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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Embrace Your Potential in Chin Swee Temple [Part 2]

 Phew~ life after study seems good w/o work ^_^ I took my time off to do a lot of things I never had time to do during my study days. End of last month, I joined a 2D 1N camp called "Embrace Your Potential" in Chin Swee Temple. I had very little idea on what is going to be before I depart.

Never the less we were warmly welcome by the organizers.

Before the workshop starts, the Facilitator fumigate us with some burning herbs and chants. Mo worries, nothing religious here!
Left: Master David Bao
Center: Chim Li Yen

The session start with an intro of our self. Then Li Yen explain a bit about the energy shield around us and play some activities to let us feel the energy.

This was one of the activity where we hold a device to sense energy. One of us walk to the other and the wires will change direction, one of them will open, one of them will close. I literally "WOW"

The session continue with Chakras. It might to too complex for me to explain one by one but I found an image from the internet:

If any other these Chakras is blocked/non healthy, we willhave problem in life related to the Chakras.

Then the session before dinner is a introduction of Qi Gong by Master David Bao. Master David is the former 2006 World Tai Chi Champion that immigrate to Malaysia on year 2000.

He start the session with a complete Chan style Tai Chi

Of course, every visitor passed by are attracted by his moves~
He want to eliminate the usual perception of Qi Gong and Tai Chi is for old people. Qi Gong and Tai Chi is for all ages. The earlier you learn, the better is for you. Everything in the world are made from Ying and Yang, so are our body. We have to move the Ying and Yang in our body so it will not block. The usual exercise we did such as jogging only move the Ying and Yang a bit because it is moving too fast and to random, so jogging is not a very good exercise. As for Qi Gong, it moves the Ying across to Yang and Yang across to Ying, so that the Ying Yang movements are maximize.

After the demonstration, we are teach some simple step as the introduction of the Qi Gong.

After dinner, a Li Yen conduct a simple relaxing session.

This is an Mandala. When we color the mandala, it reveals our soul.

The left one is the personality mandala where we start from the center and coloring it with the color we choose ourselves. The right one is the soul mandala, where er start coloring from the center but we choose the color with our eyes closed.
So the above is my mandalas. What do you see in me?

These are my boyfriend 1.What do you see? Very different right? Hahaha, yeah thats why we complete each others ^_^

Before I go back to rest, I draw a card from the rainbow card. I still have problem to understand it though....

On the next morning, the session is kick start with a series on meditation activities.
The session include walking meditation, breathing exercise and sitting meditations.Li Yen do not encourage a newbie to meditate our self, it's better to have a guider at the earlier stage of learning meditation.

After breakfast, we have a commentary session on our mandalas. Each of us comment on each others mandalas. Although we are commenting other's mandalas, we are actually learning about our self. Pressty amazing huh? You might find different mandalas in the internet but you might not fully experience the meaning behind it if you have no guidance from a experience facilitator.

A part of that, Li Yen also offers to do a Oracle reading for us.

Since I am a tarot reader too, it's not hard for me to understand the concept. Instead of ppl telling me what to do, I know what exactly happened.

The 2 day 1 night stay in Chin Swee really benefits me a lot. Especially with the experienced facilitator. Thanks to Nuffnang and Resort World Getting for such a excellent experience.

If you are interested in these facilitator, you can contact them via:
Chim Li Yen:
Master David Bao:

For my other experience in Chin Swee temple, please visit:


  1. Nice place nice program and nice people.. happy to meet all of you :)

  2. This is interesting. Never heard of this place before. Thnks fr sharing!:)