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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yes! The nerd finally workout!

That's me.
Yes, I am the nerd, not some stup!d bimbo with a black glass frame.

Have not been blogging for a while coz my laptop got into comma. She is not in full recovery yet, but I hope she will soon =) at the mean time, rushing all blog post!!!!

Back to the story. I went to hiking with my colleague last weekend. I didn't expect myself to finish it.

It wasn't the most challenging hiking place around, but yeah, you know, thats good enough for a fat nerd like me.

It was very cloudy that day. Just the correct weather to sleep and I used it to hike?! *facepalm*

A lot of people on the morning, but it's wasn't so bad.

Glad I came =)

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