite impressed with the thick but smooth noodles. It was thicker than the Chinese verion if ChuCheongFun, but smoother. Maybe it was the gravy. The portion was small but the gravy was thick. Definitely a filling dish. Warning, heavy Santan (coconut milk) inside. If you don't like fish or santa, you might wanna dodge this.


Lompat tikam & Ketupat sotong.

(Left) The brown lump of tentacle attached substance is Ketupat sotong. Yes, it's squid, sticky rice stuffed in squid. I understand that for Asian, squid is a savory dish, so it's understand that most people can't accept the strong fishy smeel accompanied by it. I don't say that I don't like it. Indeed it's a very unique for me, but if you planned to treat me another lump, geez no thanks =.=|||
(Right) Lompat Tikam direct translate into jump and stab. Jump what stab who? I believe it means to jump from the green kuih (which is practically tastely) scoop a spoon full and stab onto the sweet nasi pulut. It was serve with santan and gula melaka (brown sugar). Surprisingly, this was my favorite dish all along.

Kelantan Delights Restaurant

(Subang branch)

Operatin Hours: Everyday 11am to 11pm
Phone: 603 5611 7845

(Sooka Cnetral Branch)

Operating Hour: Weekday 11am to 10pm (off on weekend)
Phone: 603 2785 1945


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Betty's Midwest Kitchen [Food Review]

I always have that soft spot for piglets.
I mean the virtual animate pink stuff that acted all cute and you just want cuddle them to death, chew my on their chic and squeeze those lumpy belly till thier intestine comes out......
ok I know, too much info....
just joking.... 
I wouldn't kill them, but I eat'em, ALL OF THEM.
I like pig soft toys but bacon and pigs meat isn't what I craving for the most among all those edible stuff out there.
le boyfriend LOVE pork. Brace yourself more pork place's food review is coming.

This time, I am gonna review Betty's Midwest Kitchen
Betty's Midwest Kitchen
A-G-40, Jalan PJU1/43, 
Aman Suria Damansara, 
47410 Petaling Jaya, 
Phone: 03-7880 0196

The restaurant was pretty hard to locate because it's sign board was blocked by a lush tree.
On the moment I step into the piglets themed restaurant, I fell deep in love to it.


pig every where.
Though I love piglets and have a cupbordfull of soft toys, I feel ashamed by my passion towards piglets. Mine are nothing compare to the owners or Betty's Midwest Kitchen.  

There are a lot well know and recommended food in here, but this is not a sponsored food review, I was only able to test a few item out from the menu.

Juicy Lucy, RM15
(with fries)
The patty might appeal to be small but it's very think, almost like a ball instead of patty, filled with awesome goodness of cheeeeese. The pork smell are strong in this one. Pork haters gonna hate. They see Lucy rollin' they hatin'

Pulled pork burger, RM12
(with salad and fries)
This is comparably a more conservative dish. Pork cutlets slow cooked until soft. Although the fibers are easy to separate, the texture become dry stem like.

Dog Food, RM10
So, what I like the most is this, Dog food. It's basically poutine, french fries covered in brown gravy and curd cheese. The brown gravy (taste like mushrooms to me) were absorbed into the fries plus the heavy curd cheese creating a aromatic and heavy texture creation. Highly recommend for people that doesn't cares about their calories intake.

Overall: 8/10 [This is a love hate relationship. I love piglets plushies,not pork =(. Ironically, my favorite item here is not pork related.]
Taste bud indulgence: 9/10 [Dog food is a MUST try!]
Purse Saver: 9/10 [Not the cheapest food around but totally worth the try]
Location: 4/10 [A very bad example of location. The sign board was totally cover from tree.]
Service: 9.5/10 [Have to give them a thumbs up on all the piglets decorations.]

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dining in The Dark with Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown [Food Review] 与Simplot爆米花薯饼的暗室晚餐

Question: Do you eat with my left hand or you right hand?
Ok, I usually use tableware, but this time, I faced a challenge. I was brought to a place where it's practically pitch black, then serve with delicacies. But I still ate with tableware *boooo* (bad joke....) #okaygirl

I was like?! You must be kidding me, aren't you?
For me, savor (or the layman term, eating) is an art that reward all your senses, from seeing (eyes), smelling(nose), hearing(ears), tasting (tongue) and texture(lips and skin). Even the simplest dish such as salad, can fullfill all your senses. Imaging the freshest, most colorful capsicum you just pick from it's stem, smelling it's sweet scent. When you put it on teeth, you feel it's cold, tight skin on your lips before crunching and creating a clear crackling sound. Then you thought: oh how crunchy! Before you  can react, the sweet taste of fruit slowly spread through your tongue.

Isn't that amazing?
Now, you want taking one of my sense away?

No way, Dinning In The Dark.

No matter how unwilling I am, a promised is a promised.
Plus, the chef prepare their dishes by infusing Simplot's Popcorn Hashbrown in it.

Heard of Simplot? It's my favorite hash brown of all time. I have made various meals using their retail hash brown product such as sandwich, salad, mash potato, snacks etc. The hash brown package looks something like this:


After some Google, I also learn that Simplot is the largest potato planter and selling in the world, supplying various potato products to some well know brand, such as Mc Donalds. Yup, you heard me right, the hash brown you get from Mc Donalds are from Simplot (and now I know why I can prepare better hash browns than the fast food chain store). AND Yes, by buying the Simplot's retail package, I can customize my hash brown to my liking, munching them 24/7 whenever I want and safe me RM 2 from the breakfast set (Oppsy! I just leak a trade secret, I think McD gonna sue me soon >.<)

However, Simplot's Popcorn Hashbrown is really something new to me. Though the indulgence of looking on pretty food (and Instagramming it) has been taken away, I kindda looking forward on the surprise that Dinning In The Dark's Cheft create with Simplot's Popcorn Hash Brown.

Appetizers [开胃菜]
East Meets West: Sashimi with Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown [东西和风:Simplot 爆米花薯饼拼生鱼片]
Texture and tastes are enlivened in this traditional Japanese fresh salmon dish, where here Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown replace the familiar rice;以Simplot [爆米花薯饼代替米饭,让此传统日式新鲜鲑鱼料理呈现不一样面貌,一新触感和味觉]

Fresh, Cool and Sweet: Rock Melon & Cucumber Salad [鲜。凉。甜:哈密瓜及黄瓜沙拉]
Freshen your palate with this traditional cooling and sweet salad of diced Rock melon and cucumber served with basil pesto and black olive dressing [哈密瓜和黄瓜丁佐以罗勒青酱与黑橄榄油的完美配搭让这道清凉鲜甜的沙拉冷盘,唤醒你的味蕾]

Golden Crunch [香脆黄金]
Spicy Cajun prawns breaded with crispy Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown and accompanied by Jalapeno sauce [Simplot 爆米花薯饼包裹 Cajun 香辣大虾伴墨西哥辣椒酱]

Soup [汤]
Heart-warming Soup [暖心浓汤]
The classic fresh mushroom soup consisting of familiar button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and porcini Mushrooms [用蘑菇、香菇、蚝菇和牛肝菌菇精心烹调新鲜蘑菇汤,鲜浓美味,香气四溢]

Two-legged Stroganoff with a Twist [特式酸奶鸡肉丝]
Succulent Chicken Stroganoff reposing on a tantalising bed of fresh thyme rösti made with crispy Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown [俄式酸奶鸡肉丝配百里香Simplot 爆米花薯饼丰盈肉汁与薯香煎饼的奇妙邂逅]

Green & Brown Spring Delight [大地春色]
Charcoal grilled green asparagus and Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown sautéed with tasty herb butter [炭烤鲜翠芦笋伴香草牛油嫩煎金黄 Simplot 爆米花薯饼色泽吸引,犹如春回大地]

Mediterranean Lamb [地中海羊肉]
Choice Lamb loin encasing Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown and flavoursome mushroom, cooked slowly for maximum effect and then smothered in refreshing rosemary sauce [精选小羊脊肉片包裹 Simplot 爆米花薯饼和蘑菇,慢煮至精华美味全部释放,淋上口味清新的迷迭香酱汁]


Raspberry Sherbet [山莓冰冻果霜]
The exciting taste of raspberries captured within a refreshing frozen dessert [冰凉清爽的甜点内绽放令人陶醉的山莓美味]

Caramelised Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown [焦糖风味 Simplot 爆米花薯饼]
Showing just how versatile and addictive Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown can be, here we caramelise them to show them in a new context [Simplot 爆米花薯饼披上焦糖外衣意想不到的吸引力令人无法抗拒]

Lemon Grass Panna Cotta [香茅意大利奶冻]
The vitality and zest of lemon grass set within this soft and smooth traditional Italian dessert[口感柔软綿滑的传统意大利甜点散发香茅的清新和热情]

Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown Chocolate Lava Cake [Simplot 爆米花薯饼巧克力熔岩蛋糕]
Be surprised and delighted by how well Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown mingle with rich molten chocolate [Simplot 爆米花薯饼混合口感丰富入口即溶的巧克力如火山般爆发无限惊喜]

Fruit Compote [水果拼盘]
Grapes and strawberries combine and contrast in this fruity finale [葡萄和草莓的鲜果组合营造不一样的口感]

Overall, the combination of Simplot's Popcorn  Hashbrown in the dishes are surprisingly match, and I thought I am genius using hashbrown in sandwich and salad padahal there are MORE things that goes extremely well with hash browns. I think I should start exploring more hash brown match options.

As for Dining in the dark experience, my world of advice, one word - trust!
You have to trust them enough to enjoy your food. Trust them on their guides, the instructions, and service, then only you will relax and enjoy the experience. I was a bit tense up during the journey, so I was opening my eye lid all the time. That's kindda stretch my already tired eyes. If I were to go again, I will choose to relax myself and enjoying my taste buds more.

Last but not least, thanks to Simplot and Dinning In The Dark's Manager, Nichole for their hospitality.
FYI, Nichole and her crew(some of em') are gifted, so don't be too surprised when you meet them in person. If you notice, there are no price listed in any of the dishes. Apart from they don't have a menu for you to choose from (which I think is not really a down side), they actually will ask your dietary habit (whether you do not take any meat or must be halal etc) and design the menu for you for the stated price for the whole course.

Dining In The Dark (located above Werner's)
44A & 46A, Changkat Bukit Bintang (Entrance at No.50), 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating hours: 18:30 - 23:00 (last sitting at 21:00)