First Hand Update From My Instagram

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 15: Can't I have both?

Like you see, I am not in a good mood now.
I have an issue with my current job and social media activities.
There seems to be a conflict between these 2.
I love my job and I love social medias too, may it be Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc.
I can't let go on either 1.
So, I wanna have some times to think about it and rearrange my step.
I will be back soon enough before you forget me =)
Hope I do come back



  1. Awhhh... Internship should be ending soon, please be patient my dear. ^^

  2. Will be around when you're here.. even when you're not here, I will be around too YY XD

  3. haha... this will pass very fast.. all the best =)

  4. @bendan, it's not about internship, is my company is constraining me on social media. Not sure I was complained bout this issue or just I bad luck -___-
    @Isaac wei... becaful of your words... by being a victim of 3rd person, I don't wanna be a 3rd person pulak LOL
    @BoonTat thanks, same to you too! ^ ^

  5. lol, what does that mean, the 3rd person and all. :) was just saying it as a friend.