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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday, I went out to Shopping with one of my best buddy WS.
I suggest to went to Carefour since I have not went out to shopping for a long time, too much things to buy. You know what, until now, the cheapest place that I can get my stuf is Carrefour.

So, we went to the town early, so that we can have lunch together. We went to one shop in Mahkota which it's name is Sibaraku:

^^This is the Address of the Restaurant

(People that have never eat Japanese food before also can guess that it is a Japanese Restaurant lah)

The atmosphere there is very nice. ^^ A fountant near the entrance.

They declare that they have over hundred kinds of food in the buffet set. Just to name a few: shushi, tepanyaki, soba, fried snacks (tempura like of thing), soup, various kind of dessert etc...

These are some of the picture I took:

Shushi bar

(A closer look) Do you feel like your saliva is producing at a faster rate?

Cold soba. Located just beside the Shushi area.

I don't know what is this one called...

(A closer look) What is all this about? Meat ball, crab stick, seofood toufu?

Sodeska?! Steamboat desu!

Steamboat's soup. This really doen't look appetizing, that is why I didn't try that at that time. If I have chance togo back there again, I will defenetely try some.

The Tepayaki there is nice, but when everytime the chef serve us, we keep on eating until forgot to take the food's picture...-.-. However we manage to take some picture of Cheft in action.

The legendary: most handsome sifu in the shop. Hey, look here lah, mei mei help you to take nice nice pic....

LOL....give me a bit face lah.... at least look at the camera mah...

Yay! He took off his mask and can see his face liao..... but.... this is not the pic I took. This picture was took advance by my classmates that went there before. Hmmm... so so only lor... (girls don't beat me....)

There are also many kinds of dessert available:

At the dessert bar

Original flavour jelly

Blue apple? Wow... @@

I though Ais Kacang is a Malaysian food?

The dessert that we able to try. From top, going clockwise: blueberry cake with chocolate topping, jelly, puff (the inner cream tasted soooooooo nice!), blue apple, chocolate ball, another design of puff, another design of chocolate ball.

Comment: The food here tasted so nice! Plus, it is very cheap, 2 person not even RM42 yet! (1 person about RM21, including tax and service charge). Like every other buffet, we got free flow of drinks, but I just drink hot tea, because, you know.... hot tea helps in digestion! XD. There are so many kind of food and I am only able to take some, if you curios to know what's more, try it you self!

Suggestion: Since it is located in a tuorism area, everyone that comes to Melaka must try it!(I am not sure whether it has any other branch in Malaysia) Mahkota Parade is located opposite to Datara Pahlawan (Infront of A'famoso) . Even students (like me^.^) likes to come here to have meals. SO, if you are at Melaka now, you must go there now, I mean now, now!


  1. @atiejohari, nope it's just non pork restaurant. Although their chicken is halal, they still serve wine is certain dishes.