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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I like Nippon Paint Because Together We Save The World!

If you are a loyal reader of mine (which I assume there will be none) you will notice that I rarely came-wore in my own room these day compare to some earlier post.
This is one of my cam-wore post(with tripod XD) earlier.

You'll notice 3 things:
1. Lots of Sun light
2. Larger space (White wall on the back)
3. Neat, clean and tidy

However, this is what happen to me:

Due to my lack of presence at home(K.L), my parents decided to change me to a smaller room so as to make more space for my lil brother and sis.

See how it transformed:
1. No sun light (the window is facing the garage/car park), if I open the window, I would smell back my own smoke from Sisi's (my car) exhaust pipe -___-
2. Smaller space, the new room is smaller than me previous room. Though it's more than enough, but the cam-wore space is decrease distinctly -____-
3. Neat? Don't event spell the word tidy. When I come back to K.L for a short break after I finish my semester, this is what happen:
all my things scattered around. Pillow, bolster and blanket on the ground coz I sleep on the floor (sleeping with window close and you know the consequences). Tools box on the floor, coz I can't think of any place to store the storage box in fact it is already storing something LOL. Lappy (laptop) and back pack on the floor coz if I online on the table, I would back the light and it's too dark to see a thing. Messy table with my books, camera, keys, hair dryer etc, simply because I don't know where to store them (Epic lazy bug + loser) not to mention some things that not belong to me is store in my room too.
To siblings: you think my room is store room ah? Piff~

And when I cam-wore, this is what happen:

Do I have to tell, it's obvious that the paint on the wall is not in the best condition after leaving it there for so long.
A nice girl in a pathetic room T.T
Although I doll up with a nice dress, the room just pulls the feel of the photo to 0! [>.<]

No matter how much make up I put and how presentable I may look, when the environment is not right I will just look like a psycho:

(Seriously, 1 of my friend that browse through my camera got shock by this photo LOL)

And all I can do it to blur the photo so that it's wouldn't appear to be THAT obvious T.T

Since I am in my internship and graduating soon, I will be back to K.L after a very short period.
Thus, I decided o give my room a lil make over.
It's so dull to re-paint my room with the same old dull white color.
Why don't I brighten up my new room with some joy?

I like red, red symbolic energy and seeks attention just like me XD
How would it be like to pint my room to red?
Aiks! Wouldn't that makes me pumps up all night and can't sleep?

How about the calm blue?
Woops! I dream a lot, will the blue walls give me illusion on drowning in a cool sea?

How a bout some pale beige, pink and lavender
It doesn't match at all, didn't it? =(

Although I am not a Chemical Engineer or have any relation to the chemistry industry, I am actually quite concern on the food addictive and artificial color =( in my food. I want my skin care product to be as natural as possible. I want my Petrol to be lead free.

So this whole make over idea was hold back to the concern on chemical ingredient of most paint. I want my room to be colorful but at the same time I am scared those chemical that make up the paint would give negative impart to me. Who knows how/what those paint are made? Put aside the chemical that build up the color, who can stand the strong paint smell? It will take ages for the paint odor to fade away!

I never imagine there is 1 paint in this world that can actually seal my concern!
If you don't already know, volatile Organic compounds or known as VOC is an organic chemical compound which have significant vapor pressure which can affect the environemnt. In lay man term, VOC is a harmful chemical that vaporize into gases at room temperature which contribute to air pollution and various health problem.

(Photo credit to my new born cousin ^ ^)
The major source of man-made VOCs are paints and CFC (exsist in refrigerant and aerosol). It is not toxic and it does not affect human's health but it may affect an infant and suspect to cause cancer in humans.

(Photo credit to MACC)
The largest impact of VOC is towards our environment because the emission of VOC cause damage to the ozone layer hence increase the rate of global warming and to the greenhouse effect while contaminate the soil and groundwater.

Nippon Green Choice series is the one and only paint that formulated with the wellness of the environment and user's health in mind. The water-base, no added lead and mercury compound is also near-zero VOC coatings giving user a odor-less painting experience!

With such an effort, we are actually saving the world! Thumbs up for Nippon paint!
Check out how we can save the world at Nippon Paint Blobbies Facebook Page HERE.

Now, Nippon Paint is offering 3 lucky Nuffnangers the chance to makeover our room. If you are dying for a change and want to give your room the makeover it deserves, check out this link:
Fancy A Room Makeover worth up to RM5,000? Make it Happen with Nippon Paint!

I am joining, how about you?


  1. Good luck!

    And you do look sweet in those pictures YY :)

  2. Good luck to you too! Nice btw.

  3. Good luck to you in this Paint Job makeover. I didn't know Nuffnang had this. I wonder if I should try. My house is in a mess too. Or rather its only my room. XD. I need superb cupboards and stuffs.

    Weird Weird Denial

  4. @Isaac Thanks for your compliment ^ ^
    @Philip Thanks!
    @Weired Dan LOL I don't think the make over covers furniture ^ ^