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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who is Jloi?

PhotobucketDon't tell anybody about this,
Jloi was a child actor...
Now no more……
You see those pictures when he was young:

Do those pic looks familiar to you? Of course, Jloi mah…. Who didn't know him wor...All his cam wore technique come from his young experience in drama shooting.

If you belive what I said, we really don’t know who is jackie loi hahahahaha……
PhotobucketPhotobucket All those pic above was a a young Filipino actor name: Joshua Dionisio.

I beg you don’t know about this little fellow. NVM, these are Jloi picture when he was young, now old adi. You can see the comparison here:

Jackie's pic

Joshua's pic (don't worry, the girl in the pic is not me, I deleted my face adi)

PhotobucketSorry lah if this sounds so ridiculous to you. It's my badPhotobucket

But don't you think they look alike? There face are so chubbyPhotobucket, feel like wanna pinchPhotobucket it so hard....Photobucket

comment: likeness =90% terms and condition apply (just the face, not including other aspect)

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  1. a little, they do. the kid is so cute :D

  2. wth -___-........i cant believe u do tat ur own bf T__T