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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chin Swee Temple [Part 1]

Phew~ life after study seems good w/o work ^_^ I took my time off to do a lot of things I never had time to do during my study days. End of last month, I joined a 2D 1N camp called "Embrace Your Potential" in Chin Swee Temple. I had very little idea on what is going to be before I depart.
The not so long but crooked road to Genting highland leads to a mysterious place. Well, at least I never came here (Chin Swee) before. Most of us go to Genting for it's team park, concert, gamble(I do not encourage gamble,k) or what ever fun things up there. But little of us takes time to visit this half-way mysterious treasure. I might not be the best landscape photographer before, but here are some photo I captured during the trip. Enjoy~ ^_^ 

If you not already know, Chin Swee Temple provide accomodation too!

The minimum donation for single /double bed is RM50 on low/shoulder season or RM110 on  peak/super peak season.
The minimum donation for triple bed is RM70 on low/shoulder season or RM130 on peak or super peak season.

Super cheap right? Since it's not hotel, it has not much room service or facilities, but for me, it's good enough. Cheaper than staying First World or Team Park hotel which is just stone throw distance away! The best part is, you can arrange event in Chin Swee temple too, which is the aim of my visit to Chin Swee this time. 

For more information about Chin Swee temple and it's room rates, please visit:


  1. Pagoda! It's been years since I saw one.

  2. wow... didn't know staying in Chin Swee is so cheap!

  3. Now baru faham why the name YSquare :) I love this temple, you feel very calm and peaceful when being there. And of course good stop to pray before masuk casino :p. It was great meeting you at the Picnic gathering.

  4. hey, nice view of the temple. Peace of mind right? I love the temple architecture =)