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Friday, September 2, 2011

Tao Sunway Giza Buffet Lunch Teaser Post

This is my second time visited Tao Sunway Giza branch for their buffet lunch.
Tao Sunway Giza Buffet Lunch:  appetizer

Tao Sunway Giza Buffet Lunch:  scallop
Main Dish: scallop

Tao Sunway Giza Buffet Lunch: Cream puff with CHocolate Coating
Dessrt: Chocolate coated cream puff.

Wanna see more? Check out my blog again tomorrow night (3rd Sept 2011) at 10pm for the complete blog post of Tao Sunway Giza Lunch Buffet Review!


  1. scallop macam "yat pek yeh" hahaha

    and the appetizer remind me of colorful "Lou Sang" lol

  2. I feel myself so failed. Still haven't been to this place yet! :(

  3. whoa, chocolate coated cream puff! Whoaaaaaaaaaa