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Friday, December 11, 2009

Pavilion 2009 Christmas decoration-- The Reindeer have the te$t!c|e$ attached on it!!!

Went to Pavilion quite a while ago, with Jackie to watch Twilight-New Moon. Then, I aware that they have their Christmas decoration quite early this year. The whole theme was Red and Gold, reminds me of Chinese New yearPhotobucket...

You see, you really shouldn't blame me for commenting like that lor. Even the sled are Red and Gold.
Pavilion 2009 Christmas decoration, sled
I would suggest them to add a few tigers besides the sled, rather than reindeer during Chinese New Year. That will save lots of cost.Photobucket

Pavilion 2009 Christmas decoration, center court
Even the center court are assemble to become the auspicious number 9 that carry the meaning of longevity in Chinese.

However, the outdoor decoration seems better, I mean more festival related. The theme is white and silver. I beg it will look nice at night when the light bulbs (LED) are on.

Pavilion 2009 Christmas decoration, outdoor deco

The Reindeer figure was not so obvious/distinct, but again, I beg it looks nice at nigh.

Pavilion 2009 Christmas decoration, reindeer
LED all around it, not to mention the figure is so cute....PhotobucketKawaii desu!!!!

I think most of you have went to see the Pavillion Christmas decoration before I introduce it here, but did you ever notice this:
Pavilion 2009 Christmas decoration, reindeer

Reindeer, right? As normal as you can see. Now, lets see, have you ever notice this:

pavilion 2009 Christmas decoration, reindeer
The reindeer have their te$t!c|e$ attached on it. REAL~~~~
Photo credits to Jloi


  1. WOW~ Really nice~ Wish I can be there to witness the Christmas decoration myself^^

  2. cant see the pictures..
    deleted by photobucket? =)