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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wesak day celebration (卫塞节,佛诞日,浴佛典礼)

2nd day of hostel staying was wesak day. Frankly, if I didn’t joined the celebratin, I really don’t have to come back to Melaka that early. We woke up 4.00am in the morning to prepare ourselves. Our senior come and fetch us to the center at 5.00am. For the 1st time, we come down on time, but we can’t go out. We were stuck in the hostel. All the guards faded…. The hostel was as quiet as the wind blow and pin drops can be heard. We tried to knock at the felo’s door but no one answered. So, you can guess the result already, right? We end up climb across the barrier. I never climb any fence in my life and this is my 1st time. I didn’t even try to take any photo of that scene. When I think back that incident, I felt guilty….moreover we were wearing TZ’s uniform at that time…..
In the center, the celebration was carried out on open air. Here are some of the photos from my phone:

I didn’t manage to take photo which we are servicing because the ceremony is too serious (sacred). After the ceremony, we help to demonstrate the service to the non members. We only demonstrate from once. After that, we celebrate a tzu shao’s birthday. We don’t know him, we went there just to make the scene more crowdie :p . Hope he don’t mind.

Then we went to help in the kitchen. After getting an early lunch we have a mother’s day celebration for our senior member. We call them mother as they take care of us like their child. I didn’t manage to take many photos, if you are interested to know more, you can visit Yu Pei’s album at facebook.

The fountain

In front of the fountain

In the class room where we celebrate mother’s day

Next, WS insist to go home, so we stayed in the kitchen to do some chopping!!!! HEHEHE….

Vege chicken, it is use to make 粽(a kind of Chinese traditional food with is made of sticky rice and some filling, the filling can be anything as long as you like it.)

Everyone seems to enjoy their job (sorry for the overexpose, I didn't realise it at that time XS)

The most attractive reward that we work in the center is to get free meals! Free dinner from the left over lunch.

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