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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nuffnang Office Hunting & Dating.

Yesterday was the 1st and last day of Holidayof this sem break. Apparently, I have 1 week holiday, but as a non comic style otaku(宅女),I spend most of my time at home, facing computer 12/24, 7/7, 364/365. XD

My “holiday” can be seperated to 2 parts, which is: Nuffnang Office Hunting & Dating.

Nuffnang Office Hunting

“Someone” just get invited to go to the LG blog launching on this Friday night. The invitation ticket comes by a pair. “Someone” reserve the ticket for me but sadly, due to parents restiction, I wouldn’t be able to attend. Thus, he give to ticket to another person who has booked the ticket from “someone” earlier.
“Someone”get the invitation as a Nuffnang blogger, so he have to go to the Nuffnang office to collect the tickets. It is located behind the Sheraton hotel. The google map show us exactly where was the place but the bulding didn’t have name on it, after pass by a few time also don;t know it’s just infront of us. Then, I went to ask the guard at the Kurnia Insurance building. When the guard said it’s just opposite, I was like -.-...
On the glass door, I saw the word: Heritage house. Waturf .... how can ppl see if its just a crave on the glass..... hmp.....
So if any one who facing problem when finding Nuffnang office, here are some guidance:

From google map, it is clearly stated that it s located in Jalan Yap Ah Shak

So, here we are at the correct road.

The building i.e. Heritage house is just behind the road sight. (Silly me for unable to identify it at that time)

It's located at the 14th floor i.e. 13B floor.

Outside the office ( don't blame me for the blurrness, its not my fault)

So, he retook with a bigger size ( I guess so?)

This is tricky. When I was just going to take out my sketch book to analyse the circuit so that I will know which button to press, the macho guy beside me just press the red button and pufff..... it open itself.... (lol.... not to show off that I am a to-be electronic engineer, just that sometimes engineers do thigs on the hard way, don't you think so?)

The tickets. I am so jelous, I wanna go also >.<

Before I forgot, we suppose to find Wisma Hup Seng which the function will be held on the Friday night.”Someone” show the map to me. It suppose to located somewhere near the red circle, but the map that I draw and the map he print shows the same place. Miracally, when I search the google map again today, it has shown different place. Wow.... No wander we can’t find the place.

See what I mean? Its like a few kms away!

I don’t know how to describe or intro this part of post, so just skip it, ok?
We went to have Krispy Kreme for lunch. This was not a good idea. I though: the doughout so small how can make us full, so I just order a dozen. We ended with 5 donuts left. Some people that have tried Krispy Kreme said it’s too sweet and some said it’s not sweet enought. My opinion is that I have to combine their comment, the doughout is not sweet enought( obviuosly that it will not taste anything without the topping), but the topping is too sweet. The 1st donut ‘s sweetness also wanna make me vomit adi (eeuuuuuu). However, after few more nibbles, I started to accept it’s flavour adi, but I still don’t think tha it’s that awsome like anyone else have mention.

The making of KK doughout I^^

The making of KK doughout II ^^

KK doughout on the shelfs and ready to serve.

1 Dozen of Assort Doughout for RM23.90. The shop is currently not charging any tax and service charge yet. (Sorry but I forgot the 1 dozen ori flavour's prise)

My(our) dozen of doughouts. I forget their names, I just knwo that fromt the 2nd from right, middle row is ori flavour, 2nd from right 1st row is cheese, 2nd from left 3rd row is almond, 2nd from left 1st row is chocolate cream something like that, 1st from right 1st row is strawberryflvour, 2nd row is chocolate something....,others ? All forget adi... XD.....(sorry but I really don't have good memory)

The box

Are you sure 8s enought ah?

Then we watch a movie which title: Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

I think that it can be more funny. “Someone” said the movie reminds he about Mr. Bean. But I think he still got a long way from Mr. Bean. The movie reminds me about home alone where he can use all kind of resources in the mall to stop the bad guy, but like what I said, still got a long way from home alone. They movie can go further but they didn’t do it well.
After that, we want to look for a pants for him for his function on Friday, then went to lot 10 to fix my swatch watch. Lot 10’s swatch outlet have been moved to Pavilion 4th floor. They shop assistance said tat my watch is not out of batery but the internal mechanism problem. She can’t help me to fix it. Sigh.... my poor thing......

Comment: KK is only suitable for tea time, don’t try it on lunch or dinner time, or you will end up like me.
To Paul Blart: Mall Cop’s director and scrip writter: I know you can do it much better than this. I just know it, I belive on you. You know I knew it........

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