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Saturday, May 16, 2009

First day of hostel staying in short sem

Who said going into uni and staying in hostel is fun huh?
Who is the one who jealous of those students that stay in hostel huh? Who want to stay in hostel huh? Especially when your hometown is far away from your campus where you need to take few hours bus or airplane to reach the destination until your ass paralyzed.

Things come worst when you need to register earlier to avoid “human jam” on the last day of registration that will harm your wallet.

If you think this is the worst case scenario, then you are totally wrong!!! Do you think caring those luggage with you all the way from home to bus station, then up to bus to another bus station, then take another bus to hostel is so fun afterall? >.<
Oklah, I am not dumb lah, who will carry 7 luggage to bus geh? I was just keeping it in the store lah:

THE STORE (Now I know why the STORE is call is the STORE but not THE MALL or THE PLAZA or even other more glamour names, because you can see that they are a like, they are from the same ikl, I can prove it as below)

A sea of mattress

behind a sea of luggage

This is my heaviest box, don’t downgrade its size, it stores my notes and textbooks. I carry it from my 1st sem until now. To my future junior, you should thank me one thousand time for still keeping the notes for you, do you know how much energy I used to preserve it?! If you can’t score like me, I will *!^*#^$@!!!

In the new house (this is not a new house for me because I have stayed in this house in my 1st year 1st sem, but this time, I just get another room only) :

Wow…. I should say that if I left my room unclean for 1 year also, I will never get this kind of dust!

Evidance no 2

You see, its already decorated some more!


  1. errrr..........OMG!!..


    gotta wish u good luck in staying here then^^