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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My 21st birthday celebration touch down , Part 1: Food Party!!!

Yes you heard me!!! You gonna see lotsss of food here.
My Birthday was kick start on the day my Birthday itself with a bunch of my society's member. They treat us (the September baby) cake.

Awww....~~~ so touched!!!Photobucket

Next, was my Birthday celebration with all family, which happens one week after my Birthday. I was having Hari Raya Holiday, so my parent invite all my relatives and some of my friends to come.

Shopping before the big day

On the big day, Mummy prepare lots of dishes:

One of the dish is chicken

Hmmm... why this pic reminds me of Mr. Bean huh?
Erm... You know what I mean....

PhotobucketWakakakaka... I missed Mr. Bean.

Kuah for the steam chicken, Cantonese Style

Prawns (shrimps) with tomatoes and soy sauce.

Seafood toufou.

Popcorn chicken

spicy popcorn chicken

Fry noodles

Nothing special, just showing off the fish cakes.
(which I don't really like fish cakes)

French fries

P/S: My mom secret weapon. Frying french fries with a pot.

Curry Chicken or Chicken Curry?

The best photo I took on that day.

That was most of the dish my mom serve that day, next is desert:


And most important of all, CAKES>>>>>.<<<<<<<

I got 2 cakes sekali gus... wow hoh....
I really don't don't when will I post the part 2 and part 4. Really busy with assignment on few weeeks before, and now the final exam is coming again. Hope I can finish off the on hold blog after the final and before the 2nd sem starts. GAN ABN TEH everyone!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creating a simple GUI by using programming

I just finish a GUI assignment. I learn a lot from there. Most of my friends, using GUIDE's drag and drop method to do, but I think that is stupid. I mean, when you use GUIDE, do you really understand the programming created by it? GUIDE produces 2 files (M-File and FIG file) then link it together by complicated programming language. If you are like, a master or PHD student currently researching about that or you are the creator of MATLAB, ok, then fine. Bravo to you. But if you are a undergraduate like me, you really should try creating a GUI by programming. This is my paper, and you might consider reading the abstact before download my report and the GUI's M-file....


The assignment introduce a new function in Matlab which is Graphical User Interface (GUI). There are 2 way in creating a GUI i.e. using GUIDE or manual programming. GUIDE provides a drag and drop interface to the programmer to design the GUI layout while creating 2 file i.e. M-file and FIG file to stores both programming and layout. This Assignment, however, uses the another way of creating GUI, i.e. by plain (manual) programming. The difference between programming a GUIDE created program and manually program GUI is that a manually programming created GUI needs a position declaration in every layout button (character), which is not needed in GUIDE created M-file. This assignment shows the way to derive a 1D and 2D function from a summation equation, The same method can be use at a higher level or dimension. This GUI uses, static text, popup menu, panel, bush button and toggle button as user interface control.

Feell interested?
Click here to download the report.
And here to download the M-file.

Here is the layout of the GUI

updated on 8 Jan 2010

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I saw a gigantic bird flying on top of our faculty!!!

View it before it is too late. You can clearly see at tutorial room number 12, block B, FKEKK

Friday, October 2, 2009

Full House, Nui Ze Xui (牛车水)

Brought to you by your pinkest author, Strawberry Squarecake.

Girls, when I say "Full house" did you think about this:

Guy, when I say "full house", did you think about this:

If you thinks the opposite, you should quickly arrange a transsexual surgery.Photobucket
Just joking of course.
The full house I meant is this:

A restaurant + souvenir shop in 牛车水

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe
C-G-11, Nui Ze Xui @ Ara Damansara
No. 2 Jln PJU 1A/41B
Ara Jaya PJU 1A
47301 Petaling Jaya
T 603-7885 0836
F ^03-78850839

As an NORMAL (Photobucket) girl, the first time I heard this restaurant name, I thought it is themed by the Korean Drama series. Apparently, it is not. No doubt it have similar theme in the "house" atmosphere, which is decorated by mostly white decorations. But it is just not.

Everything is white

Except this antique car.

Wonder why they put it here.

I went there with a bunch of UCSIs.

This is Nicol

This is Syeet Yeng

This is Sok Wah

This is Pik Wai

And This is Jloi and I.
I know you guys asked so much about him, who is him, where is he, what is our relationship...?
Wanted to know? Try to have a look here:
[Jloi: Photobucket]

Hey... I have gone too far... why I am coming here for the first place?
Oh yeah, for dinner!

The menu, it is as thick as a magazine.
But don't be fool by its cover, there are not much choice. The menu is thick because it has other catalog and a cartoon.

Jloi's Dory fish

Chicken chop, as been told by Jloi (don't blame me if it is wrong, blame Jackie)

Chicken chop, as been told by Jloi (don't blame me if it is wrong, blame Jackie)


Seafood pasta, as been told by Jloi (don't blame me if it is wrong, blame Jackie)

My Salmon
PhotobucketThis is so nice, it is not fully cooked yet, a bit raw but still in a acceptable range.
The mash potatoes is certainly the smoothest, riches, ceramist that I ever taste. I think they have added some something inside, might be cheese, might be cream, I don't know, just that it pleasures my tongue.

Before Jackie and I left, the girls bought some dessert. I tried it. It is nice, but not as good as I expect it to be.

Girls power on the cake.
Feeling hungryPhotobucket? Excreting slaver huhPhotobucket?
Why not give it a try today at Fullhouse?
Bring along your love ones.Photobucket

Photos credits to Jloi