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Friday, June 17, 2011

To Do/buy list(after I get my 1st intern salary):

[By the time you see this, I should be enjoying some beer near the beach or in a bbq pool party in Langkawi Island in conjunction of attending a non fully sponsored company team building trip cum colleague travel trip. BTW, DO check out my tweet to know about this place! ]

1. Yogurt, honey, and olive oil for facial and hair mask to cure the sun burn from Langkawi trip. [A]
2. Invest on some makeup collection (makeup brushes, liquid eyeliner, bronzer, BB cream, eye lashes curler, eye brow pencils etc) [B]
3. Recollected my heel at the shoes maker shop.[A]
4. Buy 1 Free 1 McD Chicken Nugget!!![A] ( on 21st and 22nd June in Malaysia only, go find it out!)
5. Invest on a heat hair curl/straightener device. [B]
6. Study more on current intern assignment~ [A] (Aza Aza fighting!!!)
7. More Lays~ [C]
8. Blog about Kulim/Penang/Langakawi or wherever as long as I blog *>.<* [A]
9. Buy spare motor oil.[B] (Sisi has been consume a lot of engine oil lately, any idea what should I do?)

Hmmm... Thats all at the moment I guess~ Hope I will updating again soon ^ ^

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