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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

What turf... this is so easy. I have been reading Ringo and KY's blog for like forever ( actually for just few months only lah^^) . Never though that they will give so simple punya task. ^^ I must be a Holmes offspring which hybrid with Asian already. Call me y--square Holmes.
To bad, I can't online these day, else I think I will be the top 5 to post the blog post. I still hope I get the ticket, since the screening is on Christmas eve, and I have plan on that 2 days.
*wink wink*
I must watch it, the premiere screening, else after that wink wink plan, I have to get my @$$ back to Melaka already, to start a new semester. I really really want it.

Give you a kiss as return?Photobucket


Now, here is the print screen from cheeserland:
Now you see what I am doing at the moment adi lor...

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