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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 7: Seven Wells(Telaga Tujuh) Jungle Trails and waterfalls.

This will be my last post in My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary.
Langkawi Island map
Langkawi Island map in front of  water world.

Other than beaches (bitches) and sun shine, the next thing you wouldn't wanna miss is the historical, legendary story of Lanagkawi. I wouldn't tell the romance/eerie/boring stories here. If you don't already know, you can check out Mahsuri at wikipedia.

NOPE, This blog post isn't about Mahsuri, it's legend, historical monument, thomb etc. Although I would really interested and want to visit it, I will have to wait till the next time I ferry again~ 

What I am introducing here is something less famous, but much fun!

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It's call Seven Wells in English and Telaag Tujuh in bahasa.
7 Wells Jungle trails
7 Wells map near the waterfalls.

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
You can read yourself, right? LOL I don't think I need any caption here. But if I do state caption, I don't have to type so long adi -___-

7 Wells Jungle trails
The path to waterfall is really tranquile,

7 Wells Jungle trails
Lots of greens for fresh airs.

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
Before you notice,  you are on the waterfall adi!

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
This is the 1st layer, or how should I say it? The waterfall that is nearest to the sea level?

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
It might look nice, but usually ppl go to higer level or the cleaner water.

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
The is the 2nd layer of the waterfall, it looks less attractive but the serene isn't something I can quite describe with photo. I took lots of photo on top, but due to privacy issue, I can't expose those my colleague's photo in here.

So, these are my stories in Langkawi, what's yours?


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