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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Window vs Macs

Whenever got people ask me what is the difference between Window and Mac, I always answer them theoritically because I have never try to use Mac as my pc. If you want to compare it practically, I have a suggestion here:

Are you ready?

Gates vs Jobs

Job's secreat weapon

Gates's secreat weapon

You see how these gentelmen PLAY when they win.

When Job's Wins:

When Gates wins:

Comment: This really is a funny way to compare them. You should heard Gates ask for mercy when he said: "Not on the face, not on the face!!!" XD that is hyper funny!!! You should try them yourself! I give you the link again, click here.

Suggestion: What are you waiting for? Spread it to your friends lah!


  1. macs rule!!!

    pc is good in games and application
    [ can use piracy application ]

    mac is good in designing application
    [ everything need to be original :( ]