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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 1: Souvenirs

If you followed my tweet, you probably know I went to Langakawi Island (Kedah, Malaysia) for a company team building trip. Theoretically the trip was sponsored, but our extend cause us to chip out some more on the trip.

Overall, I like Langkawi alot. The sea and beaches (not bitches) there are cleaner compare to Melaka(Malacca) and Port Dickson. It might not be the best beach in Malaysia but it might be the most affordable all in 1 travel package, which I will explain later in coming My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary post, which is not really a diary too-___-

Come back to the tittle, souvenirs. Like most of you know, Langkawi Island is a duty-free place in Malaysia. Some imported product appears to be much expensive than local product because of the tax. 1 of the must buy item in Langkawi is Chocolate. My mates are crazy about Ferrero Roche. In some major supermart, 2 dozen pack of Ferrero Roche might shoot up to Rm30++ to RM40, but in Langakwi, it's just RM21.90. Since I am not it's fans, I don't bother to take a second look.
Langkawi's souvenir - various chocolate
I call myself a true chocolate fan *cehhh wah~*. I prefer chocolate bar instead of those fancy chocolate related product (like Nips, M&N, Kisses, Ferrero etc). Not to say these(up) are the best chocolate on the market, it's just my preference =)

The 2nd most important must buy thing in Langkawi Island is liquor. If you are a muslim, of course you can't do so. Frankly, I don't drink too, but it's so cheap that you can't believe your own eyes. 1 can of Carlsberg is same price as 1 can of soft-drink (soda), RM1.80. Heineken of course, is slightly more expensive, but it is still around RM2.50.

Langkawi's souvenir - Johnny Walker Gold Label 18 years
Try to guess what baby is this?

Langkawi's souvenir - Johnny Walker Gold Label 18 years
It's the 18 years old Johnnie Walker Gold label blended scotch whisky ^ ^

Langkawi's souvenir - Johnny Walker Gold Label 18 years
KOT!!! See how gorgeous it is! *>.<*
In K.L, 1 bottle of Gold Label is at least RM300++ or might shoot up to RM400 (I am not totally sure because pub/clubs usually sell it more expensive). However, in Langkawi, I bought it for RM147 only!!! Isn't that insane?

Buying it is a bless but storing it is a major problem. I bought it as a birthday gift for my brother because I though I wanna fix our gap. But I will only go back to my home town, K.L in 1 month time. How am I gonna store it? I know nothing about liquor =(. Luckily Jackie bridge me to Samuel Chew and Sam gave me some advise on storing it. Hope I can still preserve JW's best quality until it reach my brother *>.<*

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  1. I really love Langkawi for their liquor hahahaha.... it's been 2 years since I last there hmmm

  2. wow blinking words.. o.O

    the prices of liquors in Langkawi are really very much cheaper :)

  3. @isaac those blinking words are actually links.

  4. yeap.. gotta love the cheap prices there..
    can buy chocs alot :)


  6. Chocolates, Alcohol and Beautiful view is what Langkawi is all about :)

  7. Cigarette also cheap in Langkawi!! I always bought Cigarette as Premium Gift for my friends and family!

  8. Oh GOD! you make me so desperate for the Gold Label!! Anyone buy for me as a premium gift?? lolz.... by the way, please explore this website.