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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keep Touching(in touch with) The World [HTC Sensation Review]

What is the main reason of having a mobile phone? To stay in touch with friends and family of course!
(Why do I sound like I am promoting Digi? =.= Not my intention >.<)

(the evidence Benda ffk me)

Call and SMS is the most essential function of a phone. However, old phones has small screen and limited function. I always have problem when reading SMS because I forgot what I wanted to reply or ask when I am typing my reply so I have to close the sms that I am composing and read back the previous message. However, thanks to the larger mobile phone screen trend and advance phone OS(Operating system), problem during SMS has solved. The conversation appear like a Messenger chat. Isn't that cool? Although it is not some special function that only Sensation has, but I am glad that Sensation has using this small trick. Muacks! With Sensation, I love to sms again instead of calling. (psst, it saves money too >.<)

On the other hand, internet access is part of our life. At work, we sit in front of the computer; at home we still sit in front of the computer. And I bet that 80% of our computer facing time is on internet.
With smart phone, internet is integrated into our life one step further.

Not only I can access Facebook,



and Foursquare from time to time,
I can even choose to get notify on the updates even you sleep.
LOL... but I don't think you and I are such a no life dudes right? XD

Not only the conventional communication are getting easier, new ways of communication also introduce.
More communication software such as Tango, Whatapps, Viber etc are other chooses of communication.
These application are available in Android market and most of them are free too.
So, attracted by the new and covinient of communication? You should consider changing to a new phone! And whats your choice? I would recommend HTC Sensation ^ ^

Footnote: Courtesy to Digi, Nuffnang and HTC,

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I am very please to get a HTC Sensation Demo Set to review for 2 weeks. To read more of my Review about this HTC Sensation, please visit:
5. Keep Touching(in touch with) The World [HTC Sensation Review]


  1. I guess most smartphones nowadays have most of this. But, what makes HTC Sensation special? Really wish to know... :)

  2. Well, those apps are only accessible when the phone has data plan or else it couldn't do much as well or if I'm staying at home that has internet 24/7.

  3. @Qi Wen There are more post to come, this post only compare the difference between conventional mobile phones with smartphone(HTC Sensation)< I adi post up 3 review post(contact transfer physical overview), 2 more(camera,widget etc) to come to explain more.

  4. @Hilda yes, I agree that smart phone got to have internet to fully utilize it. One of HTC Sense 3.0 feature is tethering + internet pass through. You only need 1 internet connection for both device (phone + computer). As for me, I only need wifi for my laptop, then my phone will tap on the same wifi at house. When in campus, I will tap on campus's wifi. The rest of the time, I subscribe Digi RM3 daily internet coz I rarely go out. But you also can choose data plan for phone and use internet pass thought for your computer to access internet.Having phone to acess internet is much simple coz the bulky laptop can't follow you every where ^ ^