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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wiring (week 1 day 5 and week 2 day 1 and 2)

The subject was carried out in BM, hence there are a lot of unknown terms that I am not sure whether I have learn about it before or not.
1st day was theory class. Its hypnotization power can fight the OSHA class already. After the lecture was a short close book test. I beg I score like sucks.
Second day is more interesting. We were given practical assignment to make a wiring board (domestic wiring). I only have experience to look at my dad when he did wiring, but I had never tried myself. The example and lab sheet seems to be scary but when in the process, it’s a piece of cake (as easy as eating a piece of cake XD, anybody the cake?) I am lazy to name those photos one by one, so you all see yourself lah.
(click on the photo to view in new tab window and max size with it's own URL. To my friends: you can download it if you like!!!)

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