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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 3: Aseania Resort (Overview)

Aseania resort
Courtesy to my company (which I can't expose it's name), we (colloeague and I) were sponsored on a team building trip to Langkawi. The activities are short and some what meaningless (according to the attendees) but the trip was very fun. When check in to Aseania Resort once we reach Langkawi.

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Aseania Resort
Aseania at night

Aseania resort
Lobby-from outside

Aseania resort
Lobby-from inside, in front of the swimming pool.

Usually, the 1st thing that I will do when I check in hotel/resort is to check out their toilet 1st.
Aseania resort toilet
I know it's really odd, but that is how I determine the level of their service.
As you see, it's only decent. No bath tub, but there is interval for shower.

Aseania resort toilet
Free soap. Since the room is meant for 4 person, the complimentary soap is also in 4 person's portion.

Aseania resort
Although the toilet is just so-so. The atmosphere in the room is quite ok. More than usual resort and almost reaching the hotel's level.

Aseania resort
The girls and I came-whore in the room. They got some F--king big a$$ mirrow in the room ^ ^
The room is very huge, instead of 4 person, I do think it can actually fit 8 of us. LOL
Note the curtains. Much better than some resort that I went before.

I had 2 meals in Aseania. The complimentary breakfast was so-so. Too many people stay in on that weekend. Since we were late to lunch, we have to queue for long time before we are serve. The table were not clean up immediately when we sit down because there were too many customer but too little waiter/waitress =( When we were finally seated, the buffet breakfast has almost finish =( =( *double sadness* I just grab some cereal and milk. Not a very good experience.

On the other hand, the dinner on my 1st night was quite awesome. Since it was sponsored by my company, the food is comparably nicer. It was a barbeque pool party dinner. I love the endless buffet meat refill. However, to pick up our consumption speed, the quality seems to drop. More and more meats are burned =(
Aseania resort
Appetizer plate: Macaroni in various topping and salad.

Aseania resort
Main: Prawn, Ikan Tenggiri, Lamp chop, potato wedges, grill chicken breast, soft-shell crab, hotdogs.
There were also satay, but it was too good that once it right my site, it'll fly with the speed of light into my stomach LOL.


  1. Hmmm... It seems we share the same quirk; I always look into a resort hotel's bathroom. If they're spotless clean, it's a sign of good service. On the other hand, the food photos you took made my mouth water. I long for the taste of grilled seafood!