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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PCB, printed circuit board (week 1 day 3 & 4)

PCB i.e. printed circuit board
The class was carried out in Microprocessor lab. Guess what is in the lab? Dissected computer and mother board? Highest and latest technology? Wrong! They only have some normal spec computer with some simulation software and this:

IC trainer

1st day was theory teaching and circuit design class using Proteus 7 Professional. We need to construct the circuit using ISIS then construct the PCB in Ares.

A simple circuit using Ares:

3D simulation. It can be rotated and shift easily to any direction to be view.
Here is a sample:

At the afternoon we were given a assignment to do, the quesiton is far more complicated that the exercise above.

PCB assignment

We syok sendiri (only some of us) until late at the afternoon. We didn't even notice that the last bus left. We pretend to be happy

but actually we were all worried, sad, cool, frustrated....

at last, 2 of our classmate sponsor their time and petrol to come and fetch us.

There is an addition incident happen on today:

One of my housemate don’t have class on today, so she stayed at home. What she do is :



And THIS!!!! wahahahhaha


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