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Friday, September 9, 2011

Digi Buka Puasa with Nuffnang and The Bee, Jaya One

Courtesy to Digi and Nuffnang, I was invited to a Buka Puasa Session in The Bee Jaya One.
The Bee

Despite being equip by Nuffnang and Digi for the Buka Puasa Event, there is still a lot of customer in The Bee.


Once entering The Bee, my eyes was caught by the phone display on table.
HTC phones
There was a few models on display, which is HTC Sensation, HTC Evo 3D and HTC Chacha.

HTC Sensation
I have chance to play with HTC Sensation but not HTC Evo 3D

HTC Chacha
Too bad HTC Chacha is a dummy set, else I really wanna experience the smoothness of 600GHz processor on a small screen phone with Qwerty keyboard.

Before it's time to buka puasa, Nuffies lead some games.
Digi Buka Puasa with Nuffnang at The Bee 
I am not sure what this game call but it has a rhythm "Digi Says"
When Nuffies give command starts with "Digi says (ex: put your hand on your shoulder), bloggers should follow else they shouldn't. The last one to stand will win prizes.

The winner of this game is Benjamin

After the game, the time is just nice to buka puasa.
The Bee Ebi Fry Burger
My dish: Ebi Fry burger.(Japanese crumbled prawn cutlets with house-made bulldog tartar sauce, egg, lettuce and tomatoes
Pathetically, only 4 shrimps in the burger. I don't know why some how I don't like tartar sauce and the fries are very dry.

The Bee Avocado CHicken Burger
Avocado Chicken Burger (Grilled Chicken, house-made avocado salsa, cheese, lettuce and house made aioli)
I think this is great, the grilled chicken is tender and juicy. The same fries are same as mine, very dry >.<

The Bee Aglio Oglio
Aglio Oglio (spaghetti pasta tossed with Spanish anchovies, garlic, cili padi and parsley)
I taste a bit of this dish, it's VERY HOT! But I like it! ^ ^

The Bee Chili Dog 
Chilli Dog(Grilled Chicken sausage with onion jam, mustard on a soft bun served with fries)
On my, it a tiny dish with a tiny portion and definitely not a portion for ppl like Kian Fai.

The Bee Jasmine Tea
There are a few drinks available, but like usual I choose my fav Jasmine Tea.

As for dessert,
The Bee cakes
There are a few cakes in the fridge

I have no chance to try out the cakes but from the photo, it looks not bad, right?

The Last Polka ice cream menu at The Bee
Other than cake, The Bee is famous for their ice-creams. The Last Polka ice-cream menu

The Last Polka ice cream at The Bee
And you don't have to worry there have shortage in any flavors.

Guinness The Last Polka ice cream
My partner choose Guinness flavor. Literally, it is made from the famous beer.

Guinness The Last Polka ice cream
I tried a few spoon. It wasn't too sweet but more to beer's bitterness. It's not particularly my taste but I bet the alcoholics will love it. 

Digi Buka Puasa with Nuffnang at The Bee
After the meal, blogger are volunteer for games. I join a game of finding cards, the rewards is to get a review of HTC Sensation for 2 weeks. Isn't that awesome?! ^ ^
Thanks to Digi, Nuffnang and HTC, I will be doing a series of HTC Sensation Review from today till tomorrow as my birthday gifts to my readers. Enjoy your weekend!

Footnote: Courtesy to Digi, Nuffnang and HTC, 

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  1. ho ho ho, thx for the mention. nice to get to review sensation.

  2. @Philip yeah yeah. No need jealous, you are more pro than me in this ^ ^